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Hello there and welcome to the site!


You'll find that Advent Destiny is a great place for both new and veteran role-players alike, and that everyone will be more than happy to assist you however they can.


If you have any questions, any at all, feel free to ask! For starters, though, I advise you to read the Getting Started guides (link at the navigation bar on the left), to get yourself acquainted with the basic rules and general way-we-do-things here.


Again, welcome, and hope you have fun!

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Welcome along Sara.  We don't bite so if you've got any questions or queries feel free to ask us we'll all pitch in to help you out if need be.

Looks like this'll be the place where you'll be honing you story telling skills




EDIT: grr, Rad and your speedy typing

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Don't worry about that. Your eigo will improve gradually, especially with the great crop of role-players we have here. I'm sure the others can help you with references, as I myself would not be able to assist you in that regard. Nevertheless, I assure you that simply reading the role-plays will help you immensely; you will find certain techniques and methods of description that will help you find your own way of writing.


Perhaps, a good way to start would be to try and make descriptive paragraphs of scenes, objects or people you see everyday. The only difference between that, and how we role-play here, is that what we describe in our posts only exist in our collective imaginations. Other than that, the process would be the same.

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