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    • By Shaftronics
      He briefly took another sip of his cup of coffee, as he shifted the gear of his car, placing the cup back on the dashboard. He savoured the taste, as it spread throughout his tongue, enjoying its warm, bitter sensation over it. He gently eased the car over another bump, before turning another corner. He could see it in a distance; The place where he would call home. With a grin, he pressed his foot on the accelerator a little harder, not really feeling very patient about it.
      A moment later, he reached the outskirts of the base. Turning into what seemed to be an entrance, he stopped by the guard's booth and presented him his ID.
      "New here ey? But don't you think you should go start a family or something?
      The guard asked, noticing that Zeru was a little older than most of the willing recruits.
      "Well, experience keeps my ass alive. And all I've seen is war, not women anyway. Ive seen the woman I fancy die a little more than I'd like to anyway."
      He replied, as he smiled wryly. He thanked the guard for giving him a permit, before he drove in and parked his car in an empty lot. He glanced at his palmtop, looking at the map of the compound, making sure he was headed towards the right place. He headed into a building and upon sighting an information counter, he walked up, and smiled.
      "Excuse me, but I'm new here..."
      OOC: Would write something better, but without background info and with my mom nagging... Damn it.
    • By Roromi
      So how come no one likes posting here? I would imagine more chatter within a faction even if we are all mercs. Which brings me to a couple of things. first off i think i need to be added to the member list. and second I'm kind wondering what kind of mobile suits we'll end up with (I know at one point they had a list on the site but i cant find anything anymore). I guess thats that out of me! Lets see some activity here though for real!
    • By DragonDaimyo
      Greetings to the members of the Serpent Tail!
      This is the Serpent Tail Faction Headquarters, where we will plan out our RP sessions as well as decide who will handle our missions when they start rolling in. As such, please check in here often and keep yourself informed as to our current missions and status.
      evo_Sieg and myself are the faction leaders for the Serpent Tail, so if you have any problems, please let one of us know.
      If you have to go away for a while, please let us know by posting in the Leave thread. It's not a lot of work to do so, and it saves us the trouble of wondering if you're ever coming back.
      New members should double check that they have been added to the faction member list.
      That's about everything I have to say. Again, welcome to the Serpent Tail.
    • By DragonDaimyo
      Meet your fellow mercenaries!
      Faction Leaders
      Michael Sebastian Carlini (DragonDaimyo) - Serpent Tail Commander
      evo_Sieg - Serpent Tail Vice Commander
      Kylier Zergas (Kaizer) - Specialist
    • By DragonDaimyo
      These are the various ranks attainable in the Serpent Tail. As we are a mercenary group based on a more relaxed chain of command, our rank structure is much more informal than a traditional military model. More specific information on each rank can be found in the Serpent Tail entry of the Cosmic Compendium.
      Note that all the ranks marked with an asterisk (*) are those which will be given to new members. All other ranks require promotion, which will be given out at the discretion of the Serpent Tail faction leaders. Initial ranks will be determined based on your profile and available roleplay to date.
      Veteran Pilot
      Regular Pilot
      *Recruit Pilot
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