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Akiseki Snow

Akiseki Snow

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Full name: Akiseki Snow

Nickname: ‘kiseki (Though she hardly has anything to do with the word ‘Miracle’)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: MS Pilot for the Earth Alliance Forces (Her unit is transferred often)

Birthplace: United States, Washington State

Citizenship: American

Personality: She's very shy when first meeting people. However, as time progresses, she will eventually open up. She trusts just about anyone, because she believes there is always a good part in every human being, no matter who they are. She is also sarcastic and kind hearted, but strong in will power and has a steadfast determination for any goal she sets. She can be very lazy though, and motivation comes every now and then, depending on what you bribe her with. Her patience is limitless, but her temper is short if you happen to get her going.



Height: 5’8’’

Weight: 127

Hair Colour and Style: Her hair color is a brown, and it reaches a little past her shoulder blades. It’s always tied back in a ponytail when on duty. Rarely will her comrades see her with her hair down.

Eye Colour: A Glass-like Green

Identifying Marks: Only a small birthmark next to her left eye. (Or a ‘beauty mark’ as some would call it. -.-;)

Skin Tone: very pale

Build: She’s athletic, but she’s far from a six-pack. Although she tires easily, her strong will and determination often make up for the lack of strength.

Clothing: Her military uniform is a dark blue, with many rips and tears. She does it herself to make a fashion statement, but also because she wants to be different. She wears a blue and black skirt, but only because she absolutely loathes the pants of her uniform. Knee high black boots are also an accessory she took the liberty of wearing, even if some of her superiors frown in distaste.

Handiness: Left-handed.



Mother: Sesalina Snow

Father: Chirstopher Snow

Siblings: (younger sister) Adenine Snow

Wife/Girlfriend: ((She’s straight :D)) No boyfriend. She rarely interacts with guys at all, and it’s only on a professional level. Some say it’s because she grew up mostly around her mother and sister, others say it is her shyness in general.



Personal History:


She was born a coordinator in the State of Washington in the United States despite the outrage of genetic modification. Her mother, Sesalina Snow, and her Father, Christopher Snow, are both geneticists, and poured their knowledge into Akiseki as their final ‘project’ before they moved out of the U.S. (It was getting too dangerous to live amidst Blue Cosmos supporters)


When Akiseki was born, they found out with shock that there was a miscarriage. Akiseki has the intellect of a coordinator, but her strength fails in comparison. Therefore, many pass her off as a very smart natural. And so she was sent to a private school with her younger sister, Adenine, and they both attended up until Akiseki was four. Then, most unfortunate horror struck the family as Akiseki and Adenine both found out their mother had been lost to illness. She had been hospitalized only at the last second, and it was not enough to save her.


Out of depression, their father disappeared. They don’t know where he is or if he’s still alive. After his disappearance, Akiseki and Adenine were both sent to relatives to live, and their small family never got the chance to move to the PLANTs.


One day, Akiseki was introduced to a man from the Earth Forces. Their ‘new family’ had fallen on hard times, and the man offered to take Akiseki away in exchange for giving her family money to live off of. With few choices, the family decided it was best, and Akiseki was taken to a facility not far from their home. She learned quickly it was not a nice place, and the children there were bred to kill, though she hardly understood what ‘death’ really meant at her age.


She was trained until she was 7, and given drugs to enhance her failing strength. She was constantly used as a specimen, however was treated like an angel by the staff, because they were unsure what to do with her because she wasn’t a normal ‘extended.’ She was also labeled as an ‘extended’ under the Phantom Pain program for a short time, and although had specs of her vision wiped from the drugs she took, held strong as one of their main elite ‘students’. Her condition may have been deteriorating, but her spirit wasn’t.


After the Second Bloody Valentine War, Blue Cosmos had dissipated and she was dismissed from the Earth forces. She was allowed to return home for a short while, but only to find her sister and relatives had moved out somewhere. She was put in an orphanage, and although tried hard at making herself seem productive, found out the only thing she really wanted to do was pilot mobile suits.


Which is how she stumbled upon an old beaten CGUE at 12, abandoned in full functional condition while exploring in an old forest of her old hometown.  She loved to climb in it and use the simulator to pretend she was in real combat. For this reason, she has developed –some- skill with mobile suits. The suit was a dark black color with dashes of blue, and Akiseki liked to call it “Hawthorne”. She often spoke to it as she would a normal human being, and once was made fun of by a few friends who decided to tag along with her. Because of that little escapade, she is often labeled as a delusional shy girl with a bit of attitude. She uses sarcasm quite frequently when she’s not being shy, and actually has a very outgoing personality if gotten close to. She protects her friends with her life, but at the same time knows she cannot deny the orders of a trusted superior…


Currently, now that she is old enough, Akiseki is on her way to ‘rejoin’ the Earth Forces. She also hopes that by some twist of fate, she’ll see her family again, though there is always the logical part of her brain that says she’ll never see any of them. She is excited to be able to travel and see new places, and, being an admirer of rock music, always brings her MP3 player with her everywhere.


Her personality is normal and sane; she was not treated horribly to the extent that it would scar her, and truth to be told she was really too young to remember anything. She has a detached view of things sometimes; such as when reporting battle stats, it doesn’t bother her that 21 people were killed. She also gets queasy when she sees blood, surprisingly, and often vomits.


She can go berserk, but it would cost you an arm and a leg of your time. She has seemingly an unlimited amount of patience, and it takes a lot to get her temper rising. Just beware the side effects once you’ve gotten her all riled-up.




Notes: If necessary, I will remove the “Hawthorne” thing, and just change it to her finding some other random mobile suit left over from the war. Please ask if you have any questions.


EDIT: I tried fixing my Logos problem, and I know Phantom Pain was a branch of Logos. Just bear with me until I can find a way around it. >>;

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Not bad.


Just a few minor things...


1) I know you put your 'Personality' segment in your history, but people here would appreciate it if you followed the template to the letter.

2) Paragraph 1 of your History.  The Atlantic Federation, where the U.S. is situated in, was pro-Blue Cosmos, not pro-Logos.  (It's not a coincidence that Blue Cosmos and certain world leaders were backed by Logos, since the anti-Coordinator fervor fueled more war, thus more $$ for Logos.)

3) @Hawthorne: I think it's fine, just as long as you don't actually 'lug' that suit into the recruiting office.  (All suits will be assigned by leaders and based on factions.)


EDIT: Just a note: Your character would be 7 yrs old during the 2nd war (CE73).  I don't know if that'll affect your history or not, but a lot of profiles have issues with their character's age in correlation to the current timeline.  (CE85) 

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Ah, damn. I'll see if I can fix the Logos thing. Thank you.


No, I didn't have any intention of dragging it into the recruitment office. But I'd bet I'd be the first if I tried.  


And yes, she is seven during the second war (And when it ends too, I believe.) She is very young when she became 'affiliated' with the EA.

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It's easier to look at and pick apart other people's profiles...I'm still a bit uncertain about my own though. :S


Akiseki: Lol, I can imagine that.

*Akiseki walks in, followed by a metallic thud*

"Hello, I wish to enlist."

The recruitment officer replies, "Sure.  And...WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!"

"Oh, it's just Hawthorne."


@age issue: Okay, that's what I thought.  

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Sorry I didn't reply fast enough.


Hawthorne is a mobile Suit, but It is not capable of being 'moved' because it's been shot down. When I put that it's 'fully functional' I meant that the OS is fully functional, not the actual mobile suit.


Like I said before, I had no intentionin the first place to bring it with her. >>; She's going into the EA like everyone else; without a mobile suit.


I couldn't really find any other word for the 'miscarriage' thing. If you can find me a better word please say so.

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Sorry, that's my fault.


I had another profile for Akiseki written before this one, and I had copied and pasted certain parts of it onto this new one. Now that I look at it, it seems that, (and a few others) was one of the parts that got cut off and forgotten.


Forget about this profile momentarily, I'm going to revise it. I have too many other things in it also that need elaborating and explained. It seems a bit snippy to me too.


but here's why anyway:


Before Akiseki was sent to school, her parents illegally changed her birth certificate to say she was a natural instead of a coordinator. They didn't want her harrassed by the other private school kids because she was a 'failed' coordinator.


I've also got another section of the older one that goes on to say that's how she got by being in 'phantom pain'. (Which is going to be changed due to the Blue Cosmos fix.)


I'll have the revised version ready to go hopefully by this evening...

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