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The Rain In Spain....


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The small engine apexed at a new octave just before Edmund hit the clutch, shifting the gear and lowering the hum of the engine once more. The motorcycle curled along the cliffside highways, dying light reached along the ocean waves below and cast long shadows along the road from the safety rails. The sun itself seemed caught between the ocean and the dark overcast of storm clouds stretched along the sky overhead.  Edmund clung onto the crotch rocket tightly as he felt the exhilarating G’s from his turn push into his stomach. 

He was back home, or rather what used to be considered home. The stunning visage of the setting sun and the ocean waves felt nostalgic, although Edmund himself couldn’t safely say he could rightly recall the sensation. He eased up on the throttle and let the bike coast into the cliffside town that he had been heading into. Rain began to pelt the road and his person as he coasted down the highway. Again, though it all felt familiar, it had little comfort beyond that of a fuzzy dream. 

Edmund had taken off from his little island base earlier that day, but the distance needed to be cover was rather large, so it was already late by the time he got to Spain. “Probably for the best…” he murmured as he pulled into the vacant streets towards a storage facility. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late that he couldn’t go inside to do his business.

As he parked his bike, he walked over to the doors. He wore a black trench coat that fluttered behind him in the ocean wind and hazy rain. He ran a gloved hand through his brown hair, he kept his motorcycle helmet on the seat of the bike, hardly caring if it got wet. The facility was one of those civilian rent to store buildings with individual storage sheds inside. The array of fluorescent light added to the commercial feeling of the facility. His boots echoing loudly in the vacant hallways. 

He paused as he came up to a particular unit. Slowly he brought out some keys from his pocket and fumbled with them until he had the right one for the padlock. With a click, he had the lock free and was raising the metallic garage doors open for his own unit. 

The room itself was fairly vacant. To one side there was a shelfing unit with dozens of banker boxes. In the middle of the little unit was a desk with a seat and table light. For a moment, Edmund considered closing the door behind him but shook the thought from his head. Instead, he pocketed the keys with lock, and went to the rows of boxes, peaking in each one. Finally, he settled on one box in particular and brought it over to the desk and switched on the light. 

It was hard to imagine to a normal person, but to Edmund this was everything that used to be him. Each box housed some section of his life that he had categorized. For months after his accident he had gone through the material in hopes of sparking that recognition of who he was supposed to be. 

Settling himself down in his seat he pulled out a file from the box and began to look at it. The folder contained his military records, back when he served in the AEU. Perhaps it was being behind the controls of a mobile suit again, but he felt like there was something about Celestial Being that was reminding him more and more of his past. 

After a few minutes of looking at the text records he found himself grunting and returning the folder in frustration. There had to be something else he was missing, but what? Reaching down he pulled out another folder and opened it up, pictures practically flew out of the archaic file to splash onto the concrete floor. Edmund hissed a curse under his breath as he tried to scoop up the old photographs. Before he could pick them up however a woman’s voice called out to him from the hallway. “Say I know you!” 

At first Edmund felt a bit of dread, he looked up to see a middle-aged woman with blonde hair. She appeared to be clutching a bag of some sort. The  woman managed to wag a free hand in the air and point it accusingly at Edmund. “That name on the uniform. I recognize it!” Her finger pointed at his old uniform which was hanging in the edge of the shelf. Her finger accented the name tag, “and your face… you’re not Victoria and Alfonse’s boy are you?”

Edmund offered a weak smile as he stood up with his pictures in hand. He walked over and politely offered his free hand for a handshake. “Indeed I am!” He replied cheerily though deep down he was already dreading the conversation. “Forgive me, but I don’t recall who you are…” he led on with his tone and the woman’s face lit up, “Oh! I’m Lorraine Halevy!” Recognition fluttered in her eyes as she studied Edmund. “Yes i do remember you! Last I saw of you was before you went to the military, don’t you remember?” Her voice trailed off as she found it difficult to believe he could forget her. 

Edmund let out a helpless laugh as he reached up to scratch the scars on his face, “well as a matter of fact I don’t…” He looked around nervously feeling suddenly self conscious, “you see I lost my memories in an accident…” he shook his head. 

Thankfully she interjected, “Oh my lord! I-I didn’t-“

“It’s fine. Really!” Edmund protested as he raised his hands up assuringly. A smile grew on his lips,  “In any case I go by Edmund now…“ 

She smiled back at him, “well I’m glad you’re alive! I’m sure your parents are thankful of that too. What brings you here?” She asked curiously.

“I just happened to be in the area and thought I’d come by to look at my old stuff…” he trailed off as he turned to look at the box. “Once in awhile it helps me remember things…” he added wishfully. 

“Oh you poor thing!” Mrs. Halevy added woefully. Wishing to change the subject Edmund turned back to look at her. “What brings you to the storage units Mrs. Halevy?” 

The woman blushed some as she stammered for a second, “Oh, just getting something that I wanted to give my niece for her wedding coming up.” She clutched the bag in her arms to accent her claim. Finding the conversation getting awkward now Edmund offered, “Well I hope it’s a wonderful wedding. Thanks for saying hello to me Mrs. Halevy I appreciate it.” He smiled and nodded as a means of telling her to leave. To her credit she paused as if to say something but smiled as she turned to walk away. Just as he was about to leave she stopped to turn and add, “Take care Edmund, and if you ever need someone to talk to please look up our family. Maybe we could help refresh your memories over some tea?” 

He regarded her and could tell that her offer was genuine. “Thank you very much Mrs. Halevy. I may take you up on that next time I’m in town.” He smiled back at her as she left finally. 

He felt odd as she left, it was always uncomfortable running into people who knew the old him. He reached down to look at a picture of him back when he was in the military. The kid staring back at him had a dumb grin on his face, careless even. He was surrounded by similarly dressed guys, they appeared to be in some barracks. Shaking his head he flipped the picture over. He’d seen the photo a dozen times already to no affect but this time something caught his attention.  On the back of the picture was a hand written message, “Maybe next time we can take a picture together?”

The elegant curves on the message, the precise lettering, it was clearly a woman’s touch. How come he had never noticed the message before? He looked over the message repeatedly for many moments. The crackle of lightning broke his concentration and he looked up in bewilderment. Sighing he tucked the picture in his jacket. Without a word he put everything else away and sealed the storage unit once more. 

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