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Marcus Falden


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Full name: Marcus Falden

Nickname: Fallen

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: (Natural or Coordinator)coordinator

Occupation: Recruit

Birthplace: The upper class housing devision.

Citizenship: Orb

Personality: Loud, hot headed.




Height: 5'10

Weight: 152

Hair Colour and Style: Long Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks:

Skin Tone: White/Caucasian

Build: Lightly Toned

Clothing: White Shirt and tight jeans.

Handiness: (Left-handed, Right-handed or Ambidextrous)Righthanded




Mother: Sarah Videis

Father: Mark Falden

Siblings: younger brother, Mathew

Wife/Girlfriend: Ashey Tomulsin


Personal History: At a young age his mother was killed and his father died in the war. He and his younger brother moved to the slums to survive. He raised his brother as his own son. About the age of sixteen, he and his Friend, Adam Navis got a job offer as mercenaries. The pay was an offer too good to give up. The amount would have gotten them an apartment in the city. The job was tooken up and given to set explosives on a convoy via route t the city. The job was a failure and he was captured along with many other young boys and were sent to a disciplinary institution. Where after he was a "sufficient" member of society. He was then drafted into the war where he is thrown into the fray of bloodshed.

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Ziggy & Christoph are right, the Archangel is a ship, and thus one cannot be a citizen of it (especially since Orb long since decommissioned it, I'm sure); nor has there been a war for quite a few years (read up on the storyline page of the site for details).  If you don't want to say where Marcus was born, perhaps you could say where he lived; there are plenty of slums in the world, so take your pick .


Also, try to expand your character's personality some, as loud and hot-headed can probably describe a ton of people on this site, myself included  .  Spellcheck your work some personally, as the site's spell checker isn't a flawless program, and don't forget to add some clothing as well; can't have Marcus walking around in the nude, can we? 


On a lighter note, welcome to the site, I can't wait to see what Marcus turns out like 


P.S. did you draw his art yourself? If so, I am glad to see yet another artist join this site (far too many of them, and you all make me jealous  :(" title="Angry" /> ).  If not, you have to give credit to the original artist, we don't want any copyright problems and such afterall 

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Hmm...Personality issues were mentioned, personal origins same, and history...also mentioned.


Oh, right, you also need to mention the clothing.  The picture helps but it doesn't substitute your written description.  The general trend is to have two 'sets' of clothing; one for civilian use and the other for the military.


But it's a good start, nonetheless.

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Hi my name is Marcus Falden, and I am the creator of that drawing and the oribinator of this name. I just joinned to say this sense I was not aware my image, which by the way is a semi self portrait of me, was being used in a gundam rp page.


Well as for th character profile I would like to actually join this Rp as you can see my art is quite good. I have a lot more drawings if you all want ot see them.

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Hi there, unless you have evidence that it is your drawing; eg: original source, lineart, etc, your claim will be considered invalid until such time as you can prove it. If you wish to pursue the matter please PM Valiant the details, this is a character profile not a discussion thread.

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This isn't a birthplace. By birthplace we refer to the place of birth of the character.


"The upper class housing devision."


When we have choices for you to choose, please only state the choice and not include the other options.


"(Natural or Coordinator)coordinator"


You would need to lengthen the history as well as background more.




As for the picture, we would always welcome an artist. Please show us proof that the art is indeed yours.

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