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Re: Guess who?

Riku Ishimaru

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hihi, guess who xd yup its me again Riku! xd so how have you guys been? its been awhile since seed rpg... think i can still use my Deathscythe Hell now that we in a different era? ~^.^~ oh and once again, how have you guys been?!


P.S. what factions are there now? hmm which to join xd

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Also im guessing Valiant is Kira? oh btw may i say that there is another link problem...




the  3. Soldiers of Fire and 4. United Emirates of Orb links dont work... they dont go to any information... when i go on it says... No parameter given !


this is also same on.. http://www.adventdestiny.com/getting-started-p9.html


on Choice of Allegiance section, the Factions and Nations link doesnt work and also says... No parameter given ! oh actually the whole Choice of Allegiance section links dont work... other than choosing factions and respective application board...

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ah okie, sry i was just pointing those out, thinking that you didnt know xd. btw how would i start in the academy? its been like 3 pages... and sry but im too lazy to read it all to get an idea... of what is happening... is there anyway, anyone can summarize for me? in the meantime im just going to use my same character as Seed RPG

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hmm sry i dont understand... what do you mean modify it? it should be fine from my perspective o.0 since it doesnt really talk much of the timeline, and since theres still plants here there should be no problem for me mentioning it...


well unless you mean change mercenary to Soldiers of fire

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