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Kyle Ashford

Fuku with Nodachi

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Player name: Fuku with Nodachi

Character number: 1

Faction: Earth Alliance




Full name: Kyle Ashford

Nickname: Kyle

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: (Natural or Coordinator) Natural

Occupation: None

Birthplace: Kent

Citizenship: Japanese

Personality: Cynical and snappy, Kyle Ashford is clearly not a friendly person. Although he's a little introverted in this way, he's not at all silent. He can be very frank with others; speaking his mind is not a problem for him. Laziness is a constant problem; he often leaves things half-done and depends on other people to help him. Kyle's sense of humor is almost solely based on the misfortune of others. He likes to poke fun at other people whenever he's bored. He doesn't care much for the people around him, but he can be extremely protective of his friends. However, it takes a long time for him to trust people, so he doesn't have a lot of friends. He has a great deal of respect for people who sacrifice themselves for a cause. Although he has an aggressive personality, he is very doubtful about himself. He often finds himself questioning his own motives. The notion of 'fate' greatly intimidates him, but he depends on it.


Kyle Ashford keeps to himself most of the time. His passion is cooking and building models. He prefers simple and practical things and cannot understand art. He frequently thinks of an upperclassman he admired back in high school. He likes sakura trees and hangs out under them whenever he sees some.




Height: 5'5

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: His hair is of a jet-black color. He cuts his own hair every other month, but since he has no idea how to style it, he just brushes it down.

Eye Colour: His natural eye color is black, but he wears contact lenses of an orange hue. He claims it was a mistake by the optometrist but he still buys the orange ones every month.

Identifying Marks: A small, black belt around his neck that looks strangely like a dog collar. He always wears it, and gets mad everytime somebody asks about it.

Skin Tone: Fair.

Build: Medium.

Clothing: Kyle is hardly ever seen wearing the same thing, although his plain sense of style makes his clothing choices easily predictable. He always wears a jacket or sweater, or an unbuttoned shirt. His undershirt is always either red or orange. He only wears jeans.

Handiness: Right-handed.




Mother: Amano Hoshihime

Father: Adam Ashford

Siblings: None.

Wife/Girlfriend: None.


Personal History:


Kyle was born to an English father and a Japanese mother in Kent, England. They were both employed in an innovative pharmaceutical company supported by the government. He lived a happy and prosperous life during these years, no troubling thought ever disturbing his consciousness. It was a time when England suddenly experienced an unexpected and massive boom in the pharmaceutical business.


However, it was revealed by a human rights group that the company Kyle's parents were working for was secretly making drugs for human enhancement. It caused a huge scandal with the government, and in a sudden, unexplained move, fired all managerial staff from the company. Despite them not being directly related to the scandal, nobody would give his parents a job anymore. They moved to Shibuya, and started a bumpy and difficult life. Kyle, 12 years old at the time, was completely confused and distressed with the sudden unfolding of events.


One day, his parents left the house saying an old acquaintance was giving them an interesting job offer. They never came back. An investigation was started, but it yielded no results, save for the fact that it may have something to do with the human testing incident at the company his parents worked for. The devastated Kyle Ashford then lived with his uncle. He completely accepted the probability that they were dead. Anger filled his veins at the thought that his parents were killed because of that incident, yet he couldn't do anything about it. In the six weeks before school started once again in Shibuya, Kyle's heart stewed in a perpetually burning cauldron of hatred for the government. Years passed, and he finally accepted his parents' demise. However, he developed a mindset that people in power can never be trusted, for power invites corruption, no matter what your values are.


He was very aggressive in high school, picking fights with anyone who crossed him. Kyle distanced himself with others in this way. Even though he was more than capable of being an honor student, he chose to do only the bare minimum of schoolwork for he deemed it tiresome. He showed very little concern for the welfare of his classmates.


He continued his rebellious ways until he finally clashed horns with the student government, which, in order to end the steadily growing number of parental complaints, put him under a peer counselor. He ignored this as a petty attempt to control him, but was shocked when the peer counselor threw him over her back in a surprising show of strength. Confused and bitterly ashamed, he struggled to confront this intimidating girl. After a semester's worth of bickering and arguing, Kyle Ashford thought of himself differently, and started to open up. He retained his straightforward and blunt demeanor, yet he gained a newfound respect for authority from the girl.


Yet by far, one of the most important changes in his life occurred in his final year at school, when he entered the counseling room for the last week. He expected to find the warm, accommodating peer counselor there, yet instead found a cold, distressed person in her stead. In tears, she told him how her parents were imprisoned from a military scandal involving secret government-funded projects. She claimed her parents were innocent, yet the top brass exerted too much influence on the matter.


The tables were turned. But instead of reigniting the fury he once had for authority, a sense of justice and compassion was lit aflame. Finding her in the same place as himself a year ago, he decided to do something for her in return. After graduating, he enlisted in the EA Armed Forces, and decided to work his way to the top. He would hope to find something, anything that could uncover the conspiracy behind these incidents not only for his personal closure, but for the person who gave him a better reason for living.

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