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Re: Cosmic Compendium Suggestions


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I would have PMed Valiant about this, but well, I'll just ask here for the sake of everyone being able to see it, might save Valiant posting another announcement, dernos btw applauds for putting the MS on CC *big thumbs up*, but i suggest a list

Anyway, I'm hoping we can put all our questions/suggestions/thoughts on the Cosmic Compendium (or CC) here, so if you've got something, fire away


My questions/thoughts/suggestions are:

  • Main page should be more comprehensive lol (no offense Valiant ) so perhaps add the "story" section.
  • Should we have a page "List of mobile weapons in AD"?
  • Does the mobile weapon armament section need to be expanded?
  • I suggest that the factions page be split/cleaned up. We divide "nations" from the factions page, so then we can write specific locations for each faction in "nations" eg. the PLANT cities, 12 of them, omg O_O
  • And any more ideas if I can think of them


Sorry if I'm being a bit obnoxious about this, i can't help it *shrug* Its just really cool how theres a wiki framework Slap me if you will . Of course, all of this is on Valiant/the AD teams call, so, i might just be blowing steam right now

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Well, it's still a work-in-progress, so I don't think he'll mind the suggestions.


Anyways, as I mentioned at the thread in Announcements, I'll be reworking the info for the Republic of East Asia (since it was written with the original SEED RPG semi-alternate timeline in mind)...I may consider making it more comprehensive so it has more depth.  (i.e. History, Administration/Government, Military, etc.)


This work may be expanded to the other EA nations (including History, which would be interesting to see it from each nations' perspective) and other factions as well (such as each of the twelve PLANT 'sections').  Obviously, additional feedback/ideas on what should be contained in the information for each faction/nation will be more than welcome. 

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Any suggestion is welcomed. So don't worry about raising your opinion. The CC is made for players, by players.  The idea is to add as much details and information as we can to make this world as real to the players as possible.


The main page will be updated as soon as I get more of the information in. Thanks for pointing that you. Feel free to suggest any interesting articles to add on to it.


The MW list is being worked on. After the sleepless nights the MW pages gave me, I got sick of starting at the model number and names of the mobile suits I'll pick that up once I settle the armaments page.


As for the nations being separated from the factions, I thought of that. However, since the information available for most of the factions are not available, it would make the pages real short. If anyone could help to flesh out the details, it would be greatly appreciated.


liubei, I would really appreciate it if you could do that My brain juices were squeezed dry trying to come up with original ideas. I like the ideas about the history.


I would like to highlight the Orb Union's FREE Forces page. I have to say, Rad did quite a good job and I hope that other factions' pages could equal or even better that standard.



I'll make a to-do list in the CC. Anyone who's willing to help can pick one on the list and work on it



Some things that will need to be added:



Details of the races (once the race debate ends... or has it ended already?)

Details of each of the MW armament

Gundam Specs (oh yes! )


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Yeah, I saw Rad's FREE Forces information.  It is quite comprehensive. 


But most of the EA's nation-states won't require quite as much since a bit of the information (military) is contained within the info for the Earth Alliance and OMNI. 


I may create a new thread in this section specifically for suggestions/entries for Factions and Nations, while general comments remain here.

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Yeah, I saw Rad's FREE Forces information.  It is quite comprehensive.


That is probably he have remade Orb into entirely something else, while the others might and might not be turned into something else yet.

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That is probably he have remade Orb into entirely something else, while the others might and might not be turned into something else yet.


It's more of the Orb army rather than the whole faction 


I'll edit the page you mentioned kct.


As for the EA member nations, their military are part of the OMNI Enforcers, so I guess we won't need to make pages for that.

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