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Character: Janus Trine


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Player name: t569ssgoku

Character number:  1

Faction: Z.A.F.T




Full name: Michael David Whilhelm

Nickname: Janus Trine

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race:  Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot

Birthplace:  Januarius City

Citizenship: P.L.A.N.T.



Michael was born to a strict family, with one parent being in the military and the other a business leader and political activist. As a result, Michael had a strict upbringing, that in most cases he hated and lashed out against, especially when it was only his father raising him. Michael spent most of his time out of his house exploring the PLANTs. Michael was very inquisitive young child, always looking at things to understand how they work and was the type of child to ask too many questions.


This time out in the PLANTS has left Michael with a complete inability to function well at social functions. This manifests itself primarily in his inability to dance formally. Janus is quite embarrassed by this but would never admit it. As Janus he feels that he has to maintain his air of confidence so that others will believe in his abilities.  Out of this he has developed a sense of pride that manifests itself in multiple ways. 


Michael is extremely devoted to the memory of his mother. Michael wanted to become a soldier to understand why she felt she had to fight and why she sacrificed herself to save other people. To this end he constantly questions others resolves and desires in an attempt to understand the soldier psyche. Michael also takes special time whenever he is at a PLANT to visit that PLANT’s Memento Stone and leave white roses at it. These Memento Stones were memorials that his father built shortly after the end of the first war, so that no one would ever forget what was sacrificed. Even as Janus he freezes at the mention of his mother. His one fight at the academy was at another student badmouthing the memory of her. He would later would right it off that no soldier should ever be badmouthed for the actions they take.


As Janus Trine, Michael has dedicated himself more than ever before. Janus is cool, calm, collected, and calculating. Janus’s fear of being “Discovered” forces him to keep people at a distance. He comes off as being detached from personal issues, but it is more a fear that causes this reaction to people. (Author Note: This is most likely a form of the “hedgehog dilemma” as stated in Neon Genesis Evagelion, although Janus himself is not aware of this). Janus cares deeply for those he chooses to care about, but is unable out of fear and his past to show these emotions. Janus feels also that he is a soldier at all times, even if he is not wearing his uniform or on a base.


Janus is quite respectful to most people, but completely lacks fear of speaking his mind to anyone, whether it is his father, or a commander. He does this mostly to for fill his wishes to understand war and all its aspects. However this has struck many people the wrong way.





Height:  5'9

Weight:  195 pounds

Hair Colour and Style:  Strawberry Blonde, worn parted down the middle.

Eye Colour:  Red

Identifying Marks: Mask; to help hide his identity to protect his father running for the PLANT council, and to eliminate any special privilege he might have, Janus a mask. The mask simple black and silver masquerade mask worn to cover the eyes. The mask allows his hair to be seen but covers most of his face. (http://masks.ufimart.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=94).

Skin Tone:  Pale

Build:  broad muscular shoulders, large muscular upper legs

Clothing:  ZAFT uniform, Janus also normally wears white gloves when in uniform. When not in uniform, Janus prefers wearing simple clothing, such as white bodybuilding shirts. Janus however rarely removes his uniform. Janus wears He wears any formal outfit (other than his uniform) with a hint of disdain, most likely as a result of falling out with his father.

Handiness:  Right-Handed




Mother:  Captain Dianna Trine Whilhelm, deceased, 2nd Battle of Jacin Due,

Father: Joseph Whilhelm, activist, currently running for the PLANT supreme council

Siblings: none



Personal History:


Michael was born the only child to Joseph Whilhelm and Captain Dianna Trine Whilhelm. His mother was very loving, and the memories he has of her are quite fond to him. However Michael did not see her often as Captain Trine did not want him and her husband dragged and moved around during wartime. Captain Trine ensured that her son was sheltered and in his early childhood privately tutored.


On the final day of the war the Nazca-class ship Nazca (the prototype ship) was sunk while engaging Earth Forces at Jachin Due. All hands on board were lost (however, two members of the the Nazca’s mobile suit team survived). Several years later Michael would receive the Order of the Nebula that Captain Dianna Trine had earned on the final day of the Bloody Valentine War. Michael’s father had refused to accept the medal from the government that led to her death. By this time Joseph Whilhelm became an activist working towards reconciliation with the earth and strongly opposed the use of any weapons of war, fearing that the government would lead more young people to their deaths. He opposed the construction of all mobile suits and of all weapons, believing that they are the source of all conflicts.



Growing up Michael had few interests. He rarely took anything seriously, getting through school (his tutorage ended in middle school) on his natural talents alone.  He was able to pursue a few things with a heated passion. His passions are fencing, tennis and bodybuilding. Even without a perfect body frame, Michael became an extremely skilled swordsman, which he has in turn grafted his style to piloting a mobile suit. While right handed, Michael has learned to wield a sword with his left hand as proficiently as his right.


Michael had decided at the age of 16 to enter ZAFT. His father refused to allow Michael to enter the academy, believing that Michael should use his natural talents to become a civil engineer or a botanist. Michael’s father also could not have his son entering the academy while he pushed for total demilitarization of the PLANT. Janus had no such interest and decided to enter the academy anyways.


However, Michael felt it would not be fair for his actions to reflect poorly on his father and his campaign. Michael thus decided to take a new name so that he could for fill his wishes while protecting his father. He decided to take the name Janus after the two faced Roman God, someone torn between his duty to his father and the memory of his mother. Trine was obviously taken to honor his fallen mother.


The mask and the false name were allowed by ZAFT as a special circumstance. The official record shows that the mask is required to mask a vicious scar on Janus’s face. Higher ups in ZAFT are clearly aware of his true name.


The academy was not the best of times for Janus. He was reprimanded multiple times for multiple offenses, including keeping illegal objects in his dorm room (rose keeping equipment), insubordination to instructors, and one count of fighting with a classmate.  However, Janus scored excellently on almost all of his tests and had excellent mobile suit scores, and graduated (to the celebration of most of his instructors).


Janus’s arguments with instructors mostly revolved around philosophical issues to fighting, mostly regarding why people fight and what a perfect soldier is and should be. He tired to never be offensive in any of his arguments, and one of his instructors commented, “Many of my colleagues believe that Janus Trine is a unfit to graduate even with his exceptional skills because of his constant arguing with commanding officers and questioning of every order out of some superiority complex. However, in my opinion Janus’s questions were raised only to test his own convictions, and the convictions of those who commanded him. From his questions I know I have a better understanding of war and soldier’s place in it. I firmly believe that this is one of the most dedicated soldiers I have ever had the privilege to teach.”


Janus’s fear of being publicly discovered and his dedication to the mobile suit trainers kept him from making many friends in the academy. He mostly kept to himself and his studies, preferring not to take in the social life at the academy. Janus was able to earn a reputation as an excellent one on one duelist both in mobile suits and fencing. However he was never good at using large beam rifles such as the “Orthros” Rifle used on the Gunner ZAKU Warrior.


Janus prefers using melee weapons when fighting, however has begun developing a fighting style in mobile suits to use both a beam rifle and beam saber simultaneously (This is what Kira Yamato did in his final battle in the African Desert against the Desert Tiger, however, Janus has developed this style primarily for use on the ZMGF-2000 GOUF Ignited and the ZGMF-601 GuAIZ, although he has tested this on the ZMGF-1000 ZAKU Warrior and the ZMGF-1001 ZAKU Phantom). Janus views firearms with disdain, because to him it appears that there is a removal of emotion in pulling a trigger as opposed to cutting or slicing an opponent.

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Though I may be wrong I'm assuming that this is a work in progress.  In any case please review the character submission template and make sure that you follow it, some of your sections which should be in bold font aren't.


Also please build on your history.  Some of it is relatively vague and if expanded upon would prove to be a much more solid character base.

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I want to say before hand that I a n00b so if you think this is bad advise then don’t take it.  In other words just take it for what is worth to you.  Secondly, I suck at grammar so you need some other people to tell you about that, however I kind of understand the character.  I have some questions about the character story


1. Where did he grew up, I assume at the PLANTS, however it is never mentioned.  He could have also grew up at ZAFT occupied territory at Earth given the fact that your mother was a ZAFT officer.

2. Part of your personality section can also be brought to the history section.  AKA your upbringing.

3. I personally like details, your mother died in Jachin Due II. (Secound battle of Jachin Due).  This is not mentioned on your history.  What was the a captain off?  The type of vessel?  Do you know?  How did you feel about it? (Where you proud that she was a captain, that what I meant how you feel about it)

4. How did you feel with your father attitude to become a philanthropist and stop the war.?  Can you give an example of how that happened?

5. What is your alternative identity in the story?  How did you come up with the name?  Bought it?  Invented it? 

6. How does having a mask affect you in the military?  Why did you choose that particular mask?


Overall I think your character has very good potential.  I can see that you have lots of room for development and changes.  I like it, however these questions are questions that I had when reading your story, that I feel the information could be place to make the character better.  However a person higher than me might think that these are bad suggestions, in that case follow the higher  people.  They are smarter than me.

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Okay here we go.  That last statement isn't a bad thing I'm just being enthusiastic.


Everything up to your personality section looks good.  Within the personality section I've noticed several disagreements with tenses where they sometimes disagree with each other, such as sentence 1 in the second paragraph.  You might also just want to reread the section and make sure that it flows well; some of your paragraphs are only 3 sentences long and as such they make the personality section seem a little "choppy".


A little bit of editing also needs to be done in the Personal History section.  In the first paragraph please fine a way to combine the third and fourth sentences, this will help to give them better flow especially since they seem to be expressing one idea.  Please also clear up sentence five, a comma in the right place could do wonders.


Since your character began making roses as a result of his mother's death maybe you can find a way to integrate paragraphs 3 and 4.  I'm also going to ask that you do a little bit of editing in the final paragraph.  Currently the Gouf is considered to be a high end suit and as such it may only be issued to a player by one of the faction leaders.  The point I'm trying to make is that while your character may have developed a fighting style to use in conjunction with the Gouf he may never get to use it, though hopefully your RPing skills will warrant the reception of a Gouf someday.


Aside from what I've pointed out here I can't see any other real problems with your profile, the image of your character placing a rose on his mother's grave is a little much but if such images were common at the end of the Bloody Valentine War then I see no reason to omit it from your profile.  One other thing that I just noticed, and that does concern me, is your character's height and weight.  At 5'9 and 210lbs your character would be fairly fat.  Now if that's what you were going for I won't object but I thought that I should bring it to your attention.


I'd also like to apologize if my last comment on the height and weight offended you.  To be honest I'd rather not bring it up and perhaps overweight would have been a better term but at 210lbs your character is approx 30lbs outside of his ideal weight, plus at that weight I doubt he would meet ZAFT's fitness standards.

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I am working on the updates right now but there are some things I want to address.


1.) Don't worry, I'm so good you will realize soon it would be a crime not to let a pilot of my skill into a GOUF. Besides, the style works just as well with a beam rifle and a saber or axe. Besides, the Blaze ZAKU most likely can do this even better than the GOUF.

2.) the personality is suppose to reflect the name to an extent, although I am going to clear that up. I will clear it up.

3.) I was going for extremely muscular, like NFL player muscular, but i toned the weight down somewhat.

4.) Did way too much at 3 in the morning, fixing it now with fresh eyes.

5,) kct: if that is the case then I am scrapping the character for now

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You know what, I'm a PLANT faction leader and one of my characters is also the Supreme Councilwoman, so I'm going to say go for it.  I personally see no reason as to why your character can't have a mask and let's face it, there needs to be at least one masked character in every Gundam story.

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This looks much better and is a great improvement over the earlier version of your profile.


I don't see anything wrong with it and I'd be happy to approve it for you.  Please be sure to put your character's profile link in your signature.

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