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Ryo Kazunine

Ryo Kazunine

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Player name: Ryo Kazunine

Character number: 1

Faction: ZAFT




Full name: Ryo Isaiah Kazunine

Nickname: None

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Freelance Photographer

Birthplace: Sextilis Three

Citizenship: Plant Citizen

Personality: Ryo will deal with most situations with a cool and calm demeanor. He quickly dismisses things that he does not want to deal with. There are only two things that can bring out the true emotions in Ryo. A good joke or two will get Ryo in an actual good mood. However the only other time you'll see true emotions is when Ryo is angered or stressed to the breaking point. Under extremely high stress situations he gets into a uncontrollable rage, usually ending up depressed after these outbursts. He cannot stand people who talk constantly for no real reason.




Height: 6'3"

Weight: 165

Hair Colour and Style: Dark Brown, Curly, about 4" long, Completely covers ears and eyes (Usually pushed off eyes)

Eye Colour: Blue with gold around the pupil

Identifying Marks: One long scar up right leg from about 2" off the heel of his foot diagonally inside to about 3" off the backside of his knee.

Skin Tone: Moderately Tan

Build: Tall, Muscular but not to the point of too much extra body mass

Clothing: Usually wears a button down shirt unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow over a plainly colored teeshirt. For pants he wears loose Jeans and a black belt. He wears Vintage Blue Adidas SL-76 Remakes.

Handiness: Left-handed




Mother: Samantha Kazunine, Deceased, Former English Teacher

Father: John Kazunine, Retired Technology Teacher

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:

Ryo was born on February 12, CE 66 to Naturals Samantha and John Kazunine. He started attending school at the age of three. He matured quickly, and, to his parents delight, never really acted “Like a child.” The Kazunines lived in a very moderate neighborhood in Sextilis Three, so from the Barricade of C.E. 69 to the end of the First Bloody Valentine War in C.E. 71, Ryo was taught not that it was a war against the Naturals, like the Radicals preached, but against the Earth Alliance and the immorality they stood for. Ryo was relatively untouched by the war as no one he knew was really affected by the war. Instead, during this time, Ryo was starting school, excelling in Math and Science.


As Ryo grew older he remained calm and diplomatic, never letting his emotions get the better of him. It was during this time that his parents decided they were to move, housing prices were very cheap in Aprilius Two. Ryo went to a much better school now, and his classes were now set to challenge him, not just a “Pass the basic level” class like at the lower level school he went to in Sextilis Three. It was then that he first had a recent history class, and it got him intrigued in government process. Ryo continued to excel in his math and science classes as well.


Then came the nuclear attack on Aprilius One. During the actual attack Ryo was in a history class where the topic was Junius Seven. The teacher rapped the lesson up by saying “…but nowadays the cooler heads prevail, so nothing like that will ever happen again.” The next day people were urged to go about life as usual, so Ryo went to school that day. Ryo had been taught, and believed, that it was not the Naturals attacking their Coordinator way of life, but the Earth Alliance overstepping their bounds once again. Instead of actual classes, the children all sat in the auditorium. During this day several people had been talking about the event and the overwhelming majority blamed it on the Naturals. It was this hate and ignorance that pushed Ryo closer and closer to his boiling point. It was after school that he exploded. A group of kids gathered outside the school were picking on another kid. It took Ryo a while to realize what was happening. It was Coordinators picking on a Natural. Ryo moved closer. It seemed that it was mainly one bully. While most of seemed like a blur, one sentence stayed in his head forever.


“You Naturals should all just die!” the boy shouted. Ryo walked into the group, the kids seemed to move away from him, forming a path to the bully and his victim. Ryo delivered a punch directly to the bully's nose, causing him to stumble and fall. Ryo walked to the boy on the ground stared directly into his eyes. “You’re no better than the Earth Alliance.”


Ryo confined himself to his studies from then on. His interest in history and government began to grow even more. He stayed fairly secluded through the next few years, spending his time reading books. When he was 13 he wrote a 12 page essay entitled “The Outdated Belief” outlining the path to peace. True peace is achieved only by the individual, if every person doesn't strive for peace, he wrote, it cannot be achieved in mass.


During this time, Ryo's parents were detached from him. They had decided early on in his life that they would raise him with an iron fist. They never tried to talk to him unless he did something wrong. Ryo's father was the one that would punish him. So Ryo, inspired by his parent's actions, payed about as much attention to them as they did to him. Ryo did not respect his parents, and did not care about their opinions on what he did.


As Ryo entered his High School years, he broke out of his shell, making more friends and, unfortunately, enemies. Ryo was not afraid to voice his opinion, as he, on most occasions, was, indeed, right. Ryo became highly involved in his schools debate team, and, as of his graduation, the only person to ever go undefeated. Ryo’s countless hours of studying as a child proved invaluable to his debate career, as did his steady wits. In one instance he convinced a whole auditorium to stop recycling. After the debate he made it clear that only a fool would stop recycling.


Ryo graduated High School in C.E. 82, choosing a temporary career as a photographer, a job, which he decided, needs no real talent, nor training. Ryo intended to stick around Aprilius Two for a few years, before attending college or joining the military. Five weeks after he graduated his mom was struck and killed by a car near his hometown. After the accident, Ryo saw no reason to stick around. The next day he left for Aprilius One, where he currently resides as a freelance photographer. Ryo intends to become a supreme council member .

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I suggest working more on the personality and getting in depth with it. A few words don't really describe a char.


Also for the eyes, I couldn't really afford yellow eyes so I'm not sure that the golden surround around the blue would be accepted fully. Valiant will have to see this.


As for the hair, I'd only suggest the addition of the length of it. Covering the eyes and hair doesn't really give us much information on how long it is.


As for the history, there's a few words misspelled which can easily be checked by the 'Spell Check' Button


Well that's my two cents on this bio. Just more information and that's it, if you can give him an attitude like you did in the history then just add it onto the personality.

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And Ryo comes back with a vengeance; you've got quite the intriguing profile for your character, especially as its a departure from the Ryo I used to know (too bad you're not EA , my minions still get free dental ).


The only real problems I see are with the personality section, and a minor nod towards the history section.  First of all, I would like to hear more about Ryo's relationship with his parents.  While I assume that you kept it to a minimum for the fact that they are not meant to be an influential part of Ryo's character development, I think its best if we know just how much Ryo respected his parents and cared for them (his mother's recent death gives more reason to make these relationships clear).


Secondly, the personality section is short, and should span at least a full paragraph.  I always say that people looking to add to the personality section can put some of their characters quirks here; such as what kind of things they like or dislike, or how they react to certain kinds of people.  These things are then explained further in the history section, thus allowing you to expand on two sections of the profile at once.  Other then that, I see little wrong with Ryo, and I hope he gets approved soon 

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Added in a more in-depth relationship with his parents, and redesigned and added to the personality section. It seems that the more I go in depth with this guy, the less he is like my Seed RPG Ryo. And I haven't cemented loyalty to ZAFT.  It depends on how the war starts out...

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Integrated =/= new section


Please put it in a new section.


Personally, I find the use of "'71" etc to be a little on the informal side. It's not to hard to write C.E. 71. Also, perhaps I'm being a little unreasonable but I know that you have prior experience RPing, on Seed RPG at that , so I expected you to use Naturals and Coordinators rather than the uncapitalised forms. I guess I expected too much Please change that and try to use that from now on.

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