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During the course of this RP, I will assume new variations will be created. This will be the home of them and will likely be updated many times.

Hellion Pantera


One of the earliest models of the AEU Mobile Suit Hellion, this Hellion Initium was used by the Mendoza Cartel's enforcers to establish their hegemony over the Taribian drug trade. It was most likely acquired as surplus as part of an illegal trade between officers of the Taribian military and cartel representatives. While the Mendoza Cartel gave way to rumors that the Pantera's performance even surpassed that of the Hellion Perpetuum, it's far more likely that its only upgrade is the bold livery it uses to intimidate enemies.

(First Appearance in Episode 3)

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    • By FrostyFoster
      EPISODE 1:
      October 6th, 2307 AD
      Automated machine guns blared inside a military testing ground, sending an array of bullets against a sleek green mobile suit. This is little to stop the machine though, responding to the attacks with dodges and speed, using its rifle to hit many of the targets. A crowd of suits watched with awe at the new AEU creation, although two stood out as they observed it. The two Union members discussed the mobile suit, referred to as the Enact, intently while also discussing its flaws.
      Union engineer Billy Katagiri mentioned how the basic design was just of copy of their mobile suit, the Flag, to his cohort Graham. However, the demonstrator took note of this. Due to the Enact’s hi-tech sound system, he exited the mobile suit, only to badger the observer for his statement. Far above the mock city was a creation who was bound to give the pilot much more of a problem. The sleek mobile suit sped downward at a breakneck pace, causing the military to attempt to make contact from the orbital elevator. None could be made though as more of the crowd noticed the strange machine head towards the testing ground.
      The red haired pilot watched along with the others, getting back inside the turquoise mobile suit as people slowly began to evacuate. “Hey! He yelled through the Enact’s intercom. The gray and orange paint scheme caught the pilot’s attention quickly. “What are you? You look like you’re HRL… Whatever you are, you’re ruining my mock battle!” When no response was given, the pilot got more aggravated. “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Patrick Colasour, the best ace in the AEU!” A small blade slid out of the machine’s wrist, creating a deafening frequency as it vibrated. The Enact ran towards the Exia while pointing the sword outward to the enemies cockpit. “Hey! Talk to me!”
    • By FrostyFoster
      The year is 2307 AD. With the depletion of fossil fuels, the world now relies on solar power systems ran by three world powers: the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, the Advanced European Union, and the Human Reform League. Minor countries have fallen into chaos, resulting in a world of war and suffering. A paramilitary group, called Celestial Being, has appeared in response to this new reality. They intend to end all wars by fighting themselves.
      However, this is where the world of Gundam 00 changes. Veda has selected different candidates to be their four Gundam Meisters, sending this world into a completely different direction. The decisions these new characters will make may give Celestial Being the world they envisioned, or they make create a nightmare that sends humanity down a path of no return…
      This is Gundam 00 Redefine
      Judge as Albus, pilot of GN-001 Gundam Exia
      FrostyFoster as Feldt Grace, pilot of GN-002 Gundam Dynames
      Roromi as Edmund Spectre, pilot of GN-003 Gundam Kyrios
      Replicator as Rai Nemerič, pilot of GN-005 Gundam Virtue
    • By FrostyFoster
      “Is now really the time?” An older man floated through a bright hallway, holding onto a silver briefcase with one hand, while grasping the lever pulling him forward with the other. “I don’t want you making a scene while I show off my creation.” As the crewman with the most amount of experience, he understood how important the Gundam Meisters would be, hoping that the captain of their ship would give a good impression of herself. Also, this new piece of equipment for their new pilot would give him more control over himself and his mobile suit. He knew it wouldn't be wise for the forecaster to piss him off.
      “Relax Ian. It calms my nerves.” Behind him was Sumeragi Lee Noriega, drinking out of a tiny Sake can as she rode with the Ptolemaios’ engineer toward their destination. What she didn't let the engineer know was that it wasn't her first as she drank more, thinking about their new Meister. “Plus, I’ve already met him before.” It had been a few months since she’d first talked in person with the man previously known as Alistair Judge. Currently, the finishing touches were being made on the Meister’s new appearance in the medical bay.
      “I can’t believe he’ll be the easy one…”
      The tactical forecaster had little information on the remaining two Meisters chosen for their grand operation, both of which would be arriving soon. One had most of their biography redacted, while the other had little data to begin with. Sumeragi hadn’t expected Veda to go this route, especially when she learned who the Dynames’ pilot was going to be. She wondered if two years would even be enough for the group to connect well, considering the people chosen.
      Nevertheless, she continued with Ian through the corridors of likely the most sophisticated ship ever created, eventually stopping to the medical bay, or rather their makeshift salon. With their crew as small as they were, the forecaster worked with what she had. As the door slid open, Sumeragi was shocked at what she say. Their resident doctor, Joyce, shrugged to the forecaster, watching as the queen of fashion made her finishing touches on the white hair in front of her.
      “Annnnnd done!” Christina, Celestial Being’s new programmer, grinned as she clasped her hands together. The chair was spun around toward the two new guests, with Chris handing the Meister a small mirror. The Ptolemaios’ captain was prepared for a change, but was still caught off-guard, especially by the pure white hair. “What do you think?.. uh…” At that moment, she realized he still hadn’t told her his codename, taking another swig of her sake. “That's right, I forgot. So what’s your new name going to be?” Ian cringed slightly, placing the palm of his hand on his face.
      “Off to a good start…” He muttered.
    • By Judge
      Full name: Alistair Judge
      Codename: Albus
      Faction: Celestial Being
      Rank: Gundam Meister
      Age: 25
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5’9”
      Weight: 180
      Eyes: Brown
      Hair: White
      Skin: Tanned
      Handiness: Right
      Albus can be a tough person to get along with for many, owing mainly to his brazen arrogance and a tendency to self-aggrandize. Respect, to Albus, is not something one is obligated to but rather a thing that must be earned through merit. This is especially true on the battlefield. While Albus is typically dismissive or neutral to civilians, opting not to associate wherever possible, he can be an absolute pest in the heat of battle, openly mocking his opponents should they fail to stack up to his exacting standards. This often puts him at odds with his fellow Meisters. While he recognizes their skills as fellow Gundam pilots, he is quick to judge their performance and offer advice when it isn’t called for. Nevertheless, his loyalty to his squad runs deep and Albus is more than willing to put his life on the line for his comrades.
      While he holds his prowess with a mobile suit in high regard, he recognizes it solely as a means to an end. In truth, Albus loathes combat and takes part in it only to further Celestial Being’s mandate of peace through intervention. Regardless of his distaste for war, he takes great pride in his abilities and as a result, tends to fight with needless flair that often lands him in hot water.
      Strengths and weaknesses
      Union Ace– Albus, a former Union pilot, has considerable experience with mobile suits, particularly those used by the Union such as the Realdo and the Flag, to a lesser extend. He has sortied many times, earning himself a reputation as an ace pilot as a reflection of his skills.
      Phantom Pain –As a consequence of the accident that led to him going missing, Albus lost his right hand up to the middle of his forearm. It has been replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic that allows him to interface with his Gundam directly to aid in its piloting. But while his new hand may aid him in combat, the phantom pain still lingers…
      Hot-Head –Albus’s arrogant and his tendency to disrespect and taunt his enemies often lands him in difficult situations. This has a habit of bleeding over to social situations as well.  
      Striving for Peace- In his heart of hearts, Albus fights purely to achieve the promise of a better, peaceful future. While he is intensely loyal to his comrades and co-pilots and is proud of his abilities as a Meister, he truly detests having to use them. He believes ardently in Celestial Being’s mandate but knows that, should their goals waver from the achievement of world peace, he would gladly leave them behind.  
      Initially a rather average looking man, Albus’s accident and subsequent initiation into Celestial Being forced the man once known as Alistair Judge to adopt a completely new identity, even down to his physical appearance. Albus has a white hair and lightly tanned skin and trends towards the stylish, chic, and primarily black with regards to his civilian clothing. He keeps his body in excellent shape in case the fight must be taken outside of the cockpit. His right hand has been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic capable of interfacing with the Exia, granting him a minor increase in control over his mobile suit
      Alistair Judge was a dog of the Union. Growing up on fringes of the northern Canadian territories, Judge joined the Union as a means to escape the fate met so often by those born in small towns. Enlisting allowed him to see much of the world, but also made him witness to strife and bloodshed. Most of Alistairs active duty in the Union forces saw him fighting insurgents and terrorists in smaller nations. During his time in the Anti-Terror unit, Alistair discovered his knack for piloting and quickly earned a reputation as a pilot ace on multiple different sorties, earning him the nickname “Arbitrator”.
      In 2303, during a minor conflict over disputed territory in the Pacific Islands gone awry, Alistair and several of his squad mates were shot down by Human Reform League forces. Though he was declared missing in action, Alistair was very much alive, recovered from his crashed mobile suit by island locals. During his recovery, Judge experienced first-hand the squalor and poverty those caught between the Union and its enemies had to suffer. With his eyes opened to the true status-quo of the world, Judge made his way across the Pacific, winding up first in Taiwan, then China, before finally landing in Japan.  With an intent to try and change the world from inside the Union, Alistair tried to alert his superiors to his survival, only to find that he had been erased from Union records. Without any identity to call his own, Judge wandered for some time before he was contacted by someone claiming to be associated with an organization intent on bringing peace to the world. Initially skeptical but having nothing to lose, Judge agreed to meet with this shadowy organization that called themselves Celestial Being.  
    • By Replicator
      "Rai Nemerič"


      Full name: REDACTED
      Faction: Celestial Being
      Rank: Gundam Meister

      Age: REDACTED
      Sex: REDACTED
      Weight: REDACTED
      Height: REDACTED

      Eyes: Dark blue
      Hair: Dark blue
      Skin: Fair
      Handiness: Ambidextrous

      Rai can be best described as cold, calculating, and griping. A person who focuses on each little detail, they can be at times the only one to care about the little things that went wrong when everything else went right, and lose their minds whenever an operation does not go as planned, much like their handler, Sumeragi Lee Noriega. It’s worth noticing that they do know when they’re pushing people’s buttons, and are capable of acting in a much more likeable way, akin to that of a normal person. However, this appears to bring stress to their mind. Members of the crew jokingly theorize Rai was trained to smell good emotions, so they can locate people having a good day around them and ruin it.
      Strengths and weaknesses
      Analysis - As a Mobile Suit designer, Rai knows every Mobile Weapon in the database profoundly, and is most aware of their capabilities. However, they can annoy their teammates by constantly reminding them that what they’re doing is never enough.
      Absolute Justice - Obsessed with the idea of a just world, Rai plays the role of judge, jury and executioner. However, justice is not necessarily moral, and neither is Rai, which means sometimes they’re at odds with his teammates about the right call to make: what’s just, or what’s right.
      Lightning - Rai is a deceptively fast runner for how weak they appear to be, and have fast reflexes to match, making for a very elusive person to catch or lose, and not exactly somebody one would want as their opponent on a quick draw showdown. They are, however, possible to outrun or outwit. Amusingly, they can walk at an extremely fast pace, in a manner reminiscent of certain birds.
      Physically Frail - While they did pass the mandatory physical exam, like every other Gundam Meister and Celestial Being agent, he struggled to do so. Good at many things, heavy lifting isn’t exactly Rai’s forté, which is why they prefer to dispatch threats with the caseless round-firing pistol supplied to him by Celestial Being, whenever his far more overkill Gundam is not available.

      A beautiful young person with an androgynous appearance, it is not well clear what lies behind the fancy white suit, blue dress shirt and frameless glasses they wear everywhere they go, from Siberia, through Dublin, to Ipanema. They also have a well-kempt mane of dark blue hair to go with their eyes, and the pale skin of somebody who hasn’t been under the sun enough in their lives.

      A sleeper agent who has only just been activated by Celestial Being and assigned to the duty of piloting the GN-005 Gundam Virtue. How this arrangement came to be apparently overnight, like most things about this person, remains a mystery, giving way to wild rumors among the staff. Some say they keep a picture of their wallet inside their wallet, that their legs are made of E-Carbon, and that they were involved in the process of designing a weapon to surpass the Gundams. All that is known is they're called Rai Nemerič.


      - Mobile Suit Gundam 00: ReDefine [In Progress]

      Coliseum battles

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