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Gundam Plantinum

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What you're looking at is the most expensive toy in Japan, costing around $41,468. The Gundam Fixed Platinum was created by Bandai Co. and is a miniature of the Gundam robot from the anime series. The thing weighs 45 oz, stands 5 inches tall, and is made from pure platinum. Melted down at today's prices makes this thing worth $41,468. Almost the cost of one passionate night with yours truly. Call me, ladies.


One more shot of the Gundam Fixed Platinum after the jump.



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I'd have to beat the tar out of the person who doesn't think he's wasting his money when he buys one of those  .  $40 000 would more then pay for my student loans and then some, and as much as I like giant robot models (especially gundam ones), thats just too much to pay for a piece of metal (then again, this is coming from the person who would say $60 is too much for a model as well  ).

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