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So how come no one likes posting here? I would imagine more chatter within a faction even if we are all mercs. Which brings me to a couple of things. first off i think i need to be added to the member list. and second I'm kind wondering what kind of mobile suits we'll end up with (I know at one point they had a list on the site but i cant find anything anymore). I guess thats that out of me! Lets see some activity here though for real!

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Kylier's here as well, it just doesn't look like anyone else is around V_V.  Don't tell me I'm gonna have to send her back to ORB or off to the SoF


As for mobile suits, we'd probably have something that would be easy to procure without many problems.  As such, I expect it would either be old model suits like the GINN, Astray, and Dagger, or the publicly produced Raysta; though only custom Raystas will really have anything on them in terms of weaponry <_<.


And of course, there are always some old-school mobile weapons (*cough*Skygrasper*cough*Spearhead*cough*)

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If it comes down to it, we'll just have to appoint someone to take over Serpent Tail until we can find out what to do about DD.  Fireminerva and myself are already Faction leaders, so we might be able to sit in for DD and assume control of his ST characters as NPCs until a permanent replacement is found, or if DD comes back himself.


I don't think any of us wants to lose Serpent Tail , and after finally sitting down to watch Stargazer (Yes, I only watched it last week 0_o), I have to admit that civi Astrays are pretty cool, but yet again, MS choices are the Faction Leader's choice in the end, so until we solve that problem, mobile suit issues will have to be put on hold 

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Well, the Serpent Tail operatives we've seen usually...


1) Already have their own mobile suits. (Elijah Kiel had his old GINN from ZAFT before he joined)


2) acquired through unorthodox means. (Blue frame. But I can't remember if that was for a job offer.) Then again, even Gai Murakumo had his own customized GINN, despite being from Socius, which is from Earth.


I'd just conclude they get 'em the same way the Junk Guild get their parts; Black market, part auctions, etc. But straight from the manufacturer, considering they aren't produced from a company that's directly under the government (Like the Zeonic Company in the UC Era), I guess its plausible.



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Gai got the Blue Frame from Lowe for helping protect the Junk Techs.


I haven't seen stargazer yet either, the Civie Astray's I'm talking about are from Astray Delta or something... these http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/delta-astray/mwf-jg73.htm but they all look pretty cool too


I hate to sound like a broken record but we probably really should start taking the initiative here, from what i recall weren't we going to get sent to South America for some sort of escort duty or something? maybe we should just have DD's character send us there so we can carry on with things?

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