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Game - Seek the Smiley!


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We are starting a new game here in AD and it needs 5 or more people online and active to participate in the game


Game name: Seek the Smiley!



No. of People needed: At least 5, all moderators and faction leaders are welcome to join.

You would also need either hannah or me to host the game



Taking place at the shoutbox or the chat.




At the start of each game, the host will upload a specific smiley face to any part of the site, and you will need to find it!


Clues will be given to help you in your search. But you will need to know the site in and out


If there are more people participating, prizes might get bigger, but maybe less detailed clues will be given out.


There may be other bogus smileys hiding around the site and these are aimed to give you a momentarily sense of hope as you see the yellow face But you must find the smiley that the host has asked you to find, though the size  may be different.


The game ends when a person correctly gives the url of the page that the smiley is at.


Only after the smiley is found, then will the host upload another smiley into another random page, where another game of Seek the Smiley begins!



Prize: $100!!!! Just for finding the correct smiley


Note: The host's decision is final


Other details may be added at a later stage

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