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Valiant aka Kira Yamato


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I just realised I don't have an introductory thread. 


As most of you know, I am Kira Yamato from Seed RPG. I am the proud owner of this site, along with the other members of the Advent Destiny Team.


I just hope everyone would have fun, bear with my temper (you know I hate bad grammar and spelling) and enjoy the RP.


Oh, I just remembered the "About Us" page for the Staff. I guess I had an introduction but oh well.

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Let's try to make this a model introduction thread


I'm from Malaysia, studying in Singapore. This explains how I managed to meet up with Hannah and Qrioser and subsequently with Constantine and Windingo.


Valentine's my brother, if you didn't know


Thus, the duo of Kira and Lacus (Hannah and I) started up Seed RPG and was later joined by the rest of them. Qrioser is Hannah's good friend and Constantine and Windingo my brother's classmates. The new-look team worked on improving on the successful Seed RPG idea and thus Advent Destiny was borned.

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