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Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Redefine


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During the course of this RP, I will assume new variations will be created. This will be the home of them and will likely be updated many times.

Hellion Pantera


One of the earliest models of the AEU Mobile Suit Hellion, this Hellion Initium was used by the Mendoza Cartel's enforcers to establish their hegemony over the Taribian drug trade. It was most likely acquired as surplus as part of an illegal trade between officers of the Taribian military and cartel representatives. While the Mendoza Cartel gave way to rumors that the Pantera's performance even surpassed that of the Hellion Perpetuum, it's far more likely that its only upgrade is the bold livery it uses to intimidate enemies.

(First Appearance in Episode 3)

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Graham's Union Flag Custom


After the attack at Taribia, Graham Aker made the decision to upgrade his Union Flag into a force to be reckoned with. The aerial machine now has wings forming the shape of an "X", allowing the pilot to reach much greater speeds in mobile suit and flight mode. With the transformation system also being prioritized, the Flag can only be used by Graham because of the extreme skill needed to do so midair. Note the Exia's shield, which was lost by the Gundam in Taribia and repurposed for the Union's best ace.

(First Appearance in Episode 6)

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Gundam Kyrios Repair


After its battle with Graham's Flag, the Kyrios was mangled and beyond repair with Celestial Being's capabilities at the time. Since the arms took a majority of the damage, they have been replaced by more generic appendages, preventing the mobile suit from transforming. This temporary fix was able to use of the current weapons available, with its main rifle meant for a variation of the Virtue. While unofficially called the Kyrios Repair, it was still referred to in missions by its original name.

Full Armor 0 Gundam


Due to the merging with Fereshte after Rai's betrayal, the 0 Gundam became Celestial Being's fourth mobile suit. Using upgrades developed by Sherilyn Hyde, the Full Armor add-ons gave the outdated machine a boost in defense, along with more weapon options. This Gundam doesn't have a standard cockpit, instead it contains a Haro terminal within the center of the torso. Also included is the Trial System similar to the Virtue, which wasn't known by the other Meisters.

AEU Enact Orbit Package (Rollout Colors)


The multi colored mobile suit was brought out by the world power in order to have a proper space type machine. The plasma jet engines and wings were replaced with space-use rocket engines. While the first production run was unable to transform like its Earth counterpart, the mobile suit still had an edge in speed and weight. Three of these, piloted by higher class officers in the AEU, were first revealed to Celestial Being by pure chance. Their pilots also nicknamed the mobile suit, calling it the "Rick Enact".

(First Appearances in Episode 7)

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