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Storyline => mission #1


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well for our storyline mission how many people will there actually be for the infiltration?

cause atm there doesnt look like theres many of us (me, Darkness, Dimitri, Blake, Infinitedge and the boss)


and it seems to be a little slow moving atm.... looking at all the other factions they seems to have moved at a much further pace that us....


ps: boss we're all waiting for thy glorious signal to move into ur room

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright, I got fed up after a while of waiting, and left the site for a good long time.


That "hey, we're still alive" e-mail got me back here. And now I'm back in full swing. Sorry for not being actively about lately.


I was actually about to quit RPing indefinitely. But... "I just can't quit you Advent Destiny!"

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