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Tomomi Saionji


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Full name: Tomomi Saionji

Nickname: Momo

Age: 17

Gender: female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: experimental ZAFT pilot

Birthplace: Februarius City

Citizenship: PLANT


Personality: When people first meet Tomomi, they usually find her to be a transparent and rather lethargic person with little to no interests or tastes. This is probably why most people never bother to get to know her, and possibly why she never bothers to begin with to really make friends. Tomomi is in all actuality a very independent person who doesn’t get lonely easily and can be overjoyed by the simplest things. She has a tendency to be lazy and outside of battle has trouble focusing on what others have to say unless she finds it really engaging. Normally she’s quiet but not shy, and will be friendly and speak to strangers but only if they talk to her first. If she’s not happy about something she usually looks as if she’s bored or wants to fall asleep.


Tomomi acts a lot like a little kid but is not very stubborn. Despite being book smart she lacks the ability of thinking before she speaks and will blurt out the first things on her mind, regardless of how her words may affect someone. She doesn’t have strong opinions about any one thing, even on the rights of coordinators. Basically, she believes her only  purpose in life is to serve ZAFT, but she also finds happiness in little things.


She has a major sweet tooth, a special fondness for cute things, and likes orchestra and symphony music. When it comes to the opposite sex she regards men equal to women and doesn’t seem to understand  the concept of romance very well; thus she rarely gets crushes. If she does get a crush on someone it’s usually because they are both attractive and have proven themselves stronger than her in combat. She tends to like men with delicate features.




Height: 1.54 m

Weight: 54 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Naturally, Tomomi has black hair that is very fine in texture and straight. She tried to bleach it in order to fit in with the other girls for the short time she spent at  the academy but bought the wrong type of dye  that permanently left her hair an off-white color. When roots start showing she dyes it the same color, preferring her new hair color over her old one and peroxide blondes. She usually wears it loose, but when she’s in a cockpit or training she prefers to keep it in a ponytail or bun.

Eye Colour: Grayish-blue

Identifying Marks: A  small serial bar code tattooed on the back of her neck, where the neck meets the back and shoulder blades.

Skin Tone: Pallid

Handiness: Ambidextrous, but prefers her left hand and is usually mistaken as being left-handed.


Build: Tomomi has a slender body type; she is not scrawny nor pudgy, but does have a little baby fat that leaves room to give her a curve at the waist, thighs, and not leave her completely flat-chested. Plus it also gives someone room to pinch her cheeks, something her mother likes to do when Tomomi isn’t paying attention to her.


Clothing: For someone with a relatively relaxed nature, Tomomi likes to wear outfits that are Lolita-esque and show off a sense of cuteness and good nature. Her outfits vary but her favorite color that she always wears is white. Because of her height and choice of clothing, people mistake her for being thirteen or fourteen.




Mother: Dr. Madoka Saionji


Personal History: As a coordinator, Tomomi was genetically modified specifically to the design of the scientist who developed and adopted her, Dr. Madoka Saionji. Madoka is a scientist for PLANT who specializes in genetic engineering and commences many different experiments with the development of coordinators. However, Tomomi is her life’s work, a living example of many years of carefully examined research that has proven to be a fruitful endeavor. It is in this respect that separates Tomomi from all other coordinators. She is nothing more than a science project used for research.


Tomomi was a test tube baby, her biological mother and father two people who had donated sperm and egg samples for research and were enlisted in the ZAFT forces. After Madoka had combined the sperm and egg she volunteered herself as the surrogate mother and had the embryo of Tomomi artificially inseminated into her womb. During her pregnancy she kept records of Tomomi’s development and still treated her own pregnancy as part of the experiment. After her birth Tomomi was monitored by doctors and other scientists until Madoka recovered. Madoka legally adopted Tomomi as her daughter, but as the girl grew older never broke the bounds of the relationship between scientist and lab rat. Tomomi’s very purpose in life was to test prototype gundam systems and other mechanisms of war prior to them being mass-produced.


Since day one Tomomi has been a specimen, but considering that was an environment and concept she grew up with, she doesn’t think it abnormal her life has no significant meaning other then to be in the constant service of ZAFT and PLANT. Madoka has tried to give her a normal life by letting Tomomi live with her in Februarius City with her and having her home-schooled by several tutors since she was five. When Tomomi was fourteen she insisted on being sent to a local high school for at least a year out of curiosity. Madoka pulled Tomomi out of the school after six months when she saw the disastrous dye job and noticed low self-esteem issues arising. Despite being dependant on Madoka all of her life, Tomomi has been able to develop a mind of her own and has small ways of rebelling against her ‘mother’. In many respects she’s an average adolescent who is attempting to form her own identity. Yet she’s still caged with her purpose in life all ready mapped out for her.


Due to growing up in a closed environment, Tomomi is very naïve and has learned to seclude herself into her own thoughts. Because she prefers to be by herself most of the time and values her quiet time, she dislikes any type of conflict (though her laziness can contribute to her dislike as well). She can come across as uncaring and naturally has a short attention span and affliction for cute and pretty things. She enjoys simple things because to her they are beautiful and/or exciting, having been restricted in almost every aspect of her life. Since she’s used to being part of the equipment at the labs,  her people skills are considerately low and she has a tendency to be blunt and ignorant to the feelings of others.


Side Note: When it comes to strengths and weaknesses, Tomomi isn’t a highly modified coordinator but due to extensive training since she was younger can be considered far more durable in a cockpit and extreme conditions. She’s better with handling weapons then with direct hand-to-hand combat.

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A really detailed and thorough profile there. 


About the only thing I think you could improve more upon is in regards to how her personality was shaped based on her rather unique situation.


But other than that, there doesn't seem to be any issues.  Great work.

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Now that's what I call a profile.


Hmm...I was wondering if there is a need to specify why she hates conflict, though and noted only two spelling mistakes. Sorry for nitpicking, but in any case, I'll be pretty surprised if your profile doesn't get approved soon.

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Hmm...I was wondering if there is a need to specify why she hates conflict, though


Because I thought it incredibly cute and ironic that a coordinator specifically born to test dangerous weaponry and gundam systems on would actually hate war and fighting in general?


I'll add another sentence it with a logical reason though, and correct the spelling errors.


EDIT: Ok, fixed anything I thought was wrong, including some grammar issues. Effect vs. Affect and all that jazz.

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wow I cant compete  it's already been so thoroughly scanned through by the elitist that I can't see any problems


cant wait till you're accepted. If we ever engage in combat (soon I expect) I will no lose even, if Janus is a natural and lacks so much when compared to Tomomi.

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Janus has a chance depending on the situation. When I say Tomomi dislikes conflict, that means unless someone has a gun to her head, she really dislikes fights because they take so much time and effort. And she usually doesn't battle -- and considering it's peace time -- won't for a while. If anything, she wouldn't mind being friends with your character.

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Approved for the Zaft Forces



PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


As of July 5th of CE85, Tomomi Saionji is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council, and the officers appointed over you. We wish for your talents, and abilities to lead Plant into a new age of glory.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Chairwoman Ashellia Ferrinas, National Defense Headquarters


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