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Jay Chou


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JAY CHOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*jumps up and down like a crazy fan girl *


He's like my fave chinese singer ever! I wish he was still with Jolin though I think they make a good couple.


I admit I watched Initial D because he was in it.


And I am going to watch Curse of the Golden Flower for the same reason.


Songs I like from his latest album:


And it was only when I looked for this 2 MV then I realised Hebe was in Tui Hou. Erm, yuck? XP

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Lol.  I watched Initial D.  And I had no clue who he is!  HAHAHA!


Me is the most uninformed Asian. 


But yeah I guess he's alright.  He plays cello!  Like me! 


Mind, Initial D was pretty alright...


I want sheet music!  Damn you Val, for sending me on quests to find sheet music!  They always fail!   

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