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Pray For The Fallen


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Hello all, I'm Fallen and I don't really find this necessary but I figured it is for the best. As long as I've made this topic here is some general notes on me:


1)*I'm 14 years old


2)*I love poetry and literature.


3)*I love being on forums and meeting new people


4)*I hate spammers and emo-cons.


5)*People who can't spell shouldn't even post.


6)*I love art and graphics.


7)*I love anime and video games such as Armored Core & Dynasty Warriors.


*I love myspace, my url is www.myspace.com/orionforever


9 )*You'll find I have a tone problem so don't get mad if I say anything!*



Talk to me to get to know me for any more info.

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Welcome aboard!


Apologies, but Valiant has this rule against members putting up links to other boards with the intention of recruiting. I suggest you take down the link to your board for now, and PM winders about it so he can put it up on the Links area if it's deemed allowable.

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