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Susland Mason


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Full name: Susland Perry Mason

Nickname: Sus

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: None

Birthplace: Februarius City

Citizenship: Plants

Personality: Laid back and self confident. Susland often makes people think that Susland thinks that he is above them. People that spent time him get to know that it is not that he thinks he is above everybody. It is because he wants to make sure that he knows what he is being asked to do before he does it. He is at his most animated when talking about rare computer programs or components.




Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 130 pounds

Hair Colour and Style: Long and smooth, it is silver.

Eye Colour: Grey

Identifying Marks: PDA. (Maybe not a physical part of his body, but he almost always has it out.)

Skin Tone: Light Grey

Build: Weakling, nerdy, skinny, etc...

Clothing: White shirt, black pants. The shirt is always untucked, but the pants are held up with a belt. Formal black shoes.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Kahlin (Housewife)

Father: Dunang (Police Officer)

Siblings: Kathie (Older sister, MS pilot)

Wife/Girlfriend: "Do you honestly think any girl would like this stuck up nerd?" (Carrlota, SR4 classmate)


Personal History:

Born into a middle-class family, Susland displayed his unusual abilities quite early.  At the age of 3 it was confirmed that he was ambidextrous.


At the age of 4 he had learned to read and type, but couldn't speak or write.


At the age of 7 he finally mastered writing and speaking. However he was able to type at 100 wpm.


When he was 12 his sister left to become a ZAFT MS pilot. His sister was the only one who liked him.


At the age of 13 he had mastered 20 programming languages. His typing speed was now 500 wpm. His school life was rotten. It was at this age that he transferred himself to another school electronically and hacked their system. 2 days later he received his graduation papers. He kept up the pretense of going to school. He got himself a PDA and would go to the park and sit and study computers over the net. For the next two years he was constantly on the nets. He wrote his own operating system for his PDA and them used it as a link to more powerful supercomputers. Many of the major supercomputers in plants have some of his code on them. He didn't ever look at what was on these computers. What he used them for was to play games like Counterstrike source (97th edition). He never was good as a player but he soon started writing programs that would control his character for him. Soon on the nets he had a fearsome reputation. Many people thought that he was using cheats because he could step into a room with 10 enemies and come out with little damage. He tried his hands at making Bots for the game but soon found that the most powerful way to play was to be watching his character and making corrections to the code on the fly. He could analyze his opponents and script programs specifically designed to support or kill them.


when he was 17 he had to return to school for 3 months so that his parents could go to his graduation. The kids in school made fun of him still and he had no friends save the computer. After he graduated he couldn't decide what to do so for 1 month he went to a computer college. He quite when he found out that he would not be able to learn anything. He has just passed a new benchmark in typing speeds, 162/3 wps (words per second).  He has been keeping in touch with his sister and she has been trying to convince him to enter the military.

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A quickie: About your char's sister, I doubt ZAFT would let a TWELVE year old join the military as a pilot. Age would need to be a lot more reasonable.


Sorry I meant that Susland was 12 when his sister left. I don't have an age for her. Maybe in her late 20's?


Could i have some pointer on what I could include? If I had to write a history of my life this would be the format that I would use. If you would like me to use another style, could please let me know what it is.

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Don't worry to much about this guy. If I am allowed to be a pilot the strongest thing that I will take is a good old GINN (maby even a mobius (not the Zero!)). Besides in the middle of combat he might pass out from all of the stresses on his body. On the ground he is fine. And space war is not some program that can be easily be shaped to one persons will. Their are pieces of debri all around to mess up nicely programmed actions. If you still think that Is overkill I can damp it down somehow... I guess...


How would I get a mobius? I don't know... I bet that there are a couple wrecked ones that could be put back together for my charicter... I mean it isn't llike a mobius is overkill...


Thank you for the comment!

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No. I would never stupe that low. He would definatly have something to help him with his MS, but having a squad of AIs under his control isn't what I have in mind for him.  Besides without a human to keep updating the code the program could easily be analysed by an opponent. At least that is what Sus would think. He know that it would only take him a few minutes to write a counter program.

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PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


On the Morning of November 11 of CE85, Susland Mason is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council, and the officers appointed over you.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Commander Delfina Schneider, National Defense Headquarters

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