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Edmund Spectre


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Full name: Edmund Spectre

Faction: Celestial Being

Rank: Gundam Miester

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 175

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Skin: fair

Handiness: right



Respectful and polite, Edmund is always courteous to his allies and friends. Despite his calm demeanor he as a lasting resentment of war and at times can seem distant, or shallow. He keeps his emotions and true feelings to himself, not wanting to burden those around him with his own strife. In battle he can be quite the cunning and ruthless opponent, performing his missions with cold efficiency. 


Strengths and weaknesses

Veteran pilot – Edmund has a history of piloting mobile suits prior to joining Celestial Being. He knows not only how to handle a mobile suit but how to use a transformable one at that. 

AEU familiarity – Edmund is particularly knowledgeable of AEU practices and procedures and is able to use this intimate knowledge to his benefit. 

Scarred – both physically and emotionally he is left with trauma that he struggles with. Sometimes this can hinder him from doing certain tasks. It certainly keeps him shy around his teammates when not on the mission. He laments how he got this way. 

Amnesia- while Edmund knows what has happened in his life from reports he doesn’t fully recall everything prior to his accident. This is a large reason why he is spiteful to war. He is resentful of his memory loss and physical pain from his accident. It has been many years since he lost his memory and to this day he still suffers from headaches. 


Edmund wears a mask to hide his face. While intimidation is certainly one aspect of his disguise it’s really to help him deal with the scars on his face and the pain associated with it. He’s not a very big person, having a lean muscular frame of a soldier. He knows he’s not as young as he used to be and keeps excellent care of his body.  


Edmund had a relatively normal childhood growing up in Spain. He later joined the AEU military and was trained as a mobile suit pilot. While not exceptional at first, his attitude gained him a pleasant reputation from his peers. It was his dedication to his comrades which ultimately led to his grievous injury that nearly stole his life, although it did steal his memories. He could look at personnel files but it did little to tell who he really was prior to getting hurt. He spent more than a year recovering from his wounds only to be discharged from the military like a used up tool. 

Feeling bitter and betrayed by the system he was an easy target for Veda to recruit. He felt no connection to things that should have been his past so it wasn’t hard for him to be infatuated with the idea of a future free of war. He dawned a mask to hide his deformed face and to shield himself from having to look at a person he no longer recognized. It was time to be something bigger than his mortal coil, and if giving up his so called identity is the price to pay, so be it.

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