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Ernst Günther Koënig


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Ernst Günther Koënig




Player name: Konigstiger

Character Number: 1

Faction: Earth Alliance




Full name: Ernst Günther Koënig

Nickname: Ernst, Günther

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Earth Alliance Special Forces Soldier, Firearms Dealer

Birthplace: Germany

Citizenship: Atlantic federation

Personality: A very cold and cunning killer he would tend to wait for hours or even days for his target to show up, then make his move. He is also a very dense person, having no sympathy or much compassion to his enemies. Using every means if possible to accomplish his mission, from his long list of know-hows he got from his long years of training. Even though it isn’t in his nature to rescue someone in danger, he would do it because of the codes of being in the Special Forces – “No one is left behind.” Has sometimes the tendency to go crazy in continues killing spree.


He is a person of action. Often does the boldest moves to a problem and gets away with it. When a mission is given to him, he becomes focused to every objective. If a problem arises, he is quick to solving it. If someone disobeys him, he would shoot him. And always enforces discipline.


Although a very dangerous man when on duty, but on his off days, he would always be inside his Weapons shop, tinkering with his guns. Has sometimes ways with women thanks to his training. A heavy smoker, he’ll smoke an entire pack each day but has began teaching himself to quit. What more can a gun enthusiast do but, to be in target range all the time.


He is also a very approachable person, who would offer his service as much as he can. But always tends to make a lie about his past. And if someone would dare continue to know about his past, it be best to leave it be.




Height: 6'8"

Weight: 260 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Brownish Red, Military cut

Eye Colour: sky-blue

Identifying Marks: "V" shaped scar, stretching from his ear to his mouth.

Skin Tone: Slightly Tan

Build: Lean and Muscular

Handiness: Ambidextrous

Clothing: On-duty: An Earth Alliance Special Forces uniform with Leather black gloves on his hands. And pants tucked inside a Leather Black tall boots up to his knee. A leather black great coat and a wide canvas belt above the waist. And black EA officer's cap called a schirrmuttze. often alos wears a silvery aviators glasses.

On the field: (under construction) [align=center]width=378 height=600http://www.maj.com/gallery/htlr/EffectsSheet/ernst_suit.jpg[/img][/align]

Off duty/Disguise: 




Mother: Major Fausta Koenig (Status unknown)

Father: Colonel Walther Koenig (Status unknown)

Siblings: none




Personal History:

Ernst was born to a wealthy and rich in military history family. Both of his parents were military officers in the Eurasian Federation and are strong supporters of Anti – Coordinator movements. His father was a colonel tank commander and his mother was a major involved with the general staff. During his childhood days, he had no friends; he only had his father who taught him how to shoot with a gun. His toys that his parents gave him tend to stimulate aggression, which would help in the coming years. His parents were more than eager to send their son to the military academy at the tender age of 6.


The military academy was grueling place for Ernst. Everyday they would do marches, exercises, obstacle courses, military education and military maneuvers. His life was like this every single day, non-stop. His most favorable time during his time in the academy was firearms training. He would excel always on all types of weapons ranging from handguns, rifles, machine guns and SMGs. Another part of the training he would always practice very well is during close combat training, including knife combat. He would do the exercises, with lightning reflexes. It would prove his training to be invaluable in the coming years.


All the time his father would visit the academy, checking on his status, making sure he was always on top. And indeed he was always on above average among his other fellow cadets. Making him one of the best in the entire company. Some would even suspect him that he was no natural but a coordinator. But the falsely rumors were dismissed, thanks to his father’s connections in the military.


Other additional training they got in the academy were some Anti – Coordinator educational videos, which were played to them repeatedly over and over again, constantly reminding them who and what they are fighting for. This propagandas were stimulants for Ernst, making him ever more aggressive against Coordinators. And because of his aggression, this was the start of his fearlessness to kill anyone.


After fourteen years in the military academy, his company was finally graduating. Ernst was one of the top ranking officers of his batch. Now he was prepared to go to battle. On the day of his graduation, his father offered a position for him in his tank brigade as one of his tank commanders of a platoon. But Ernst turned him down and said that there is no other thrill of danger than to be on the Special Forces. He said also that it feels much better killing the enemy face to face and not behind a metal box. Ernst’s father was out ragged at the response of his son; he gave every other reason just to be together with him. But Ernst’s resolve was unmovable. Against his father will, Ernst went immediately to the nearest Special Forces recruitment camp, and signed up for more grueling training. After that, he would never see his father nor his mother ever again in his entire life.


The Special Forces training were more tedious than his past trainings. It required him to have a tougher body, a quicker mind, and a longer stamina. During the training, it was not unusual for Ernst to break some bones or get bruises on every part of his body. They would always have live fire exercises. Which were very dangerous that in one case, one of his fellow comrade was shot by friendly fire during these military maneuvers. Another event that would leave a mark on him was during a explosives training, when his partner made a wrong connection setting of the bomb and sending hot shrapnel every were. Shrapnel hit Ernst on left side of his face leaving a “V” shaped scar that will b permanent for life. His knowledge and know-how on firearms were greatly increased. Now he has the capability to use any firearm weapons in the arsenal of the Eurasian Federation with great ease, extreme precision, and deadly accuracy. His close combat skills improve greatly through his training. And he has every know how to survive in the wilderness with only himself. Another great asset that the Special Forces taught him was the art of Espionage. The ability to sneak behind enemy lines and return back without being detected was some forms of espionage missions that he learned and learned it well. One such exercise, was when their team was to get small details of information from a ZAFT base deep inside the African Community. These exercises were so important to them that they would usually do it for 8 times in a month. Each of these trainings was repeated constantly for the team to be more self-reliable.


The more he learned from his superiors, the more he became denser and his lust for a kill grew even stronger. Even though he hasn’t killed any person at this time, the feelings of remorse were erased from his feelings. His strong self-control of his feelings were the only ones protecting himself. He was to become a heartless soldier with no feelings for the ones he will terminate in the future. The hatred of Coordinators and the intensive aggression of naturals to coordinators even strengthened his urge.


For 5 years of intensive training, finally he was ready for anything; he was in the Special Forces now. But it was not to be like that, for he has been chosen for a more dangerous and devilish profession. A member of secret organization called Logos had phoned him during the night after he had finished his training. He was to be a professional assassin, to be paid with large amounts of cash for every kill he makes, but on following conditions: His entire identity will be erased, he’ll be off the hook; he will be presumed dead and he cannot make any kind of communications of those who knew him; And his life will be bound to orders of Logos. With not much hesitation, he accepted the caller’s offer. It was a decision that will lead him to life filled with death and destruction.


Ernst was now a cold – heartless killer, with neither a past nor a future and has nothing to loose. The only thing that matters to him is the thrill of the hunt. Each time he was on a mission he would carry a different name, given by his employers. He was also given some drugs that were said to enhance everything from his strength to his eyesight. He treated each one of his targets as animals, hunting them like prey. Stalking them until an opportunity to strike arises. With his entire library of trainings and exercises, he has enough arsenals to make a kill at any way he chooses. And each time he was successful, everything that would incriminate him, were destroyed, including the people whom he came in contact were terminated without question. In some of his missions, it required him to have a companion or a wife. Even though he has no compassion, he was trained to sway women to his arms very quickly. He also developed during this time, his strong habit of smoking. From C.E. 65 – 70, he had 4 wives and 6 girlfriends all had been slain by his own hands, just to erase anything that would incriminate him. After everything that would lead to him were destroyed he would just vanish without a trace and reappearing again with a new identity to strike once more.


Some of Ernst remarkable works before the start of the first war were some of his bloodiest works. First in C.E. 68, a cargo convoy carrying food from South America to the PLANTs was destroyed, he was able to sneak into each ship of the convoy and plant high explosives in there fuel pods. He was able to do it without ease for the PLANTs did not think such a tragedy could happen. Casualties were reported to be in hundreds or thousands, most of the victims were Coordinators who were on their way to the PLANTs. In the wake of this incident had led to the reorganization of ZAFT. His next remarkable work was on the same year. Logos had developed a biohazard weapon, which they needed to test. Ernst was sent to space to the Mendel colony at Lagrange point 4. He placed it near an air vent and from there the weapon spread through out the colony. As fast as arrived he was out of there never to be seen again. On October of C.E. 69, his employers had given him the order to train Blue Cosmos radical members for a critical terror attack against the PLANTs. There were two teams that he needed to be trained. The first team was responsible for a terror attack, on a meeting of representatives of sponsor nations and of the PLANT supreme council. One council member is killed in the attack. The second team was responsible for terror bombing attack on the United Nations in the lunar city of Copernicus. The bombing claimed the lives of the sponsor nations' representatives, the Secretary-General, and the rest of the United Nations leadership. The terror attack was to be called The Tragedy of Copernicus. These tragedies lead to the opening of the first war.


As the first war progressed, he continued in his killing spree unchecked and unchallenged. Killing people had earned him a fortune greater than that he had ever before. His employers were more than willing to pay for his service. Then he was also given a new job as a trainer. He was to train children that are enhanced through drugs. They were to be come the ultimate soldiers, they were called extendents. He trained them as though they were as big as men. Ernst gave them same training as grueling as the ones he had in the past. Those who failed miserably were immediately put to death. Even while he was training children how to fight like serial killers, his missions continued, one such event was during the Earth Alliance’s invasion of ZAFT base of Victoria and their Mass Driver. Ernst was sent there to give sniper support to the Special Forces who stormed the Mass Driver facility and secured it entirely intact. Even after his mission was complete, he was still firing his weapon. Because of his sniping position, he had a good view on the Mass Driver facility and Victoria base; he continued to shoot at the enemy’s position, reigning down precision bullets at every coordinator soldier he sighted. He reported to have claimed 103 confirmed kills. After that, he vanished again without any trace, only that the records say he was K.I.A.


The fist war ended in the destruction of GENESIS and the cease-fire was signed, but it did not stopped Ernst from his genocide. His training of extendets continued for two more years and through the second war. But he was unsatisfied already with Logos’s errands anymore. There were not much action on the field given to him anymore. The only thing he was doing was training drug-addicted children. What he wanted was more action on field, were danger awaits in every turn. And so he had no choice but to resign from job as an assassin. With that said, he immediately filed for resignation. His employers did not detest to his request, they were already done with him any ways. His entire employment to Logos will be erased and no such assassin was ever under the payment of their whim. His old identity and a clear record will be given to him and a status of a civilian. But before he was given of his freedom, they gave him one last mission for him to accomplish. He was to wipeout all of the extendent training camps, that were established during the war. He was to start at his camp in northern Siberia down to the farthest one.


As he was given to exterminate all extendent subjects, he still felt no guilt of what he was about to do and he didn’t mind why he should do it. After long years of training his soldiers for battle, they were just to be terminated by their own masters. He was not alone in this extermination mission. Other trainers were also given the same orders. One by one each of the children on each training facility were wiped out. Some fought but to no avail only to be slaughtered. The extendents were no match to their masters. After they were done with the children, they purged all computer files linking to them and of Logos. Then they would demolish the entire facility to ruins, except one facility that was compromised. Even though they failed in one of the facilities, still Ernst got his freedom. He had enough money to last him for a lifetime and no connections to horrors he had done in the past. But his urge for killing more will not succumb, for him it was not enough, he had to find a cure. The second war ended, his employers killed or executed, his identity back, a forgotten past filled with death. He has nothing to loose.


Ernst knows that killing is a crime and that there is only one way for his skills to be of use. He was to re-enlist again to the Special Forces of the Earth Alliance. Although there was still not much hostility, the EA gave him a position to train new soldiers in the Special Forces. And to counter his urges he became firearms enthusiast, buying any firearm he could find with his past earnings. He also put an up his own weapons shop for buying, selling, maintenance and customization of weapons. He also started collecting weapons dating back to the days of pirates up to the present date. His most prized possession was gold plated Kalashnikov – 47. Each time he stayed in his shop, the devil inside of him would never come to haunt him and the more he forgot the genocide of his past. Finally, he found a cure. And his hate for coordinators were not that as aggressive as before. Because after killing so many of them kind, he didn’t saw the superiority of Coordinators to naturals, which was heavily emphasized to him.

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