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Found 9 results

  1. EPISODE 1: October 6th, 2307 AD AEU ORBITAL ELEVATOR Automated machine guns blared inside a military testing ground, sending an array of bullets against a sleek green mobile suit. This is little to stop the machine though, responding to the attacks with dodges and speed, using its rifle to hit many of the targets. A crowd of suits watched with awe at the new AEU creation, although two stood out as they observed it. The two Union members discussed the mobile suit, referred to as the Enact, intently while also discussing its flaws. Union engineer Billy Katagiri mentioned how
  2. During the course of this RP, I will assume new variations will be created. This will be the home of them and will likely be updated many times. Hellion Pantera One of the earliest models of the AEU Mobile Suit Hellion, this Hellion Initium was used by the Mendoza Cartel's enforcers to establish their hegemony over the Taribian drug trade. It was most likely acquired as surplus as part of an illegal trade between officers of the Taribian military and cartel representatives. While the Mendoza Cartel gave way to rumors that the Pantera's performance even surpassed that of the Hel
  3. The small engine apexed at a new octave just before Edmund hit the clutch, shifting the gear and lowering the hum of the engine once more. The motorcycle curled along the cliffside highways, dying light reached along the ocean waves below and cast long shadows along the road from the safety rails. The sun itself seemed caught between the ocean and the dark overcast of storm clouds stretched along the sky overhead. Edmund clung onto the crotch rocket tightly as he felt the exhilarating G’s from his turn push into his stomach. He was back home, or rather what used to be considered home. T
  4. “Is now really the time?” An older man floated through a bright hallway, holding onto a silver briefcase with one hand, while grasping the lever pulling him forward with the other. “I don’t want you making a scene while I show off my creation.” As the crewman with the most amount of experience, he understood how important the Gundam Meisters would be, hoping that the captain of their ship would give a good impression of herself. Also, this new piece of equipment for their new pilot would give him more control over himself and his mobile suit. He knew it wouldn't be wise for the forecaster to p
  5. "Rai Nemerič" Biography Full name: REDACTED Faction: Celestial Being Rank: Gundam Meister Age: REDACTED Sex: REDACTED Weight: REDACTED Height: REDACTED Eyes: Dark blue Hair: Dark blue Skin: Fair Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality Rai can be best described as cold, calculating, and griping. A person who focuses on each little detail, they can be at times the only one to care about the little things that went wrong when everything else went right, and lose their minds whenever an operation does not go as planned, much like their handler, S
  6. (Collab between me and Judge) Nightfall had just began to cover the small Japanese town known as Hakone, a small tourist trap south-west of Tokyo known for its hot springs, scenery, and being the quintessential image of a mountain town. Street lights glistened as a single taxi pulled into one of the market regions. The lone passenger pressed her fist on her cheek, pushing back her long brown hair while looking out the window. I can’t treat these things like a vacation… As the vehicle got closer to her destination, she pondered in thought. After a weekend of trying out hot spring
  7. Judge


    Biography Full name: Alistair Judge Codename: Albus Faction: Celestial Being Rank: Gundam Meister Age: 25 Sex: Male Height: 5’9” Weight: 180 Eyes: Brown Hair: White Skin: Tanned Handiness: Right Personality Albus can be a tough person to get along with for many, owing mainly to his brazen arrogance and a tendency to self-aggrandize. Respect, to Albus, is not something one is obligated to but rather a thing that must be earned through merit. This is especially true on the battlefield. While Albus is typically di
  8. Biography Full name: Edmund Spectre Faction: Celestial Being Rank: Gundam Miester Age: 27 Sex: Male Height: 5’7” Weight: 175 Eyes: brown Hair: black Skin: fair Handiness: right Personality Respectful and polite, Edmund is always courteous to his allies and friends. Despite his calm demeanor he as a lasting resentment of war and at times can seem distant, or shallow. He keeps his emotions and true feelings to himself, not wanting to burden those around him with his own strife. In battle he can be quite the cunning and
  9. The year is 2307 AD. With the depletion of fossil fuels, the world now relies on solar power systems ran by three world powers: the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, the Advanced European Union, and the Human Reform League. Minor countries have fallen into chaos, resulting in a world of war and suffering. A paramilitary group, called Celestial Being, has appeared in response to this new reality. They intend to end all wars by fighting themselves. However, this is where the world of Gundam 00 changes. Veda has selected different candidates to be their four Gundam Meisters, sending th
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