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Re: Creators Expectations for char?

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Perhaps another thing should be added for the Character template where the Creator writes down what they expect their Character to become in the future or express the desired Mobile Suit/Gundam they want.


This way, the story could be changed a bit to either allow the character to succeed or gain that suit. If not possible, then simply tell them instead of them realizing it throughout the middle of a story.


Like for my char Ryou, I wish for him to eventually gain the 'Destiny' Gundam in the future. But I know this is far ahead of me and it'll take a while before I become that good. But at least I know that I can expect it to happen one day instead of believing blindly that it'll happen and then suddenly get a door slammed on my face.


This can also work for rank and etc. It's just there to simply warn Valiant or the Faction they're joining of their char's initial plan. Rather than just simply tell the Faction leader later on and get denied.


Most would get angry if they were to get told that they wouldn't get the suit/plan and quit. This is just a precaution to tell them in the beginning phases instead of in the middle of a plot/story.


Just a thought..Any remarks?

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To get a Gundam here on Advent Destiny would require you to be an exceptional role player. I don't mean to be a wet blanket but we can't have Gundams running all over the site. There will be a very limited number of Gundams. However, I foresee more requests for customized suits rather than Gundams. You won't be able to actually request for a Gundam. These would be awarded. The alternative would be to customize something along the vein of the Gundam you wish to have

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Well I know as much as that that it'll take time and effort into getting it.


I'm simply trying to point out that some people may have drams for their char which can be possible or can't be. Having them list it down earlier is better for us to understand what they want for that character and tell them what they'll have to do.


Though some things can't be possible, so it'll be faster to tell them right there and then that it can't work. That's all I'm saying

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So basically your question - can you get Destiny, I'm right?)))


*sweatdrop*Nuuuuuu >__<


I'm simply saying that in the char template, we should add a line where it says ' Char's expectations' and they could write down what they want/wish for their char.


Example, I'll do my char and take Ryo Kazunine as an example as well.


Ryou's Expections: Wants to become to Pilot of Destiny in the Future


Ryo: Ryo intends to become a supreme council member ( I got this from his history )


With this, Valiant/Mods/Admins know what people want for their char and could tell them.


' You're not getting Destiny ' or ' Work hard and in the future, maybe. '


It's better than just simply sitting and then finding out later what people want, this way would be faster. I wouldn't want to spend a few year roleplaying here and then find out that my char isn't gonna get anything. Or if Ryo's char wants to be a supreme council member and then later finds out that it's never gonna happen either, it'd be kinda annoying to place effort into roleplaying and then find out that what you wanted for the char is denied.


Figuratively speaking though, I'm not stating that Ryo won't get his wish or I won't get mine, but at least we could be told in the beginning phases of our Bio's.


And yah..>>;

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I think this ain't such a bad idea. I mean so long as the applicants don't put something like 'Become a Gundam pilot' or anything that would have a really low chance of achieving. Take for example, I reckon 'become a MS pilot' or 'become a MW pilot' would be good. So bottom line- it cant be far fetched?

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Not everyone has their expectations. Some RP just for the fun of it, not to work their way to some target. If you have any requests or such, you can discuss the feasibility in the RP discussion board. That would be much more practical than simply stating your expectations in your profile. The profile approval process is already pretty tedious for those making the approvals as it is.

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Wouldn't that be subjected to approval in the end anyway?


Well, if expectations are to fall outside the category of the profile, so be it. In both cases, you guys would have to check the feasibility of the request anyway.


Since Ryou has brought this up first, why not use the Destiny as an example of how the staff would decide whether his expectations are feasible or not, or if they are subjected to regular examination every once in a while?

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If it were to be posted as a discussion thread, it would be a discussion rather than simply approval by the staff.


As mentioned before, Gundams are only given out to the cream of the crop. There wouldn't be any examination nor would any request for Gundams be entertained.

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Well I'm fine with being examined to death and improving in mech piloting.




What about other people's expectations and desires? Shouldn't Valiant/Faction leaders know what these people want for their chars?


I just think if we ask them before they start RPing with dreams of getting a particular suit or as I know many people want Gundams(Don't deny it ) then we can tell them beforehand instead of midway.


Or any other desires such as Ryo's wish for council member and etc, as long as we know what they want then we can tell them that they can get the wish they want or not.

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That should come with time as well. Expectations to be a Council member (for example) can't really be confirmed outright, I believe. Perhaps it can go according to how the storyline is structured or how and what we have been role playing.


Might it be 'possible but pending confirmation.' If the staff do approve of it?

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I hope I am  not doing anything bad by replying here, but I wanted to insert by two cents of opinion or rather given my status of n00b my 1/2 cent. 


I have RP for more than ten years, I have done Star Trek, Star Wars, D&D, Gundam you name it I have proably RP in some form.  My experience has been that they are certain rules to gain hapiness in RP.  Because of work and school (ejem Law School), I don't have as much time to RP as I would like, however I have learned trhough time and experience certain rules, which could be applied to character expectations.


1) Don't count your character to get something in order to develop him.

ex. I am trying to built a character who I would like Special Spacial Awareness (kind like New type powers in the C.E. but not really, hard to explain).  However, I am ready to make a storyline whitout that type of power, either way it does not matter that much for character deleopment.  If I want everything to go as planned with my character I should be writting a Gundam novel rather than RPing.  My point is that in your case if You want Destiny then great, and if you get it great, however don't plan on it and don't plan on getting any rank or anything.  If you plan on that then you are going to be unhappy with your char, until you get it.  The character should be a extension of your real life meaning that you don't get everything in life, but you get enought to make your life interesting. 


2) Don't argue with the administrator - when you are in their forum is like playing with house rules, arguing with them will go nowhere 95% of the time.  Is like playing a driking game the person that buys the drinks determines the rules, you can try and modity but arguing with a person with drink will get you nowhere.  Trust me I have seen a lot of black eyes because of it.


3) Don't make a perfect character make areas to improve personally and physically.  I can't stress this enought most people that quit Rping is because their character are to good that they can't develop good stories with.  Best stories that I have read are character that development in a adventure.  I don't know if this site has this problem, but in the Gundam Universe everyone is a Ace pilot.  Is not bad but I rather see a mediocre person trying to become an ace than a natural ace.  Make someone who is selfish or scared so you can make personal stories.  The same thing with MS if you start with the best MS that you can imagine then it takes part of the fun away. 


4) Be Flexible - Is your char and you decide what happens to it, but it would be funner if you are flexible and change the story as you go along.  You can have a general idea like he is going to fall in love with an enemy soldier or something like that however be flexible when is going to happen and almost everything, you might be able to change the story of falling in love with the enemy, to rescuing someone fall in love and then have that person dies. 


5) HAVE FUN - the great thing about this kind of RPG is that the possibility are limited by your imagination.  So if something don't go the way you wanted then go around it, no use of crying over spilled milk.




I believe that telling the faction leader of your plan is like writting a story with a set number of pages, it limits your posibility.  Rather than accepting the beuty of this that is accepting the good and the bad and to adapt. 


I will accept money donations for this advice although I don't know how to use the money here 

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That's a few very good points brought up here.


The money system is still very basic because we only just got it working. There is a transfer money feature you can use though. Simply click on the "Shop" button on the top navigation bar to access the money system.

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