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TEAM: Arena Team Sign Ups?


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So, who wants to act as a team? I think it'd be a cool side-story for our characters to actually meet up and act as an arena team. What do y'all say?


Unnamed Team

((Name, Arena name, Typical Position))

1 Dimitri Shirokov -- "R-Typer" -- Long Range/Tactics





I'm not saying I'll be leader. My character isn't exactly a leader kind of guy.


Also, this is not first-come first-serve. Have a mini-app ready for your entry. I'll pick some people based on teamwork capability and what they offer the team as a whole.

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Alright, scratch the whole side-story bit then... Bummer.


Anyway, as for the mini bio, I just need to know what you're going to be called in the arena, your specialty in combat, and any other sort of information that could lead to the formation of a strong team.

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I would like to join, but if you do let me join, I can't be in to many fights for a little. I still need to get charecter approved, then I need to fight in another battle I signed up in already. Anyway, here's a little sign-up


Name: Ryan A Kyubos

Nickname: Kyuubi

Combat Specialization: Mid to close range.



Also, my guy would not be a very good leader.

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