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Other people?


--Makes like a giddy schoolgirl and dances like a damned fool.--


Sorry! just so happy to see we have more than Valiant and I.


First we have to plot to get us some firepower! Sure, we have the DOM units, but we need to get us some specialized gear, or the money to buy that kind of gear.


Or we can just plot to get pie. I'm sure everyone here loves pie, and you had better, or I'll hack your bank account until all you have left is $19.00 on an ATM card!


(For those unfamiliar with American systems of quick cash retrieval, ATMs in the US only spit money out in multiples of $20.00)


The onlt problem we have is that Xavi is our only qualified pilot, and we're all still stuck on the ground. No problem for Ezzie, maybe, but for myself, that means I have no legal means of doing much other than tech support. Any fresh ideas?

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Yes, I noticed the lack of personnel for the Soldiers when I applied.


Anyways, thank you, and any suggestions as to what I should be doing? Seeing as I didn't join until after ZAFT's formal dinner started, I'm not sure if I should post there or wait until everbody gets back to the Cleostratus base 

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