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“Is now really the time?” An older man floated through a bright hallway, holding onto a silver briefcase with one hand, while grasping the lever pulling him forward with the other. “I don’t want you making a scene while I show off my creation.” As the crewman with the most amount of experience, he understood how important the Gundam Meisters would be, hoping that the captain of their ship would give a good impression of herself. Also, this new piece of equipment for their new pilot would give him more control over himself and his mobile suit. He knew it wouldn't be wise for the forecaster to piss him off.

“Relax Ian. It calms my nerves.” Behind him was Sumeragi Lee Noriega, drinking out of a tiny Sake can as she rode with the Ptolemaios’ engineer toward their destination. What she didn't let the engineer know was that it wasn't her first as she drank more, thinking about their new Meister. “Plus, I’ve already met him before.” It had been a few months since she’d first talked in person with the man previously known as Alistair Judge. Currently, the finishing touches were being made on the Meister’s new appearance in the medical bay.

“I can’t believe he’ll be the easy one…”

The tactical forecaster had little information on the remaining two Meisters chosen for their grand operation, both of which would be arriving soon. One had most of their biography redacted, while the other had little data to begin with. Sumeragi hadn’t expected Veda to go this route, especially when she learned who the Dynames’ pilot was going to be. She wondered if two years would even be enough for the group to connect well, considering the people chosen.

Nevertheless, she continued with Ian through the corridors of likely the most sophisticated ship ever created, eventually stopping to the medical bay, or rather their makeshift salon. With their crew as small as they were, the forecaster worked with what she had. As the door slid open, Sumeragi was shocked at what she say. Their resident doctor, Joyce, shrugged to the forecaster, watching as the queen of fashion made her finishing touches on the white hair in front of her.

“Annnnnd done!” Christina, Celestial Being’s new programmer, grinned as she clasped her hands together. The chair was spun around toward the two new guests, with Chris handing the Meister a small mirror. The Ptolemaios’ captain was prepared for a change, but was still caught off-guard, especially by the pure white hair. “What do you think?.. uh…” At that moment, she realized he still hadn’t told her his codename, taking another swig of her sake. “That's right, I forgot. So what’s your new name going to be?” Ian cringed slightly, placing the palm of his hand on his face.

“Off to a good start…” He muttered.

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The man scowled as he looked into the mirror, despite his approval of his now snow-white hair. He reached for sun glasses on the table in front of him and pressed them onto his face, covering the one part of him they couldn’t fully fix.

“Yeah. It’ll do,” he said coolly, standing up and adjusting his tight-fitting clothes. He turned his attention to the newly arrived Sumeragi and Ian Vashti as the corner of his mouth twitched. “Albus. Just Albus. It means white—like snow, or ash. Figured it’d be fitting,” The man had only been on the Ptolemaios for a few hours but they had decided that was more than enough time to put on the ‘finishing touches’ of the new man he was to become. The bulk of his rehabilitation had taken place in a much less friendly environment. He had spent weeks in some sort of secret medical facility where they measured, cut, and folded him into Albus, a Gundam Meister. Wherever that place was, Alistair Judge had been left behind there.

Albus stepped towards the new arrivals, stopping at an uncomfortably close distance to Ian Vashti. He looked down on the man and indicated with his hand the briefcase the crewman was holding. “I take it that’s for me, old man?” he shot him a knowing smirk and then turned to look at Sumeragi. “Those other guys here yet? I’m getting a little tired of waiting,”


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The shuttle docked on the Ptolemaios like clockwork. Edmund didn’t flinch, didn’t move from his stoic position in his seat. With arms crossed the Meister slowly reached down to undo his harness. He was still getting used to his custom helmet. “If this is what they call destiny….” He mused as he stopped right next to the exit of the shuttle, his hand hovering over the button to exit the vehicle. He let out a sigh before pressing the button and entering the bigger ship. 

It didn’t take Edmund long to find a room with a  large portion of the crew. He paused by the doorway watching them fuss over the other white haired fellow. Prosthetics? Edmund mused as he watched. It was then he caught his breath as she came into view. The brown haired woman looked familiar, but how? Edmund was already shaking the alarm out of his head as he kicked off the doorframe to fully enter the room. “Allow me to introduce myself.” His voice was loud and rattled with an echo from from his helmet. “My name is Edmund Spectre, I’m one of the Gundam Meisters chosen by Veda.” Edmund stood a few feet way from his crewmates, his arms crossed casually in front of his chest. Most intimidating of all was his white helmet with mono eye studying his teammates closely. 

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A body floated inside the chamber that served as a personal terminal, a bridge through which those who inhabited the mortal world interfaced with the all-seeing eye. No words could be heard, only the incessant humming of the hardware behind the globe of screens that engulfed the floating person. Nothing out of the ordinary for Rai, after all, they spent so much time inside the pod that Sumeragi argued whether the Meister used bathrooms and bedrooms at all. The Pod’s screens were filled with all the information about GN-004 that was available to Rai, along with a window where a simulated Virtue fended off waves of increasingly complex machines from the three major power blocs of Earth. The simulation stopped as the GN Bazooka’s output tore through an entire squadron of hopeless Anfs.

Veda was notified of a chain of events that would result in multiple POIs (Person of Interest) converging on the medical bay, along with tactical forecaster Sumeragi and engineer Vashti. Omoshiroi. As Rai’s interest was piqued by the presence of who could be their new teammates, the humming became slightly more intense, and all the windows were temporarily archived. A partial override of Ptolemaios’ security system replaced them, all the while Rai gained control of the cameras inside the medbay. In a matter of seconds, said cameras were now their eyesight. It was as if they were floating inside the room, over Vashti, Sumeragi, and an unknown mug.

Facial recognition: no results. Missing manipulator. Rai studied the man who had been going under the knife for a while now. Eavesdropping on his conversation with the forecaster, the engineer and the surgeon, they updated the subject’s file as the possible Meister spoke the word Albus. New data. Veda shows immediate validation response to the alias Albus. Identity confirmed: GN-001, Exia. As Rai confirmed the identity of one of their new teammates, another of the POIs dropped by. This one’s file was more readily available, as the subject’s face could not be subjected to facial recognition, but his helmet was a very distinctive piece. Code name: Edmund Spectre. I-6 authorization renewed two hours ago. Identity confirmed: GN-003, Kyrios. Nice to know you two.

The person inside the pod felt as if massive loads were starting to fall off their back, but weren’t quite missing yet. The fact that Veda had left them in the dark about much of the data on the rest of the Gundam Meisters put them in a state of unease. If anybody should know more about them, than them about myself, it should be me. As one of the cameras inside the medbay made direct contact with Spectre’s own, as if staring through the helmet upon the man behind the mask, it dawned upon Rai that he knew not yet who was going to pilot Dynames. Come out, wherever you are...

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Ian pulled up the metal briefcase on the table near the newly named Meister, beaming with joy. “It sure is!” The engineer unclamped the case to reveal a shiny red hand encased in black foam. “Now this prosthetic is something special. It’s been specifically designed just for you and the Exia.” Sumeragi gave a stern look at Ian, then turned to Albus. “That’s the name of your mobile suit. I was going to tell him later, but someone is a little too excited.” Ignoring the forecaster, Ian grasped the Meister’s right forearm.

“Sorry. This’ll probably hurt.”

Jamming the cybernetic onto the nub, dozens of tiny syringes stuck themselves underneath the skin. The chromatic red glistened inside the medical room, now planted in its permanent home. “It’ll feel tingly over the next few days, but you’ll get used to it.” Sumeragi glanced at the high tech hand, knowing the Meister was now ready for their mobile suit. “Looking nice, Albus. Nice name too, even if it’s just a single name.” 

“I gave him tons of better suggestions, but he REALLY wanted to use that one for some reason.” An annoyed Christina whispered to the doctor, who in turn became annoyed by the statement. Joyce could care less about his new crewmate’s names, but he silently nodded. It was better to make friends than enemies on the ship, after all. Meanwhile, the captain was concerned about the new Meister. While understanding that he needed to change in order to benefit himself, she wondered if they went too far…

“Allow me to introduce myself.” 

Somewhat jumping in place, Sumeragi almost lifted herself of the floor. The booming voice sounded quite strange and peculiar to her as she turned to the masked man introducing himself. His helmet only had one place to look, an orange monoeye, with the forecaster fixating on it. “Oh… Well it’s nice to finally meet you, Edmund.”

“What is up with our Meisters?”

The medical room had started to become crowded with all the new arrivals, so the woman in charge had to make a decision. “Looks like we need to find a new spot. Can you two follow Christina to our meeting room? Ian and I have to go grab the remaining Meisters.” The Celestial Being programmer motioned her hand out to the new recruits while she went through the door, with each member leaving the room uninhabited.

Sumeragi and Ian, now away from the main group, eventually split between two hallways. “Can’t believe it’s already time…” The engineer muttered, heading in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the captain had to get their last pilot from what seemed to be where he lived most of the time. The forecaster had brief meetings with the Virtue’s pilot, Rai Nemerič, but she still barely knew anything about him. She stopped at one of the doors, much larger than most in the Ptolemaios. “Veda.” She knocked on the door a few times, not willing to go directly inside. “Rai! I need you to come to the conference room with me. Our mission. Our goal. It’s finally beginning…”

The ship’s conference room was easily big enough to fit every crew member, but there were still a few who were going to be late to the “party”. A few of the teammates began to talk amongst themselves, with two heading toward the masked Meister. The one with short black hair scratched his check as he surveyed the man’s helmet. “Heh.” He chuckled. “So you’re one of our Meisters, eh? I’m Lasse, pilot of the ship and pilot of your mobile suit if you die, but that’d put a damper on this whole operation, wouldn’t it?” 

His companion stayed silent, causing Lasse to notice the crew member staring of at Albus. “Lichty?” He exclaimed. The Ptolemaios’ co-pilot gazed at the Meister’s new appendage, almost as if something was wrong with it. Nevertheless, he brought himself back into reality once Lasse said his name a second time. “Oh, sorry.”

A taller man with brown hair also watched the Exia’s new pilot. With no one around them, the crewmate made first contact, adjusting his black turtleneck as he stood in front of the tanned Meister. “So that’s what Ian’s been working on.” He pointed to the hand, then moved his finger toward the white hair. “And I’m assuming that’s what Chris worked on.” He smiled, then held out his hand. “I’m Multi. It’s nice to meet you.”

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Exia, huh?

“What th-Ow!” Albus winced and started to pull back his arm as the pain hit him, but when he saw the prosthetic hand attaching itself to him, he quickly thought better of it. “Shit, man. A little more warning next time,” he said, rubbing the exposed bit of forearm where the prosthesis met his skin. He scowled at Ian until Christina’s whispering—loud enough for him to hear given their proximity—caught his attention. He turned to her and put his hands on his hip, taking a second to glance down quickly at his new appendage.

“All of your suggestions were ridiculous,” he said dismissively. He turned to Sumeragi and shrugged. “She wanted to call me something stupid like ‘Rockon Stratosphere’. I thought Albus was a little more refined,”

The conversation about codenames was cut short by the arrival of a robot. Albus’s whole body ran cold as he saw the being appear in the doorway, introducing itself as Edmund Spectre, one of the new Meisters just like him. Albus narrowed his eyes behind his glasses. Was this guy some kind of cosplayer? He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something about the strange robot man simultaneously irked him and filled him with dread. He stared into the glowing orange mono-eye and frowned but he found he couldn’t say a word.

Sumeragi hurried them along to a more appropriate congregating place. Following Christina, Albus found himself cruising down a hallway with Edmund. He couldn’t stop side-eyeing his new comrade and was on the cusp of finally saying something when at last they had arrived at the conference room. People mingled about, but two in particular broke off from the crowd and introduced themselves.


Multi had introduced himself to Albus directly, commenting on his new hand and his new hair. Albus frowned but met the man’s hand with his own. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining it, but he swore he could almost feel Multi’s hand with his own. It didn’t feel as if he was shaking his hand with his own flesh and blood appendage but…

He pushed the thought aside and looked at Multi square in the eyes.

“Albus. What do you do around here?”

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(Collab with everyone!)

Edmund smirked at Lasse’s quip about dying and taking over his job. It dawned on the soldier that the mask proved counter intuitive since Lasse didn’t pick up on his non verbal ques. Edmund sighed but resigned himself to stay focused on the bigger picture. It was amusing how easily people were willing to accept his disguise if for no better reason than dropping Veda’s name. As the entourage entered the conference room, Edmund followed behind Albus like a shadow. He took note of all the things everyone was saying, specifically names. Edmund found a perch along the wall to lean against with his arms crossed over his chest. Tilting his head he looked over at Multi, curious as well what they did on the ship.

“A little bit of this, a little bit of that.” Multi responded to the white haired Meister while shrugging. “I’m a Jack of all trades. Tactics, mechanics, whatever’s needed of me.” He chuckled slightly at Albus. “Though it’d be cool to be a Gundam Meister. Guess they decided that wasn’t my forte.” Multi assumed the masked man was also a Meister, wondering why one of their crew mates would have their identity hidden.

Lichty was even more curious about Edmund, leaving Lasse with the others. He walked over the leaning Meister, hoping to get a couple clues. “So...” He started, shifting in place. “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s up with your mask? Does it give you information directly or something?

"Right...that why they call you Multi, then?" Albus said, trying to size the man up while keeping Edmund in the corner of his vision. "Being a pilot isn't all fun and games, you know? People get hurt out there. You should probably consider yourself lucky that they stuck you inside here, otherwise you might end up..." he let his words trail off, his hand curling into a fist. "Whatever. Where are these other Gundam Meisters I keep hearing about, anyway?"

Tilting his head, Edmund looked over at Lichty. “It’s all apart of the plan kid. Consider this mask insurance. If no one knows what I look like then it becomes an asset we can use down the road.” Edmund smiled under his mask and shifted his gaze to look away, knowing that would translate better. The logic was simple, if there was any traitors or if they were all compromised then his identity could be their trump card. 

Edmund perked at Albus’ remark and responded, “what’s the matter Albus? Afraid it’ll just be the two of us?” The masked man regretted the comment as soon as he said it, he meant it more as a just but with the filter on his mask made it sounded more daring than he had intended. As much as he regretted his own snark he was curious what his fellow pilot would say to that.

“Sorry, sorry. You’re right.” Multi held out his hands, backing off. The crewman also wondered where the two were. “Well, the one guy really keeps to himself, but he’ll probably be here soon. As for the other guy... he must be on the ship somewhere, but I know nothing about him.”

The co-pilot of the ship was in awe looking at the mask. “I wish I had one.” Lichty watched as the Meister headed to the other one, noticing the tone of his altered voice as he spoke. “So cool...”

“You Meisters are the talk of the town, after all.” Christina broke off her conversation with the doctor to join the bigger group. “Multi’s probably just really jealous.” Her look became perplexed as she thought of the remaining Meister. “Although it’ll be cool to see the others.”

Albus turned to face the other Meister as he approached and frowned at his words. "The only thing I'm afraid of is whatever horrifying mug you're hiding underneath that weird mask of yours," Albus winced inwardly. His choice of words had been an unfortunate one, because he was afraid of what was under that mask, but he didn't know why. "Look man, I'm sure you're perfectly capable in a mobile suit, but I have a hard time trusting someone who won't show his face. So why not crack that thing open and give us all a peek," he stepped towards Edmund and puffed out his chest ever so slightly. "Or are you afraid?"

"Oooooooh. I wanna see who's under there!" Christina smirked, taking a closer look. "Could be a real cutie under there!"

If Edmund was uncomfortable or on guard his body didn’t show it. Even as Albus rattled on and puffed out his chest, Edmund let out a chuckle which sounded more like rattled laughter with his mask. “Nothing left to be afraid of…” he quipped back softly. “I think we have bigger concerns than mere appearances wouldn’t you agree? Even if I did show you who I was, you still wouldn’t know my name the same as me not knowing yours. ‘What is a rose?’” Edmund trailed off not completing the whole phrase before adding, “After all, you made your bed with secrets and shadows. We have no choice but to trust each other now. Am I right?” 

Edmund extended his hand in a gesture of friendship and hoped the man would take the offer. In a way he was glad to see the other Miester not being a push over but still. “To change the world?” He added as an explanation for his outstretched hand.

Who the hell is this guy?

“Suit yourself, tin man,” Albus scrutinized the offered hand before him and begrudgingly shook it with his own. “To change the world…just don’t expect me to pick up your slack, got it?”

Albus took his hand back and folded his arms across the chest. He looked over at Multi, Lasse, and Christina and frowned. “That goes for the rest of you, too. This whole team seems to be made up of weirdos and misfits, but with the funding you guys have I have to assume it’s for reason. I expect you all to be the best of the best.”


By the time Sumeragi could pound on the Pod's door, the humming was already in decline. Knowing she couldn't possibly be looking for anyone else, Rai started to disconnect from Veda right as she lifted her hand, their mind ceasing to be one with the computer again. On a timely manner, right as the Meister's eyes opened, they heard the forecaster calling them to the conference room.
Can't ever have things my way, can I. Irritated, Rai waited a few seconds before opening the door, the white lights of the Ptolemaios blinding them. Behind their back, the humming ceased, and the screens turned black. "Let's see what this is about."
While seeing Rai was a rare occurrence for the forecaster, she hoped that would be changing over time. “The four Meisters. All here at once.” She thought while waiting. Sumeragi knew the four needed to have a good connection and the best way would be to have Virtue’s pilot actually meet the others. 
In person. 
“Rai! It’s good to see you.” She smiled. “I’d like you to come to the conference room with me. I’m gathering the whole crew there.” The captain wondered if maybe she could grab a few beers to bring with her, but it seemed too urgent, due to their other Meister and how they might react.
The Meister felt uncomfortable leaving the Pod. More than a question of safety, it was all about Veda, the one entity that understood Rai, and lent them their powers. It was intoxicating, to say the least. When they merged, the world seemed to go in slow motion. In comparison, living in the same time as everyone else dragged them down. However, they tried to work with Sumeragi for once, even if they could not quite mask their disdain for the physical world.

"Walking down this aisle, taking me to the conference room, it is but a formality. You are aware of this. Yet you insist on this arrangement. Something tells me you like some things done the old-fashioned way."

"Heh. Guilty!" The forecaster had to get used to Rai's particular way of speech. It fit the Meister's looks perfectly, but she was still attempting to get a read on them. "Sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best way. These guys will be her teammates, after all." She thought about the crew that had been recruited. Over time, more and more have joined then, each with differing personalities that sometimes kept her entertained. "Who knows. They might have to save your ass someday." Shugging as she said this, she meant it as a slight joke, but realized the Meister might take it a certain way.

Surprisingly, the Meister took it in stride. "Hah! That's a good one." Rai acquired a smug grin, before continuing. "I can do with a few people doubting my abilities. But I surely hope you'll place a little more confidence in your own plans. Considering your role, I'll draw the line at self-deprecating humor, at least if you're the one spouting it out." Walking alongside Sumeragi, Rai kept thinking.

Or perhaps she wants to see my face when the pilot of Dynames appears.

“I hope that everything works out.” Sumeragi had a concerned look as she pushed toward another hallway with the Meister. “We have all this time to plan, but will it be enough. Eradication of war is a big task.” She shook her head, hoping to remove those thoughts. “But enough about that. Rai, I don’t even know anything about you. I know there’s confidentiality, but you almost never leave that terminal.”

The Meister found some comfort in her words. It meant they were doing their job well. "It shouldn't worry you. My course of action will be at times beyond the understanding of some, but rest assured, my sole interest is to see Aeolia Schenberg's vision materialize." Taking their glasses off for a moment to clean them with a wipe, their voice adopted a different tone. "If a trivial fact will make you feel safer, here's one. I like gouda."

I hope she won't open the door to Red Hand and Buckethead socking each other in the face.

When the two finally arrived, almost the entire crew was there. “Looks like Ian is taking his sweet time.” Interrupting their charade, the captain walked in, noticing a few perplexed looks. ”I wonder how many of the crew HAVE actually met Rai.” Hoping that the team got to know each other a little better in her absence, she threw another person in the mix. “Everyone!” She called out. “This is Rai Nemeric, Gundam Meister.”

Edmund kept an iron clad grip on the other pilot’s hand. He squeezed it slightly as the man threw the lazy insult around at the crew. Albus may not see his glare but the steely gaze of the mask never left the other Meister. Edmund could handle being the butt of jokes but he wasn’t a fan of insulting fellow teammates. Any rebuke was cut short as Sumeragi entered the room with another pilot, another Meister.

Letting go the hand of Albus, Edmund stood up a little straighter and fought the urge to salute like he had in the military. Instead he nodded his head at the newcomer in acknowledgement. “I’m Edmund Spectre.” He announced somewhat awkwardly in an attempt to move the conversation away from before. Moving away from Albus, he came up to offer his hand to Rai. Despite himself, Edmund couldn’t help but get a closer look at Sumeragi, an action largely unnoticed thanks to his helmet.

Rai kept their smile on and put on their now spotless glasses, freeing their hand in order to shake Edmund's. Their expression conveyed a feeling words could not quite express. "I know. You're in charge of Kyrios. And that over there is Albus, Exia's pilot." Perhaps, they were a little too full of themselves to save them the introductions, but nothing in their tone indicated aggression. "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Albus turned his head as Sumeragi returned with another person in tow. Their name was Rai, and according to Sumeragi they were another Meister. When the newly arrived pilot entered, they were quick to point out that they already knew who he and Edmund were. 

Seems like someone is a little more in the know than tin man or me

"Tch, saved me the trouble I guess. Which one do you pilot? And when do I get to see mine?"

Rai lifted an eyebrow in response to Albus' question. "You haven't even seen your Mobile Suit? Off to a great start, Sumeragi." Taking their hand back from Edmund, Rai tried their best not to grin again. Gotta save some snark.

Sumeragi huffed. “We’re getting to that, Rai. I thought it’d be-“ Her conversation was interjected by the presence of two more crew members. The meeting should to a halt as many looked at the person standing next to Ian, placing his shoulder on the Gundam Meister. A twelve year old girl with jet black hair, already wearing a pilot’s uniform, remained silent as murmurs and whispers began to surround the conference room. “She’s just a kid. A little kid…” Christina whispered into Multi’s ear. Lasse scowled while Lichty looked concerned, gossiping about the child. Joyce stood alone as he glanced at Ian, knowing much more about her than anyone in the room.

“Feldt! It’s good to finally see you!” Sumeragi clasped her hands together, hoping to not worry the Meister she knew very little about. Feldt didn’t respond, only moving once Ian moved through the doorway. Realizing the awkwardness, the forecaster spoke up once again. “Everyone! This is the pilot of the Dynames, Feldt Grace.”

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Albus turned to face the newly arrived Meister but when he saw her, his permanent frown turned into a look of open anger. He could hear the whispers and murmurs of the others in the room but when it became clear no one was going to say anything, he knew he had to.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” he growled, clenching his fist. “This so-called pilot of yours is a goddamn child.”

He looked at Feldt, who had remained silent and then flicked his damning gaze over to Sumeragi. Intense and conflicting emotions swirled around inside Albus. Child soldiers…he had encountered them on the battlefield before. The thought of forcing children to fight in battles they didn’t start chilled him to his very core, but at the same time he wanted to believe that, somehow, this was what was necessary to achieve the promised peace that had brought everyone on this ship together.

A scene flashed before him—a memory of a battlefield in a country he could barely remember the name of.  A deluge of rain had turned the dirt underfoot into ensnaring mud and made visibility a nightmare. The footsteps of his Realdo were drowned out by the crashing of raindrops when all of a sudden a muzzle flash in his periphery alerted him to the whereabouts of his enemy. A hail of mostly useless bullets connected with the mobile suit, followed closely by the much more dangerous ordinance fired from an RPG. Albus…or rather the man Albus used to be, turned his suit on the enemy and returned fired without a second though. It was be or be killed, he had been told and they enemy had no chance. The linear rifle tore through the trees and left only carnage in its wake. He had been relieved at first, even a little proud with himself.  It wasn’t until he zoomed in on the aftermath, the small, severed hands and feet that had been left behind, that he realized with horror what exactly he had done.

Albus blinked back to reality. “What…what the hell were you thinking?”

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      Albus can be a tough person to get along with for many, owing mainly to his brazen arrogance and a tendency to self-aggrandize. Respect, to Albus, is not something one is obligated to but rather a thing that must be earned through merit. This is especially true on the battlefield. While Albus is typically dismissive or neutral to civilians, opting not to associate wherever possible, he can be an absolute pest in the heat of battle, openly mocking his opponents should they fail to stack up to his exacting standards. This often puts him at odds with his fellow Meisters. While he recognizes their skills as fellow Gundam pilots, he is quick to judge their performance and offer advice when it isn’t called for. Nevertheless, his loyalty to his squad runs deep and Albus is more than willing to put his life on the line for his comrades.
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      Strengths and weaknesses
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      Phantom Pain –As a consequence of the accident that led to him going missing, Albus lost his right hand up to the middle of his forearm. It has been replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic that allows him to interface with his Gundam directly to aid in its piloting. But while his new hand may aid him in combat, the phantom pain still lingers…
      Hot-Head –Albus’s arrogant and his tendency to disrespect and taunt his enemies often lands him in difficult situations. This has a habit of bleeding over to social situations as well.  
      Striving for Peace- In his heart of hearts, Albus fights purely to achieve the promise of a better, peaceful future. While he is intensely loyal to his comrades and co-pilots and is proud of his abilities as a Meister, he truly detests having to use them. He believes ardently in Celestial Being’s mandate but knows that, should their goals waver from the achievement of world peace, he would gladly leave them behind.  
      Initially a rather average looking man, Albus’s accident and subsequent initiation into Celestial Being forced the man once known as Alistair Judge to adopt a completely new identity, even down to his physical appearance. Albus has a white hair and lightly tanned skin and trends towards the stylish, chic, and primarily black with regards to his civilian clothing. He keeps his body in excellent shape in case the fight must be taken outside of the cockpit. His right hand has been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic capable of interfacing with the Exia, granting him a minor increase in control over his mobile suit
      Alistair Judge was a dog of the Union. Growing up on fringes of the northern Canadian territories, Judge joined the Union as a means to escape the fate met so often by those born in small towns. Enlisting allowed him to see much of the world, but also made him witness to strife and bloodshed. Most of Alistairs active duty in the Union forces saw him fighting insurgents and terrorists in smaller nations. During his time in the Anti-Terror unit, Alistair discovered his knack for piloting and quickly earned a reputation as a pilot ace on multiple different sorties, earning him the nickname “Arbitrator”.
      In 2303, during a minor conflict over disputed territory in the Pacific Islands gone awry, Alistair and several of his squad mates were shot down by Human Reform League forces. Though he was declared missing in action, Alistair was very much alive, recovered from his crashed mobile suit by island locals. During his recovery, Judge experienced first-hand the squalor and poverty those caught between the Union and its enemies had to suffer. With his eyes opened to the true status-quo of the world, Judge made his way across the Pacific, winding up first in Taiwan, then China, before finally landing in Japan.  With an intent to try and change the world from inside the Union, Alistair tried to alert his superiors to his survival, only to find that he had been erased from Union records. Without any identity to call his own, Judge wandered for some time before he was contacted by someone claiming to be associated with an organization intent on bringing peace to the world. Initially skeptical but having nothing to lose, Judge agreed to meet with this shadowy organization that called themselves Celestial Being.  
    • By Replicator
      "Rai Nemerič"


      Full name: REDACTED
      Faction: Celestial Being
      Rank: Gundam Meister

      Age: REDACTED
      Sex: REDACTED
      Weight: REDACTED
      Height: REDACTED

      Eyes: Dark blue
      Hair: Dark blue
      Skin: Fair
      Handiness: Ambidextrous

      Rai can be best described as cold, calculating, and griping. A person who focuses on each little detail, they can be at times the only one to care about the little things that went wrong when everything else went right, and lose their minds whenever an operation does not go as planned, much like their handler, Sumeragi Lee Noriega. It’s worth noticing that they do know when they’re pushing people’s buttons, and are capable of acting in a much more likeable way, akin to that of a normal person. However, this appears to bring stress to their mind. Members of the crew jokingly theorize Rai was trained to smell good emotions, so they can locate people having a good day around them and ruin it.
      Strengths and weaknesses
      Analysis - As a Mobile Suit designer, Rai knows every Mobile Weapon in the database profoundly, and is most aware of their capabilities. However, they can annoy their teammates by constantly reminding them that what they’re doing is never enough.
      Absolute Justice - Obsessed with the idea of a just world, Rai plays the role of judge, jury and executioner. However, justice is not necessarily moral, and neither is Rai, which means sometimes they’re at odds with his teammates about the right call to make: what’s just, or what’s right.
      Lightning - Rai is a deceptively fast runner for how weak they appear to be, and have fast reflexes to match, making for a very elusive person to catch or lose, and not exactly somebody one would want as their opponent on a quick draw showdown. They are, however, possible to outrun or outwit. Amusingly, they can walk at an extremely fast pace, in a manner reminiscent of certain birds.
      Physically Frail - While they did pass the mandatory physical exam, like every other Gundam Meister and Celestial Being agent, he struggled to do so. Good at many things, heavy lifting isn’t exactly Rai’s forté, which is why they prefer to dispatch threats with the caseless round-firing pistol supplied to him by Celestial Being, whenever his far more overkill Gundam is not available.

      A beautiful young person with an androgynous appearance, it is not well clear what lies behind the fancy white suit, blue dress shirt and frameless glasses they wear everywhere they go, from Siberia, through Dublin, to Ipanema. They also have a well-kempt mane of dark blue hair to go with their eyes, and the pale skin of somebody who hasn’t been under the sun enough in their lives.

      A sleeper agent who has only just been activated by Celestial Being and assigned to the duty of piloting the GN-005 Gundam Virtue. How this arrangement came to be apparently overnight, like most things about this person, remains a mystery, giving way to wild rumors among the staff. Some say they keep a picture of their wallet inside their wallet, that their legs are made of E-Carbon, and that they were involved in the process of designing a weapon to surpass the Gundams. All that is known is they're called Rai Nemerič.


      - Mobile Suit Gundam 00: ReDefine [In Progress]

      Coliseum battles

    • By FrostyFoster
      (Collab between me and Judge)
      Nightfall had just began to cover the small Japanese town known as Hakone, a small tourist trap south-west of Tokyo known for its hot springs, scenery, and being the quintessential image of a mountain town. Street lights glistened as a single taxi pulled into one of the market regions. The lone passenger pressed her fist on her cheek, pushing back her long brown hair while looking out the window.
      I can’t treat these things like a vacation…
      As the vehicle got closer to her destination, she pondered in thought. After a weekend of trying out hot springs and many other recreational activities, all she wanted to do was rest in her hotel. However, this was no average woman. This was Celestial Being’s tactical forecaster, sent on a mission to find one of the missing pieces of their puzzle.
      The car came to a halt across from a small sake bar. She felt this was the perfect place to meet up with the possible recruit. Close enough to Tokyo to not be remote, but far enough away to avoid any unwanted attention. Not only would they be alone, but the forecaster felt that a few drinks could make the event a little more exciting. Pushing through the wooden door, there were only a few seats against the bar, but only one patron. “Yep, that’s him.” She pondered, noticing how… broken he looked. 
      At first, their choice of meeting place had confused the man but now that he was sitting there in that quiet little bar, he supposed he understood. There wouldn’t be any Union types here. Just locals and tourists. And himself of course, sitting at the bar and endlessly turning a glass of beer with his left hand, a small gesture that carried a heavy weight for him. Perhaps it was just the missing hand or his posture giving her this idea, but it wasn’t want she was expecting for someone who’d pilot their mobile suit. 
      It had been a few months since the accident, but his body still ached with the pain of it, still bore its scars. He had pulled the hood of his cast-off sweater up over his head and refused to take it down in public, refused to remove the sunglasses he thought he could hide behind, refused to look down at the empty space where a part of him used to be lest he acknowledge its absence and with it the absence of everything that had made him him over the last couple of years. 
      But these people, this Celestial Being, had implied that his loss might not have to be where it all ends for him. The man heard a car pull up on the street outside, followed soon after by the slamming of the door, the clicking of shoes drawing nearer and nearer.
      She’d decided to wear a nice red blouse and black pants for the occasion, hoping to keep a professional persona, but part of the forecaster felt like it wouldn’t matter much. Plus, the other customer started to remind her of herself. Taking a seat next to him, she glanced at the array of sake aligning the wall in front of them. “Thank you for meeting with me.” She smiled at the person, then looked back at the drink. “Which one would you recommend? I’ll buy yours too, of course.” She hoped to start some small talk before getting to the real conversation.
      There was no doubt about it, this was her, this was them.
      This was Celestial Being.
      She asked him a question, wondered what sake he would recommend her. He glanced at her askance from beneath his hood. 
      “This some kind of test?” he croaked at first. He shook his head and shrugged. “I don’t know. It all tastes the same to me now,” he did his best to avoid meeting her gaze with his own and, like a wounded animal, tucked away that empty spot, what remained of what once was whole, so that she couldn’t see it.
      This’ll be harder than I thought.
      Although she considered herself a connoisseur for these types of drinks, the forecaster knew he was right. The taste didn’t matter, only whether it could take the pain away or not. Pointing at one of the green bottles, a bartender poured the liquid into a nearby glass, sending it her way. “No tests here.” She responded to the other patron as she took a sip of her drink.
      Hm… Sour…
      Apparently she’d chosen wrong.
      Opting to not continue with the sake, for now, she decided to handle this situation with the prospect a little more delicately. There was a reason why Celestial Being would want a broken man like this and she wanted to not only persuade him to join the cause, but to better him as well. A plan was also already put in motion for him to pilot the first new generation mobile suit, which could possibly be benefitted by the pilot’s disability.
      Staring at the slight lipstick smudge on the glass, she started to speak again. “You already know why I’m here, but I wanted to go into detail with you in person.” The bartender had already left for the back room, leaving the two alone. The man watched as the bartender disappeared into a backroom and he instinctively tensed up before allowing himself to relax. There were no enemies here, he thought to himself. And even if there were, what did he have to lose? 
      “The reason we’ve offered this job was to give you another chance. A chance to actually change the world with your skills and be someone new.” The forecaster noticed the patron attempting to hide his lost appendage. Saddened to see the state he was in, she hoped to brighten his spirits. “I know about the hand.” She stated as she took another sip. When she mentioned his hand, he tucked it away even more. “We can give you a new one. Not just a regrown one like the hospitals do, but an actual improvement over a regular hand.” She tried to look him in the eyes, but the patron was making it a difficult task.
      “Why me? Why waste your time and money on fixing up some broken nobody?” he asked, turning his accusing gaze on the brightly dressed lady. “If it’s because of my credentials, I’m sure you can find someone twice as good as me without any of the investment. Or is it because of my condition? If you’re looking for some charity case you can turn into a puppet for good PR, you may as well walk out that door right now,” 
      The man caught his left hand clenching itself into a fist once more. He let out a sigh and tried to relax himself again but found it more difficult than before. His own words—not hers—had gotten the better of him. He shook his head and took a sip of the warm, tasteless beer in front of him. As he set it down, he scanned the bottles lining the shelves behind the bar, trying his best to clear his mind before speaking again. 
      “I want to make this world a better place, lady. My hand aside, no one wants a hero who looks like me, so I have to stop and wonder what your game is and why you’ve come here. “
      Once again, the patron did bring up a good point. While Celestial Being did work in mysterious ways, the more he talked, the more she began to wonder if maybe he wasn’t the right choice for them. However, she felt the same way once. The group picked a tactical forecaster who made one of the biggest mistakes in warfare, after all. 
      All those people I killed. I… killed him…
      In order to stop reliving those painful memories before any tears started to appear, she pulled up her glass, drinking a little more than necessary. As she put it back down, the patron’s words lit up in her head like a lightbulb. “Wait a minute!” She spoke, moving slightly closer to the man in excitement. “We won’t have to fix this ‘broken nobody’ if they no longer exist.” Thoughts started to race through her, giving her many ideas.
      The man leaned away from Sumeragi as she moved closer in her excitement. Her outburst had taken him by surprise. “No longer…” the man narrowed his eyes behind his sunglasses. “What the hell are you—” but she kept going, explaining her grand idea. 
      “This person next to me can be gone, because all I see is a man named Alistair sulking away in bars, wasting his life.” Quickly finishing her drink, she did wish the bartender could fill her glass up again, but that wasn’t the priority.
      At the mention of his name, the man winced but said nothing. His own name seemed so foreign now, completely detached from the person—the thing—that he had become. It almost saddened him to hear it spoken aloud, a grim reminder of all that he had apparently lost, of what the Union had taken away, but he pushed on and listened to her speak on. 
      “We have codenames.” The forecaster continued. “But you can become more than that, and not just with a new hand. You could dye your hair, change your clothes.” She also thought he would hopefully take a shower, but that DEFINITELY wasn’t the time to say that.
      “You can make the world better with your skills, but at the end of the day, you know inside that you can’t keep going like this.” She stopped, wondering if she got too excited, or if the sake had a much higher alcohol level than she’d thought.
      “If you change now, the world will automatically become better. That’s what I believe.”
      When she finished, he let silence hang between them. The man stared at Sumeragi from behind his coloured lenses, his mouth a firm, unyielding line.
      “You really think it’s that easy? That I can just dye my hair and change the way I dress and that’ll help make the world a better place?” he said the words with disbelief, but as he heard them again, they began to sink in. He turned away from her and made to grab his beer, his fingers jabbing into the glass clumsily and nearly knocking it over. He watched it wobble back and forth for but a moment before his hand shot out again and steadied the glass, which he contemplated deeply for a moment before releasing it once again.
      An image came to him then, seemingly out of nowhere. Not of the man he was, but the man he could be.  Alistair turned to the woman again and brought a hand up to his face, taking away the orange tinted sunglasses and revealing two brown eyes, one of them severely bloodshot. 
      “I’m going to need a lot of work. For whatever reason, the Union wrote me off. To them, I officially died somewhere over the south Pacific. So if you and your organization are willing to put in the time and effort, are willing to acknowledge that I’m still alive and give me back my life, then that life will be committed to achieving peace no matter what it takes.”  
      Alistair nodded, mostly to himself. “But I get to pick my codename. I’m not going to let you saddle me with something ridiculous.”
      The plan had worked out extremely well. The forecaster knew the only way to win this man over was to have him regain his confidence. Apparently, this required him to completely change everything about himself. As the patron took off his sunglasses, she finally got to look him in the eyes, silently agreeing with his statement of “needing a lot of work”.
      Let’s hope the other Meisters will be a lot easier to convince…
      The forecaster stood up out of her chair as she paid, assuming the bartender at the hotel could help with her problem, but the one here was done. “We got ourselves a deal then. Welcome to the team.”
      She smiled as started to walk out, but stopped to put her hand on his shoulder. “My name is Sumeragi, by the way. I can’t wait to know yours.”
      Her heels tapped on the wood floor, interrupting her train of thought about what he was going to end up looking like, but then she realized the man needed a few more details. After all, it wasn’t like he was needed immediately. “We’ll keep in contact with you.” Sumeragi looked back at him while opening the front door.
      “When the time comes, we’ll make you ready. See you soon.” Waving out the door, the hardest part of her day was over, but it also meant Celestial Being was given a new beginning.
      Alistair watched as Sumeragi left the bar and then silently turned his attention back to his beer. He took a sip and recoiled at the warmness of the beverage, setting it back down again. The man thought on the woman’s parting words with a wry smile as he watched the bar tender slink back in from the other room. 
      “Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” he mused to himself. “Sounds about right for a shady secret organization.” The bartender had busied himself with clearing the woman’s glass and coaster, making quick, furtive glances at the severe man still at the bar. The employee reached for the money and began counting the bills. 
      “I’ll have another, actually. What she had,” Alistair said a moment later. The bartender stopped mid-count, gave the man a long look and then nodded. 
      “Of course. Right away,” he said, preparing a glass of sake and placing it in front of him. Alistair thanked the man but did not drink right away. Instead, he looked at his reflection in the drink and thought once more about the words Sumeragi had left him with. 
      Can’t wait to know…my name…
      The man grabbed his drink and took a hasty gulp, letting it coat his mouth before downing it. His face wrinkled and he let out a gasping cough. “Good lord,” he wheezed. The bartender whirled around to look at his patron who was still coughing. Alistair had all but lost his sense of taste but that woman’s palette was either worse off than his was or more refined than he could’ve ever imagined. When at last the coughing fit had subsided, Alistair turned to look at the door and shook his head. 
      I better watch out for that one…
    • By Roromi

      Full name: Edmund Spectre
      Faction: Celestial Being
      Rank: Gundam Miester
      Age: 27
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5’7”
      Weight: 175
      Eyes: brown
      Hair: black
      Skin: fair
      Handiness: right
      Respectful and polite, Edmund is always courteous to his allies and friends. Despite his calm demeanor he as a lasting resentment of war and at times can seem distant, or shallow. He keeps his emotions and true feelings to himself, not wanting to burden those around him with his own strife. In battle he can be quite the cunning and ruthless opponent, performing his missions with cold efficiency. 
      Strengths and weaknesses
      Veteran pilot – Edmund has a history of piloting mobile suits prior to joining Celestial Being. He knows not only how to handle a mobile suit but how to use a transformable one at that. 
      AEU familiarity – Edmund is particularly knowledgeable of AEU practices and procedures and is able to use this intimate knowledge to his benefit. 
      Scarred – both physically and emotionally he is left with trauma that he struggles with. Sometimes this can hinder him from doing certain tasks. It certainly keeps him shy around his teammates when not on the mission. He laments how he got this way. 
      Amnesia- while Edmund knows what has happened in his life from reports he doesn’t fully recall everything prior to his accident. This is a large reason why he is spiteful to war. He is resentful of his memory loss and physical pain from his accident. It has been many years since he lost his memory and to this day he still suffers from headaches. 
      Edmund wears a mask to hide his face. While intimidation is certainly one aspect of his disguise it’s really to help him deal with the scars on his face and the pain associated with it. He’s not a very big person, having a lean muscular frame of a soldier. He knows he’s not as young as he used to be and keeps excellent care of his body.  
      Edmund had a relatively normal childhood growing up in Spain. He later joined the AEU military and was trained as a mobile suit pilot. While not exceptional at first, his attitude gained him a pleasant reputation from his peers. It was his dedication to his comrades which ultimately led to his grievous injury that nearly stole his life, although it did steal his memories. He could look at personnel files but it did little to tell who he really was prior to getting hurt. He spent more than a year recovering from his wounds only to be discharged from the military like a used up tool. 
      Feeling bitter and betrayed by the system he was an easy target for Veda to recruit. He felt no connection to things that should have been his past so it wasn’t hard for him to be infatuated with the idea of a future free of war. He dawned a mask to hide his deformed face and to shield himself from having to look at a person he no longer recognized. It was time to be something bigger than his mortal coil, and if giving up his so called identity is the price to pay, so be it.
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