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Battle: Looking for a dual


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Number of Competitors: 2

Susland Mason: TS-MA2 Moebius (Equipped with Gatling gun)

Xover: MBF-M1 M1 Astray  (Igelstellung 75 mm CIWS x2, Type 70 beam saber x1, shield x1)



Battlefield: Space

Restrictions on MS: CE 73 Non-Nuclear Gundam / Mobile Armour

Battle Mode: Dual

Referee: Winders


I just want to see how long that my character could survive going all out with the weakest of the weak. Don't think that I will survive but... Hey! I might make it more of a challenge than it looks.  For people that haven't seen my charicter he is a programmer and will be using that to try to get an edge in the battle


I have limited it to suits that can run out of PS armour because my chosen weapon has no beams on it. I need to be able to do damage eventually!


"It is not the power of the weapon, but the skill of the user."

Let's see if that is true or not.

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I guess I might as well give it a shot.


MBF-M1 M1 Astray


Special equipment: flight pack

Powerplant: Ultracompact energy battery

Armament: "Igelstellung" 75 mm CIWS x2, Type 70 beam saber x1, shield x1


No PS for me, and I've gotten rid of the rifle and one beam saber.


I'm fine with the restrictions.  Now I'll just wait for the ref.

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Actually, one of you is supposed to make an official request at the "Request a Referee" thread, with a link back to this one.


Edit: I think you meant "TS-MA2 Moebius with Linear Gun", as the Gatling Gun (equivalent to CIWS) comes standard. Despite what it says here, it's the Linear Gun that's the optional weapon.

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Jak: You did not specify that you would be modifying the Moebius' software. While that in itself could be considered a minor oversight, the fact that the software you are adding is Artificial Intelligence, could not be.


I have notified your referee, so please wait for official word from him on this matter.


EDIT: It has been allowed, but please be informed that your use of the software will be carefully monitored.

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My charicter is a wuss outside of computers. mostly the ai will be just a way for my to use the mobius. while some people squeeze the trigger my charicter will be writting a skript for the ai so it can make a shot that wil be more effective. Sides... I just have a mobius. It's not like any of my attacks can really damage him anyways. This is just for fun. If you feel that my dodging or attacking is unfair let me know and I will fix it. I am here so that I can get a feeling for rp battling. I haven't rped online like this before.


My charicter will not be in god mode any more than it takes to make this fun. Remember a single hit with any weapon is enought to destroy the mobius. I fully expect to lose. However I will play to make killing me as long as possible. If Xover destroys me than in my mind he will have won.


I suppose that I thought that me doing stuff like this would be obvius because of how this charicter is set up. That is also why I gave so many warnings about using my charicter at his max strength. His only ability is with code so I thought that this would be warning enough for people. I am sorry If I was wrong. Xover if you feel that this is unfair or would not be intresting feel free to let me know and I will delete these topics.



A note on the AI:


I remember the first episode where they show the inside of a mobius. It's targeting system as well as it's object identification was horrible. The AI handles things like that so that so that I'm not sitting there trying to shoot and haveing all of my shots miss because my TS is so horrible. The AI will also track and record the movvements of my enimy more with the arcuasy of a modren mobile suit.  In this battle I want my weapons to be limited, not my entire armor to be unusible in a high speed combat situation. Even the zero had a better os than the mobius.

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I do not care for the reasons; it in any case will not make you a better pilot in RP.


Only way to be a better pilot in RP is to improve your RPing skills (in this case combat RPs)


And no, it's a common belief that one hit kills in MS-MA battles, but that's just because the anime shows it like that.

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Yup, a hit doesn't guarantee a kill. You could be hit on 1 of your gunbarrels and still have 3 gunbarrels to spare, provided you jettison them quickly.


Don't let yourself be constrained on what happened in GS/GSD. Be creative, and think what would have normally happened as realistically as possible.

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For future reference:


In the main RP, modifying any part of your machine, including your OS, counts as a customization that must be approved via a submission in the Mobile Weapons section. Regardless of what was shown in the anime, in Advent Destiny, you will not be allowed to effect major changes to your software in the middle of battle.


This is how it was done back in GSRPG, and as the rules have yet to be changed on this matter, I find it prudent to warn you now.




For now:


You are free to customize your machine any way you like here in the Coliseum, but as a matter of courtesy, you were expected to announce how before the battle even began. That is why we require combatants to post, negotiate and approve the Rules of Engagement. I'm almost certain Xover was expecting to fight a standard Moebius, which is why he voluntarily dropped his beam rifle and a beam saber.

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Sorry 'bout that. I always have this vision of Mobius Zeros in my mind.

*a lightning flash appears in front of evo_Sieg

Jeebus, I might be a Newtype!


Back to the topic, it is up to your RP skills that will dictate if you will be able to endure the battle against an Astray.


Don't worry, I have a preference to underdogs, hehe...

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I shall remember that for the future. I am sorry to cause diffficulties. I shall remember this for the future.


Rad, a question;

  In the rp my char has no skills except for programming, does this mean that every time I pilot a suit that I have to ask if I can modify the os so that my charicter is able to use it? Or can I just do a blanket ask for all of the suits that I will pilot?

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all of my actions are modifications of the os though.




As Susland launch into the battle he picked up three bogies on his radar. his hands flashed across the keyboard as he began to design defencive stratagies for differant senarios that could happen. He watch as two of the bogies engaged his teammates. that left one for him. Having faught a Launcher Dagger  before he already had a read on many of its statistics, such as the maximum targeting speed of the hyper impulse cannon. he quickly typed in the code that would allow him to see the threat range. A green cone appeared on the screen. This was the area that he felt that his ginn would be in danger if it entered. He waited to see what kind of opponent he was up against. Did he rely on his targeting? or did he take total control of aiming and fireing? if it was the former he would have to annalise the targeting althagerum and counter it. If it was the later he would have to try to get a lock on just how fast his opponent could aim. He wrote a quick script for his ai. He would shoot his machine gun in a circle around the enimy and see if his opponant dodge out of the way of the fire, stayed still to avoid the fire, or if his dodge wasn't fast enough and he got caught in the fire. he waited to see the effect so that he could start updating his code on this pilot.



In that short post I made three modifications to the os

1. defencive stratagies that would kick in if my charicter was knocked out from the hard g's of battle

2. a threat cone of where he felt that he would be in danger (maby not correct but an attempt)

3: an attack program that fired the machine gun in a ring around his opponent


Would I have to ask for each one of these? or just ask once a battle?

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Note that your Faction Leaders will assign you a basic MW in the future, which means it carries only a standard OS that cannot be used as though it were an AI. In order to do so, you would need to submit your MW for approval as a custom MW (rules of your faction apply), listing your custom OS in the specifications. This also goes for any other major modifications, such as changing weapons or equipment. As such, submission for approval must be done for every custom MW you intend to pilot, every time you make a modification. That is what Valiant meant, and why he discourages frequent custom submissions.


Only when your custom suit has been approved can you use it, but once approved, you never need to ask for permission to use it in the main RP.




As for your example:


Action 2, the marking of a 'threat cone' is, in my personal opinion, quite minor. I'd say it's already present in all standard OS, perhaps as an extension of the machine's sensory and targeting functions. It also doesn't affect your opponents in any significant way.


It is actions 1 and 3 that would count as major. An OS that can be programmed for automatic defensive and offensive maneuvers would require a submission for approval (or, in the case of the Coliseum, your opponent's approval), as those are functions that are assumed to be absent in standard OS.


However, such a custom OS need only be submitted once - so long as it is clearly stated what the OS is realistically capable of, and what’s it not.


As I see it, the kind of OS you want is an AI that can be inputted with data and scripts to produce required combat actions, but (my personally acceptable) limitations would be that the AI cannot act in a manner it was never specifically programmed to, nor would it be able to act truly independently (it won’t execute any program by itself unless a preset condition occurs).




Illegal: “His hands flashed across the keyboard as he began to design defensive strategies for different scenarios that could happen.” (Unspecific; unrealistic; gives the impression that the AI will automatically know how to react to any situation, which is god-moding)


Legal: ”His hands flashed across the keyboard as he began to write a program that would put the machine into an evasive pattern if he was knocked out from the hard G's of battle, or if his opponent ever went out of his forward view.” (Specific; realistic; note that presetting conditions allows for future actions that would otherwise be considered as god-moding)


Legal: ”He wrote a quick script for his AI that would shoot his machine gun while circling around the enemy.” (Specific; realistic; it can be done without the AI anyway)


This custom OS, if/when approved, will give you a valid RP reason to count all of your in-flight programming (making attack patterns, evasive routines, inputting enemy pilot attack data, etc.) as minor changes, since you will then be utilizing the OS for exactly what you said it could, and no more. Hence, you will not need to resubmit your custom MW every time you do one of these actions.




It's good that this came up here at the Coliseum, as this would be the best place to try out your intended customizations and role-play style. I hope this assists you both here and in the main RP.

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In the Coliseum, it does not matter whether or not you have AI or skill enhancing drugs; it will not improve your RP skills and those are what the battle results will be determined from. You could have the 'best aiming AI' around and you can still loose because you have bad skills or you could have 'the best skilled pilot' around and still loose cause you know nothing of battling, it all depends on your skill.

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Legal: ”His hands flashed across the keyboard as he began to write a program that would put the machine into an evasive pattern if he was knocked out from the hard G's of battle, or if his opponent ever went out of his forward view.” (Specific; realistic; note that presetting conditions allows for future actions that would otherwise be considered as god-moding)


Fair enough, I shall try to be more specific with what i mean.

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