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Yuri Crevecoeur


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Full name: Yuri Crevecoeur

Nickname: The Crimson Ghost

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: MS/aircraft pilot

Birthplace: France

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Personality: He is sadistic and brutal in nature due to his haggard upbringing. He's extremely smart and has an I.Q. of 190. He doesn't listen to others personal opinions, and often tries to deceive others into doing his will. He fears few things and cares about even less (the only people he really cares about are those who have earned his trust, but doing so is practically impossible). He hates being touched by other people, unless they have his permission (due to the fact that he was abused/molested as a child. Think Guts from Berzerk). He will brutally kill anyone who stands in his way, but does not like fighting women. Despite his lack of sanity on the battlefield, he is a total playboy. He prefers to deal with his enemies while they’re far away via long range weapons, but he is also quite skilled in close combat. He also smokes like a chimney.



Height: 6’1”

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: He has medium length black, spiky hair

Eye Colour: Scarlet

Identifying Marks: Tattoo on forehead.

Skin Tone: Slightly tan

Build: Somewhat thin, but still muscular.

Clothing: He wears a black jacket with a gold trim. The top few buttons are undone and you can see that he wears no shirt under it. On both of the jackets arms are chevrons, identifying his rank. On it shoulders are metal plates. On his hands he wears simple black gloves. His pants are also black and contain no identifying features. On his feet are a standard issue army boots.

Handiness: Right handed

width=423 height=600http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r176/Genjyo_88/Yuri4.jpg[/img]

©Kazuya Minekura



Mother: Anna Crevecoeur (Deceased)

Father: Unknown (Maybe someone famous)

Siblings:   deceased

Wife/Girlfriend: He’s a playboy, so no.

Personal History:


Born in Paris, France to Anna Crevecoeur. His mother was a prostitute, so the identity of his father is unknown. Due to this fact, he had many “fathers” while growing up. Most of them were Earth Alliance members on leave, and most of them didn’t care for Yuri. He was often beaten and molested by these so called upholders of peace. At the age of six, his mother died of syphilis. His sibling, who was currently in his mother’s womb, died also. For two years he was shuffled through foster homes, but because of his unruly attitude many sent him back to the local orphanage. At the age of eight, he ran away from the orphanage and set out on foot to Germany.  While in route, he was offered a ride from a group of traveling merchants. These merchants, however, belonged to a terrorist group, who were planning an attack on a ORB embassy located in Munich, Germany. They took Yuri to their base camp deep in the luscious, green hills of West Germany. When he arrived, he was taken underground into a large base built into the side of a mountain. He was placed in a room full of other children that were all about his age. For the next seven years, he, along with the other children, was brainwashed and reprogrammed to become a killing machine.


At the end of his seven years of training, all the students knew how to thoroughly pilot both aircraft and mobile suits. They were also given a crescent tattoo on their forehead, signifying that they were now all warriors of the Crescent Moon Revival. A week later, they began their attack. The leader of this “revival” was a former general of the Earth Alliance, who had managed to salvage twenty-five GAT-01A1 105 Daggers. Yuri was assigned to one of them. They were loaded into six large transport craft and set out for Munich. At 02:00 hour the attack commenced. The mobile suits were dropped from an altitude of six-hundred feet. They landed two thousand yards away from the location and began to make their way towards it. The embassy was heavily guarded by fifteen GAT-02l2 Dagger L’s. Without hesitation, the Crescents initiated their surprise attacked. They were able to destroy two L’s on the initial surge, but they soon figured out that their rusted, old 01A1 were no match for the highly advanced Dagger L’s. Within five minutes half of the Crescents MS’s were destroyed. There was no exception for Yuri, as the left knee joint of his MS was shot out.


Yuri’s braced himself as his mobile suit began to sway. It fell to the left and slammed onto the dirt with a resounding thud. The force knocked Yuri out. For five minutes he lay there in the midst of the battle. When he woke, he immediately resumed his mission. He opened the cockpit hatch and grabbed his rifle. He also picked up a small green satchel. He leapt out of his mobile suit, falling fifteen feet before hitting the ground, and began running. He weaved through the flaming remains of his comrades and enemies until he finally came to the western side embassy building. He chose this side because he knew that the soldiers guarding this side were now fighting his fellow Crescents on the eastern side. He used the butt of his rifle to shatter a window, and threw in the green satchel he was carrying. After this he made a dash for a forest about a thousand yards away from his current position. Yuri grinned with pleasure as he ran, but when he was about one-hundred yards away from his destination he felt a searing pain in his shoulder.  His clavicle had been shattered by a snipers bullet. Yuri shouted in pain as he face-planted into the ground. He rolled himself over onto his back and fished a remote detonator out of his chest pocket.


“Burn in hell, bastards,” he said with a maniacal chuckle as he pushed the button. The night sky glowed orange as the thermite bomb he planted exploded. The building and the mobile suits surrounding it went up in a blaze as the initial blast set off all he bombs which had been carried by his comrades. After watching the event Yuri picked himself up off the ground and fled. He was the only one to survive the ordeal. Several weeks later, the location of the Crescent Moon Revival’s base had been found. The leaders were tried and executed for their terrorist acts, and tensions between ORB and the Earth Alliance settled.


For the next four years Yuri laid low in Hungary. He had his tattoo changed from a crescent to avoid suspicion, and settled down doing easygoing jobs. These jobs, however, didn’t suit someone who had been trained to kill. He soon moved to Alaska and joined the Earth Alliance. He immediately signed up for the OMNI enforcers, hoping to satiate his thirst to kill. 

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Be patient, meh.


If there is one problem, it is that the bit where he piloted the 105 Dagger. Because we are quite strict on mobile suit piloting backgrounds here, I'm assuming that you are trying to have a character who is like Sven, in terms of training received (with bits of mental conditioning, minus all the drugs)?


That, and try to credit the image (I know it's something from Gensoumaden Saiyuki, I used to have Hakkai as a template for the bishies).


Other than that, it was a nice break from all the good guys (reason why I'm not using a male character).


I've went through the Intro sections and see that you wanted to be a on a higher rank, you should have a word with Kaizer about that, although you might have to be careful with Kyra (winder's EA character), that little girl is pretty strong .

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Actually he's more along the lines of Heero Yuy from New Mobile Report Gundam W, just without the whole "Mission Complete" and no physical emotions thing. He's just an all-around psycotic super soldier. He was raised to kill, but know that he's served his purpose he just dosen't know what to do with his life. Somewhere along those lines.


As for not giving credit to Minekura-dono, well, that was my bad. I didn't even really think of it, so thanks for telling me.

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Well actually he wasn’t trained to fight any particular faction, he was only trained to be a killing machine. He doesn’t really have any personal grudges against any faction either. That’s all I’m really going to say right now, because I’m planning on revealing more of his intentions/character as the RP progresses.


Also it was ORB who he fought against, not the EA.

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Looks good to me, we needs more bloodthirsty meat shields... I mean, loyal, hard working allies  , and its a good thing I give the EA grunts free dental, that way your teeth'll shine no matter how many packs of cigarettes you inhale in a day


Crewman 2nd Class Yuri Crevecoeur accepted, welcome to the EA!

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