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Special Spacial Awareness

James Hawke

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For intent and purposes of the RP is Special Spacial Awreness the same as being a newtype? 

Which means there is a random factor behind being a newtype. 


Can you train to ge tthe Special Spacial Awareness only and not be a complete newtype, for example can use limited gun barrels and Draggons, but can detect anything?


When do you know if you are a newtype or not?


Can people SEED, in this RP, if so what is the procedure?

I really don't want to seed, but just asking to know if someone can SEED in the RP


If your char wants to apply to one of this where do we do this?


Thanks in advance for all this help and sorry for this questions

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Well my point in this question is I want Special Spacial Awareness, and if you have to apply for it I would like to know.  If it random is cool like real life, but I want to ask because some skills you can learn.  Special Spacial Awareness, I think it can be leanred, but you would suck and is hard to master. 


In short I am curious, how to achive that.

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I believe Valiant knows most of the stuff concerning who gets NT or whatnot. It could be possible, since the technology to allow non-Spatially aware pilots use remote weaponry was implimented in CE73 by the Legend, S-Freedom, Chaos, and Destroy gundam. ALso to counter confusion, a spatially aware pilot using said mobile suits would out-perform a standard non spatially aware pilot.


As for Seed mode, there is no way it will ever make it into rp. Seed mode its too much like a god-mode ability, and all systems in an attempt to make it work have failed.

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Newtype abilities aren't restricted to Naturals, so I would believe that Coordinators can have newtype abilities as well, and will be given the same treatment as any other member with respect to whatever diabolical selection system Valiant has cooked up to hand out said abilities.


On a side note, the best way to look at Newtype abilities would be for it to be assigned to a hereonto unknown &/or overlooked gene on the Human Genome.  This gene would be a recessive gene similar to that of the female/male chromosomes (yes, I hated biology, but some of it stuck to me).  Gender is determined by the relation of X and Y chromosomes in the human body:


X+X = Female

X+Y = Male


As you can see, it only takes one Y chromosome to make someone into a boy, where it takes two X's to make a girl.  The newtype Gene would be a mapped to a similar chromosome, lets call it 'chromosome N', and would be a more recent mutation/evolution of the human genetic code.  It would be paired with some other chromosome, called 'chromosome O', where O is the original gene, before Newtype abilities began to surface, and is dominant over chromosome N.  For example:


N+O = No newtype abilities

O+O = No newtype abilities

N+N = Newtype abilities


This would make one think that a person would have a 1/3 chance of getting Newtype abilities, but we must also take into account the rarity of these Newtype genes in comparison to their O type counterparts.  If we were to take a look at the geneologies of a prospective newtype's parents we would see varying degrees of probability that he/she would indeed be a newtype


N+N x N+N = 100% chance of inheritence

N+N x O+O = 0% chance of inheritence

N+N x N+O = 50% chance of inheritence

N+O x N+O = 25% chance of inheritence

N+O x O+O = 0% chance of inheritence

O+O x O+O = 0% chance of inheritence


thus the average chance of inheriting newtype powers is: ( 100 + 50 + 25 ) / 6 = 175/6 , which is less than 175/5 = 35%

therefore the chance of inheriting newtype powers is less than 35%, assuming the population had an even spread of newtype and non-newtype genes.  Since Newtype genes are rare enough as it is, we can assume that the actual chance of inheriting these abilities is far less than 35%.

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I am impresed by the math, on a side note are we going to have different levels of new type.  It makes sense that only a small amount of individuals get really powerful Newtypes power and a larger pool, get stuck with the crappy Special Spacial Awareness Power since EA at a point had a entire squadron of those people, but they died.

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Judging from their rarity across all Gundam 'verses, the probability is at most 5% (1 in 20), based solely on Zeon's mind-boggling number of Newtypes in active service throughout UC 79-93.


James: Just assume that there will only be one Newtype level, and that no one should even consider the possibility of being one. Less disappointment that way.

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We've already got a system for new-types planned out thanks to yours truly.


Different levels of newtype would make this a UC Gundam and make newtype its own race.


SEED newtype is crappy spacial awareness and remote-bit control and thats it really :S

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