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Re: Updates 27/10/2006


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Alright, if you haven't noticed, we have started the process for character approval.


Please note that the process is now more complex than what we had back on Seed RPG.


There are a few steps that you need to follow:


1) Post your Character Profile in the Character Profile board.


2) Your character's profile will be reviewed by the staff and all other members are allowed to provide feedback which you can use to help improve on the character.


3) When your character's profile has been deemed to be of acceptable standards, it will be moved to the Character Library.


4) Once your character's profile is in the Library board, you can post in your character's thread to request to join a faction.


5) The request for entry to a faction will be reviewed by the faction leaders and they would advise you on the modifications necessary to be made to the profile to make it compatible with the faction you wish to join.


6) You can start to have fun! If you do not wish to pilot a MW, you can RP straight away! However, if you wish to pilot a MW, you can only RP with the MW when you have graduated from the Pilot Academy. You are allowed to RP without the MW in the course of your "education" in the Academy.

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Do or do not.


Fail or pass. There is no half pass.


No half-pass? Take out the P in that while you're at it. We need to really work ourselves to become pilots, right?


"Never half-ass what you can put your whole ass into..." -- Stupid Proverb, Done by me...


On the subject of SAT's... I got 1890 ((That's 1260 to those used to the old 1600-point scale. It changed to 2400 recently, and it's kinda weird.))


As far as the academy goes, I think it'll be a few RP'ed classes and field tests, maybe a written test to tick us off...


Remember, and Admin's job is to frustrate and annoy us to the point where we think we should leave, but won't because we spent too much time trying to get the gundam to give up.

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