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I've had a Dog, a Cat, and 3 fish as pets, now I'm down to just the cat 


My dog's name was Skittles of green trees, and she was a purebred long-haired miniature daschound.  We got her from a breeder, which is where the 'of green trees' part comes in.  Her parents were called tick-tock, and Giovanni of green trees, so Skittles kept part of her father's name .


My cat's name is Pringles, and I'm still not sure what she is exactly, as my parents got her for me from an animal shelter.  All I know is that her fur color is rare for her breed, as its usually found only on the males of the breed.  My cat doesn't plan global domination though, she just focuses on training everyone in the house to do her bidding (she usually tells me when to put away the laptop by trying to walk on it ).


My brother had a baby shark, and we named it Snapple (notice the recurring food names ).  Of course, my brother had no idea how to care for it, and stuck it in the tiniest bowl he had, so eventually it died.


Then we got a pair of Beta fish which we kept in separate tanks.  Mine was an orange one called Pepsi, and my brother's was a blue one called Pepsi Blue.  And despite Pringles' almost daily attempts to eat Pepsi, he lived for well over a year, which is pretty good for a Beta. (I got Pepsi shortly before I joined SEED RPG to be exact, and he died around the time we moved to Advent Destiny ).

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I have an purebred Akita name Rikudo. He's still only nine months old, but he just keeps getting bigger. He's actually over the 15lb pet limit allowed in my apartment, but oh well. As long as none of my pesky neighbors complain, I should be fine.

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Wondering if anyone keeps birds, especially parrots. I've been interested in keeping a pet, but thus far simply don't have the time.


Besides, I'm not too sure if taking care of them will be too much of a hassle for my other family members. 

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You have two dogs what types are they.


They are both mongrels we picked off the street.


I volunteer at a dog adoption organisation. Dogs saved from the street by the SPCA tend to put the animals down if they are not adopted after a period of time. What we do is to save this dogs as well as abandoned/abused dogs. We keep the dogs for as long as we can, until someone comes along to adopt them.

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