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Orb Foundation Week


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It has been decided that Orb Foundation Week will begin this Sunday, November 5, 5PM (GMT +8). The event will take place only in Kusanagi, starting with a parade, followed by an airshow, then finishing with the Princess' annual speech.


Characters from all factions are invited to attend, but an RSVP to this thread from the faction's leader/s would be appreciated, so we at Orb can set things up properly for any of their members who will be attending as official representatives of their respective factions, if any. If a faction will be represented, that faction may choose to introduce their own float during the parade.


For RP purposes, characters at any location may assume that the events are being televised across all major networks. Lastly, once Orb Foundation Week has begun, the state of RP prohibition on Orb territories will be lifted.


The role-play will begin with pre-parade activities, such as assignment of Orb members to event duties, meeting with other faction delegates, setting up the floats, etc. Characters who attend may begin to role-play settling themselves into the event. The RP prohibition will be lifted at this point in time.


The actual parade, airshow and speech sub-events, will be announced and held at a later date.

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