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We need a big first mission to make the world go "ZOMG! IT BE THE SOLDIERZ!", right?


Well... I've been talking with Tomomi, and she wants us to kidnap her. How we came to rationalize such a thing was this; We raid a ZAFT tech lab for our client, right? Well, she's a lab rat for a ZAFT base, so I could end up kidnapping her to obtain information about ZAFT's latest testing.


Kinda broad and open to improvement, but she really wants me to kidnap her.

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Client: "Meddiggo"


Mission Synopsis: Acquire classified ZAFT technologies at [Name] Base.



MS Codename "Asher"

Weapon Codename "Ginseki"

Weapon Codename "Karasu"

Weapon Codename "Zero"


Secondary Targets:

Any other ZAFT technology that can be acquired.


Pay: $1,750,000 + Bonuses for any extra procured technology.


Mission Details:


Recently it has come to my attention that ZAFT has been testing some special equipment at [Name] Base. Though testing there is done secretly, I have been able to acquire some data of their field testing. From that data, I am convinced that this set of equipment could prove quite useful.


However, I am short-handed at the moment, and need outside assistance in obtaining this equipment. That's where you come in.


I am looking at four pieces of technology in particular. The top priority is the MS I've taken the liberty of naming "Asher". It moves with a grace I've yet to see from another suit. Though it may be the pilot, I've never seen a person able to fly so acrobatically while maintaining a near perfect aim on his target. All I can say is that the suit is larger than most suits, and a smoother, more "human" appearance.


There are three weapon systems I desire as well. "Ginseki" is a solid sword made for a mobile suit. Despite this, it seems to be as powerful as any beam sword. "Karasu" is a special weapon system installed on Asher. It takes the form of six long weapon pods, which detach from it's back and fire independently of the suit before returning to their base. "Zero" is an anti-ground missile defense system. It appears to fire straight upwards, then the missile loops about and rains down upon the target. Typical dodge methods don't work on the missiles, as they can pull up before touching the ground and pursue their target further.


If possible, try to obtain any other ZAFT technologies you can. You will be rewarded extra based on what else you bring me.


OOC Intel:


Meddiggo is someone whom I haven't fully decided on his/her character. I was thinking just a rouge warlord looking for an edge in battle. Got any better ideas, shoot.


The MS is a 2 seater. Gunner and Pilot. I'm gunning, and Tomomi is going to pilot. This is going to be how we kidnap her.


Don't know the name of the base she'll be at, so I just put in [Name]

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The problem with this is that you'll be using custom weapons, something we have yet to introduce into the storyline. The custom weapons would need to be approved as well. However, I like the general idea of the mission. Since this client is someone you thought up, who would be the ones paying us?

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nice idea Dimitri^^


as for solving who our client will be well how about a npc client hiring us to do the stealing.... (make him a profile in the character section and vola we have our client... or should we make him a long term contact who provides us with missions  for us...)


umm... as for the custom weapons.... we can just steal it and not use it yet in the rp... just give the ms and weapon system to the client and that'd be the end of our mission ... but of course we make a hard copy of the data from the ms and the weapon system itself before giving it to the client. lets just say its for "research purposes"


as for the kidnapping part... thats sorta fine i think... we all just support Dimitri who the commander of the raid and get an extra present in the process... something along the lines of that...


well thats just my 2 cents

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The main point of the mission, in an out of character sense, is in fact to kidnap Tomomi.


This was really just the best way I could explain on how to get her kidnapped. After we do, we'll have another in our ranks, since she plans to stick with the Soldiers.


I can make the NPC profile if that's all that's needed for him. Once he's made, we can use him as a convenient device to carry out our own missions while maintaining "neutrality".


Annnnd... All custom tech isn't working due to errors during testing? (I know there were muti-pilot systems for suits, so that shouldn't be considered custom. Just have the suit itself be a refitted model already in existence?)

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umm... for the custom tech not working due to errors in testing... i don't think that might work since the custom tech is sort of needed so that we can blast out of that base alive... so if it doesn't work then how are we able to complete the mission as well as the kidnapping.


a point that i just figured when i read through your plan is how are the rest of us going to get out of there lol. its gonna be a lil hard if you and tomomi leave via the ms but the rest of us get stuck there and get wiped out like sitting ducks... an idea for escape might be 2 people who are good with ms go on standby in their ms whilst the rest of us raid the base. then you and tomomi leave via the stolen ms. the rest of us leave via trucks which carry the 3 weapon systems... i'll blow up the front entrance after the trucks pass it to stop the guys chasing us by foot/cars/trucks and the 2 ms on standby comes in and saves us all from destruction by wiping out the pple chasing us from the air.


and a question why would tomomi stick with the soldiers for no reason... shes a kidnapped hostage... she should be hating us so she wont change sides that easily... so Dimitri... you'll need to think of a reason for her deflection

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Ask Tomomi, not me. WE both are the ones pushing for this mission OOCly. Why she'd stick with us is her business.


Even if custom weapon systems are down, the primary default weapons still work. And who said it had to be a full on MS raid? Experimental weapon systems are heavily guarded, so an assault is a bad idea. It's be easier to have a coordinated plan to minimize risk for us while we're extracting the required objects. And an MS should be able to carry a weapon, maybe two. This mission would be mostly prep work, as a well-executed pan could make short work of the problems presented by a weapons dev lab. And do remember, we'll have a hostage.

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ewww..... anything but a full on frontal assualt... hate that in wars... it never brings in any result unless we outnumber them 600 to 1.... i was thinking of a back door entrance and blow everything up afterwards after we nick the ms and weapon systems.. since thats what we want isnt it... 1 ms and 3 systems.. the 2 ms that i wanted set up near the area outside the sensor range are there only to cover our escape... not to mess up any plans... as for the ms that we are nicking... it wont be involved in any combat at all... we need that out of that area ASAP in the mission... we cant have it flying around in the area only to get it shot down now can we...


so our plans are simple we need... 1 hacker, 1 demolition, 2 marksman, 1 intel gatherer, 2 good pilots... and whoever else we can find along the way... hacker hacks into the back door with the intel gained from the gatherer...take a hostage then proceed to kill everyone in there... you and tomomi get into the suit and i'll  blast you a opening for your escape... ms comes in to cover you whilst you get out of there... we blow our way out as well and run off with the 3 trucks of weapon systems as well as wiping the lab off the map... mission accomplished....


and i'll go ask tomomi now to think of a reason for her deflection....

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It's Copenhagen Syndrome. (I state this because searching for the K variant leads nowhere.)


Which quickly summed up is a person: Who is oppressed by his/her superior(s), yet maintains loyalty to this oppressor out of their own compulsion.


I think that might describe her as she is now.


The syndrome you're after might be "Stockholm" syndrome. That one is when a person becomes emotionally attached to their abductors, and feels sympathy for their cause. Sometimes even going so far as to join in that cause.



And for fun, the syndrome I learned today: Lima Syndrome


A counter to Stockholm syndrome, so to speak. It's when the abductors become emotionally attached to / sympathetic towards those they have captured.




Regardless, it matters not why she chooses to stay, since she's a PC. It's not even a part of the mission technically.


Val, if custom tech is conveniently disabled for this mission, and I write up an NPC bio for our client, are we all good to go?

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