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Full name: Dark

Nickname: X-666 Apocalypse.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: 1st gen Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile suit pilot

Birthplace: Unknown.

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation New York, PLANT September City.

Personality: He's depressed most of the time. He mostly keeps quiet or away from other people. If he does go out he is very easy to get along with.





http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m63/Livingweapon/My%20characters%20work/NewDark.jpg   - Military uniform


http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m63/Livingweapon/My%20characters%20work/Darkbig.jpg    -Civilian cloth's


Height: 168 cm

Weight: 110 pounds

Hair Colour and Style: Short, black

Eye Colour: Red, mostly black

Identifying Marks: Scar overlapping the right eye. Scars covering his entire body. Some look like he been stabbed straight through. A bar-code carved into his back right shoulder. (That's where he gets the X-666 Apocalypse, name from.)

Skin Tone: Pale white.

Build: He is very skinny, but he has a large amount of strength.

Clothing: His civilian cloths are a long black trench-coat that remains close, black pants, with a long black sleeve shirt. His uniform is the standard type. He keeps the collar open.

Handiness: both hands




Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Brother (Name and location are unknown.)

Wife/Girlfriend: Violet (Deseased.)


Personal History:



Was born in the OMNI force territory, and taken from his mothers arms. They placed him an experiment tube. They started to tanper with his genes along with others. When he was a year old, they carved a bar-code into his back shoulder, They carve in the X-666 Apocalypse in because that's of the many others they were using or have used. Along with his brother who had a different code, which was opposite of what he got. When he gotten old enough, they started to train him in close quarters combat with the others. And everytime he would get a serious injured, that would end up turning into a scar on his body. His parents started to work at that lab in order to watch over their children. But they notice a change in both of them. His brother went to the brick of insanity with all the killing around him, his brother completely lost it. While he somehow isolated himself from the world and kept himself from suffering the same fate.


As he got older, he became so quiet and isolated that it would be mostly impossible to learn or even speak. But he would stay up most of the night and listen to the people around him talk, while he slowly teaches himself from the words that the people say and from the writing that he sees. His parents tried to help him but they weren't allowed to get to close to him. He was suppose to become a killing machine with out emotions or the ability to disobey orders. But that started to back fire when he started to refuse to kill his opponents. He would seriously injured them then just remain still as the barked the orders at him, but he would refuse them. He started to take his on orders and refuse the labs orders. At times he would end up attacking the guards that would come in and try to kill the useless experiments, in a attempt to protect someone. They would send him to confinement. He started to learn so tricks. He taught himself how to escape hand-cuffs and chains. But he would feel serious pain when he does it. So he would only do it when he needs to. He became one who can escape cuffs at the price of feeling pain.


One night in confinement, his parent had gotten a perfect chance to see him. They enter his room and started to talk to him. He remained quiet the entire time. Then his mother mention that they were working on something in order to get him out of there. They left him with that small amount of hope. But he didn't know the difference from freedom and this. But somehow he felt like this would mean that he won't have to hurt anymore people. That's what develop in his heart over the time there.


Then it happened, on a surprised attack. ZAFT invaded the base with weapons blazing. He was on the third floor. They were taking him to confinement but then ZAFT attack. He had to act fast. He dislocated his right hand and pulled through the hand-cuffs and slammed his body into all three guards over the railing and head first into the ground. But before one of them fell, he grabbed the key's. He then relocated the parts of his right hand, cause heavy pain on him, then he went back and unlocked the other cuff. He was about to make a run for it to somewhere he can hide. But he stops and notices one of the ZAFT soldiers being choked from behind. Their face was covered with the visor. He heard that they were suppose to be strong but this one wasn't. He had to do something, and the only real thing that came to his mind was to jump over the railing and on top of the lab guard. So he did, he ended up knocking the visor of the ZAFT soldier off. It was revealed that the soldier was a girl, that almost was his age but a year younger. She had somewhat black/violet hair. Her eyes were violet as well. For a brief moment the stared at each other. But then he quickly grabs her and pulls her out of the way as the other experiment came in with weapons, shooting at the ZAFT soldiers like they were ordered to. He pulled out the two hand guns from the girls hoister and came out firing both of them, hitting points in the body that wouldn't kill and the weapons in their hands.


After the attack, the girl that he saved was second in command of the attack force and since the real commander was killed in battle, she was now the commander. She said that she'll take care of him, since he didn't understand what was going on. It was appointed that most of the experiments had escaped in the conflict. Also there was no sign of his parents were killed. So he believed that their still alive. So when some things were settled, the girl now named Violet. Took him back to the PLANT's and helped him get his citizenship up there, with altered data of him to make them think he's just another Coordinator. Even though she was so young, she ran a Orphanage when it wasn't war time or when she had a mission. She helped him learn how to talk a bit. When he knew some words he asked the reason why she's helping him. Her answer was that "no should be lone in the world." She said that and said that he had such sadness in his eyes. He accepted that. And he kept there for her.


The Altered record


He was transfered from Orb a few years after the second war. His parents are consered MIA. He want to America for a year, then returned to Orb. Graduated in 81 C.E. at one of the university's. He came to the PLANT's looking for a job, for his skill sets.


End of Record



They became closer with every moment that passed. She named him Dark, because of his liking of the darkness. She brought him to a lake that was surrounded with cherry blossom trees. He would help her around the house and with whatever she needed help with. But he didn't know he was being watched. One night he passed Violet's room and seen her crying with a picture of her family. He felt sad for her and for himself. Because he couldn't do anything about it. He went to his room and felt something. He felt the presences of his brother somewhere. He left the house and walked around until he found where his brother was. His brother said that he should be killed along with everything in the world. His brother had two swords while he didn't have anything. He fought his brother, trying only to injured him but it was no use. His brother would get up after ever blow he took. His brother had did some serious blows to him. As he thought his was going to died, Violet came in and stepped in the way. She was stabbed straight through the chest. But the blade didn't stop. Dark had his hand up to block it but the swords stabbeds straight through and into his chest. She brought out a knife and stabbed through his chest. His brother was serious injured after that. He passed out and fell backwards. Violet fell over leaving Dark still standing up. He pulled out the sword and threw it to the side. Violet had her last amount of strength and used the knife and cut into Dark face and made the scar overlapping his right eye. She said it was for him to remember what he was to fight for and what to to protect. After that she died. Dark's eyes became souless like sense he broke down. He then lifted up her body a brought her to the lake they always visited and brought her out into the middle and let her sink. He started to blame himself for her death.


After a moment of his life he went and enlisted into the ZAFT military. He trained through day and night. He wanted to make a world that he promise to Violet before she died. He continues though the tough training. He piloted a Gin on his first training mission. It was suppose to be a training mission, but the trainers and the students were attacked by a small unknown group, lead by a White Windam. Most of the student's and teachers were killed. But Dark protected the remaining units with his Gin. He tried disabling the enemy units, but they kept on coming at him even with their damaged parts. So Dark had no choice but to kill them. He then fought against the White Windam and took serious damage, He lost the left arm, the wings, and the right leg. But he kept going, He managed to get a real assault rifle, by taking one of the teachers. He Destroyed its arm and legs, but It kept coming at him. It launched missiles at him and fell backwards towards the water, Dark fired his rifle. He was sure he hit it, sense it looked like it exploded there. Then he picked something up, the missiles it fired he dodged them but now they were coming at him from behind. He tried to turn and move or fire, but the missiles destroyed the assault rifle as well as rained down on him. His Gin took serious damage and crashed backwards into the ground. Fire began around the giant mobile suit. He manage to use the eject switch and blow open the hatch. The others were amazed of him. He got out and started to walk towards them, with miner injuries like cuts and burns. He removed his helmet and kept walking. With the fiery background with the black Gin burning and his messed up hair and some black marks, sense he didn't have his visor down. Some say that he looked almost like a demon or a devil. So they decided to give him a nickname of what happened. Since he looked like that and the situation which was unuttered chaos, and his fallen Gin. The gave his name as "The Fallen Devil of Chaos". He somewhat smiled at that, then just pasted out onto the floor. When he awoke, he was in an infirmary. He was then made himself a promised. He would hope that he can end the war and bring peace back to the world.

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Just one thing: a nickname is supposed to be what people "commonly" call you, and is usually not a title unless that is how you are more known as. (ex. "Ultimate Coordinator" was not Kira's nickname). As I see it your nickname would be Dark, or even Apocalypse, but nowhere does it mention that you were ever referred to as "The Fallen Devil of Chaos".

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If someone were to see that, then they can call him that. But he hides it. So they would call him by his name. But if they see that then they can call him. So far, no one really knows about his nickname or that. They call him Dark, his real name.

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If X-666 is what he was called in the laboratory, then wouldn't that be his real name?  Since Dark is a name he was given by Violet, then wouldn't that be his nickname?  A nickname is usually the only way you know someone's name for the longest time.  For example, a friend of mine from High School never used his first name, we always called him by his middle name; it took me 6 months to pick up on that 


As for the handcuffs, one could always say that Dark was lucky and had been given a older pair, and that the locking mechanism broke when he tried to get them off/

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People need to stop getting so hooked up on which races should be accepted in which factions, I mean, you have coordinators in the EA already (care of my Lune character), so whats to stop say a natural or an extended from joining ZAFT?  The only problem I could see with playing an extended would be either the drug addiction if you intend to play as a 1st stage extended (druggie), or the block word and mental conditioning that is required for 2nd stage extendeds (Stellars, or my Lilium Trollius if you keep up with your SEED RPG knowledge).

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Sadly, I think it would be unethical for Plant to allow natural or extended into their military. Also most extendeds are souless killing machines, that follow orders without a grasp on whats right or wrong. they would not be able to function well with all the time that would be required to maintain their equipment. Extra medical staff, and expensive equipment would be too costly.


Also, may of the protocols, computer systems, and mobile suits would have to be tweaked for a natural to use them. Its like trying to fit a star in a slot for a triangle. It wont fit, no matter how much force you put on it.

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