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Faction Numbers (Updated 21 March 2007)


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Faction numbers as of 21 March 2007

Below is a list of faction and the number of active military members in each faction.

ZAFT                - 6

Earth Alliance    - 11

Orb                  - 8

Soldiers of Fire  - 3


Please try to fill up the factions that are lacking thanks

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fire just a little bit ahead of ya^^ was just waiting for someone to ask


currently active members in each faction (including all second characters) [all numbers are counted from the character library]


ZAFT ----- 21

EA    ----- 10

NOVA ----- 13

SoF  ------ 7

ST    ------- 3


[note: by active i meant those that are active in the forum from July onwards so please correct me if i'm wrong on any numbers.

n.b.#2: during the counting process, an observation came up in that there are still quite a few people who haven't updated their character with the new template in the character library please check]



and I'd like thanks all who helped me with the counting (you know who you are )

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I've gone through and re-reviewed ZAFT's numbers.  Even if you include the Supreme Council there are only 18 active characters.  Quite frankly the low numbers in the other groups stun me but we'll have to wait for the authentic count.


HHLkiller3r, it might be best to let the Faction Leaders themselves count their own members off of the rosters.

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let me consult my list again... cause i count by writing the name of the character in a list with faction that he/she belong in and character number (if applicable) and i just count from there..... since i counted people as active as long as they were on the forums in July so I think i might be a little off since RP came back on not so long ago.


I'll back out and leave it to you guys to correct me if i got anything wrong and yell at me cause i messed up and all

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