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Re: MVF-M13A Amemasu


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No, this isn't a mobile suit submission (though I'd love to see this machine used - after editing, of course). This is just my response to the problem of "Why doesn't Orb, an island nation, have aquatic mobile units?"


Credit for assistance and inspiration to (in alphabetical order): Asahi, kct, liubei, Qrioser and winders.


For the origin of the name, click here.


MVF-M13A Amemasu


General and Technical Data

Model number: MVF-M13A

Code name: Amemasu

Unit type: mass production sea-superiority transformable mobile suit

Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc

Operator: Orb Union

First deployment: CE 83

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: overall height 17.82 meters

Weight: max gross weight approximately 60 metric tons

Construction: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, water-tight/pressurized components inside hydrodynamic movable frame, hydrodisplacement propulsion system

Fixed armaments:

2x M2M5D 12.5mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head, operable only in mobile suit mode, disabled when head is submerged

1x 2-bay Torpedo launcher (6x Type 83H “Hayai” high-speed torpedo), mounted on back, disabled when not submerged

2x G-83J “Jiten” compact Gauss guns, alternate-fire when mounted under fins in mobile armor mode, hand-carried in use or stored at fins in mobile suit mode

2x “Tanto” combat daggers, stored on hips, hand-carried in use

1x Shield, mounted on left arm in mobile suit mode


Historical Notes

Ironically, for a nation bordered by water on all sides, Orb has never been known for it’s sea-based mobile force. The nation relied mainly on it’s fleet of ships to stop the advances of the EA and ZAFT during each faction’s assault in the Bloody Valentine Wars of 71 and 73, respectively. The peace accord reached at the end of the second war ensured that production of mobile weapons would be limited, but it did not mean that Orb would not attempt to make up for it’s glaring deficiency in naval combat.


Unable to acquire the technology used on the other two faction’s underwater MS, Orb was forced to research and develop it’s line of aquatic units on it’s own time. Code-named the ‘Amemasu’ (after a whale-like Japanese lake creature of legend known for capsizing boats; pronounced with a silent ‘u’) it took five years for Orb to perfect the technology used to construct the mobile suit’s pressurized movable frame alone, and another four to complete the development of the weaponry it currently wields. Though untested in actual combat, the Amemasu stands ready to defend Orb’s seas from any water-borne threats, whether they are ships, subs, or other mobile weapons.


Technical Notes


Color Scheme

The Amemasu only comes in cyan. Contrary to popular belief, Orb’s ‘all-cyan’ policy does not stop determined pilots from changing their machine’s color scheme. However, it does restrict such extravagance by pricing such a modification at a prohibitively high price (with appropriate taxation). Even then, pilots who still choose to apply such a modification tend to incur the Princess’ wrath, sooner or later.



The mobile suit’s design follows closely to that of its airborne predecessor, the MVF-M11A Murasame, though the Amemasu is not capable of independent flight. The main difference between these two is that the Amemasu sports the more common swept-back wing (fin) design used by standard aircraft, in order to achieve more fluid hydrodynamics when dashing through, and on the surface of, the ocean. Though the Amemasu can be used on land (in mobile suit mode, and only should the need arise), the pressurized-components design of the Amemasu make it unwieldy for such conditions, and is best kept beneath the waves of the Earth, as was intended. When submerged, it’s speed and maneuverability is peerless, even as a mobile suit, making it as much of a predator as its namesake.


Hyrdrodisplacement Propulsion System

One of the major stumbling blocks to the Amemasu's development was Orb's lacking knowledge of underwater dynamics, which did not extend beyond submarines. Unfortunatelys, the propulsion systems present in the nation's earlier models provided insufficient thrust for water-based locomotion. For inspiration, the nation turned to aerodynamics not just from aircraft, but also from high-resistance speed machines, such as race cars. Making a parallel between an underwater skimmer and a grounded automobile (both experience great amounts of environmental resistance to motion), Orb was able to devise a propulsion system that allowed it to direct water flow inside the Amemasu as well as around it, taking in water at strategic points along it's body to reduce drag, and using integrated turbine technology to forcefully displace such volumes of water in the equally strategic directions to provide additional Newtonian reactive motion. The turbines were soon improved so as to be able to change their rate of revolutions (and thus, strength of water displacement) as well as direction of displacement, enabling the Amemasu to utilize it's unique propulsion system as effectively when in mobile suit mode.


2-bay Torpedo Launcher, "Hayai" high-speed torpedoes

As a submariner, the Amemasu has no use for the “Hayate” air-to-air missiles carried by the Murasame. Instead, it has been given a ‘humpback’: a torpedo launcher that carries six ‘Hayai’ high-speed torpedoes, with three torpedoes loaded in each of its two bays. Though the torpedoes can be fired at enemy mobile units with a satisfactory success rate, they are best used against larger, slower and more strategic targets such as submarines and ships.


G-83J “Jiten” Compact Gauss Guns

Due to the PEACE Treaty, Orb was never able to acquire the phonon maser technology prevalent in the EA and ZAFT aquatic units. Instead, it turned to already available technology to augment the Amemasu’s sea-superiority role. Basing their research on ammunition-based weaponry, Orb found itself unlocking the secret to small-scale mass driver technology. The research resulted in the development of a compact, electromagnetism-induced particle accelerator – the long theorized ‘Gauss’ weaponry. Unlike other ammunition-based weaponry, the firing mechanism for Gauss weaponry required a small amount of energy per shot, but the attack, in the form of a super-accelerated piece of shrapnel that follows a tight helical path, cuts through water and known metals almost as easily as it does through air. It still does not, however, penetrate phase-shift armor, but the drain on the device is significant due the shrapnel’s Relativistic impact velocity. The Amemasu sports two of the smallest models of Gauss weaponry, the G-83J “Jiten” (‘spin’ in Japanese), carrying only 50 shots apiece in it’s integrated loader (Gauss weaponry are not clip-fed), sacrificing ammo count for a firing rate closer to a CIWS than an energy weapon. Besides, with a bullet that can penetrate almost as well as a beam, one shot is often all that’s needed.


“Tanto” Combat Daggers

As beam sabers work poorly underwater, if at all, the Amemasu required an easy-to-wield melee weapon that would be excellent for last resort offensive and close-quarters defense, especially when underwater. Taking a cue from the “Gerbera Straight” katana, Orb decided to perform its small-scale research on it at the same time as it did with its Gauss weaponry. The result was the “Tanto”, a dagger-class derivative of the Astray Red Frame’s katana, though the “Tanto” did not sport the same anti-phase-shift properties as the larger sword. Like the Gauss guns, the Amemasu wields two of these, but are to be used only when there is no other choice (i.e. out of ammo), as the mobile suit’s underwater speed, mobility and firepower makes close-combat specialization a questionable, if not quixotic, choice.


Storage and Deployment

Given Orb's low number of submarines, the Amemasu is often deployed from a mobile suit carrier, or directly from the ports of the nation's naval bases. Since the Amemasu is stored in it's mobile suit form due to space considerations, pilots tend to make a show of their deployment. The most common deployment method is to charge towards the edge of the mobile suit's launching platform (whether it be a ship or a port or the shore), jump as high as possible with the standard thrusters, transform in mobile armor mode in mid-air, and dive as gracefully and as deeply as possible into the water.

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Rad: Whoa, awesome specs there.  (Scale system would've been better, but Orb doesn't have access to that tech.  Ah well.)

Speaking of which, did you describe anything about the propulsion system? o_o


Ray: Speculating here, but I think the basic frame is based on the Murasame, except for the modified frame and swept-back wings, along with the armaments.

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Updated with the propulsion system, as well as a little more light-hearted info.


Ray: liubei's right. It's based on the Murasame (thus the similar model number), but the wings are pointing back in mobile armor mode. It doesn't have that gun-nozzle in the fin, but instead has a thick metal 'backpack' that is the torpedo launcher. Two small, MS-pistol-sized linear guns are mounted under the fins, and the Murasame's hip sabers have been replaced by two dagger-sized katanas (which is what an actual tanto is).


Also, it must absolutely, positively, be cyan in color.

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Lies.  >_>


No it's the truth. Even I did the same for my crap specs .>" title="" /> .


EDIT: Just like Rad, I've decided to do a similar thing, but this time to address 'Why Orb, for having a company that deals with technically advanced weaponry, does not have a mobile suit that uses plasma weaponry like BABIs and Launcher Daggers?'




General and Technical Data

Model number: MVF-M21C1

Code name: Yatagarasu

Unit type: Multi-purpose mass-produced transformable mobile suit

Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc

Operator: ORB Union

First deployment: unknown

Capacity: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Head Height: 18.7 meters

Weight: min gross weight 63.4 metric tons

Construction: Unknown

Power plant: Ultra compact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; variable-geometry wings; deployable tail stabilizer

Fixed armaments (mobile suit mode):

4 x M2M5D 12.5mm CIWS, fire-linked, 2 x mounted in head, 2 x mounted in wings

2 x Type 72 high-energy beam gun, power rating unknown, mounted on waist

2 x Type 70J Kai beam saber, stored in holster, hand-carried in use

6 x multipurpose hardpoints (mounts 3 x Type 66A air-to-air missile "Hayate" or 2 x anti-ship missiles each), operable in mobile armor mode only, mounted beneath wings

1 x Combined aerodynamic shield (mounts "Agni Sniper" 320mm beam sniper gun), power rating unknown, operable in both mobile suit and mobile armor mode, hand-carried in use

Optional hand armaments:



Technical and Historical Notes


Despite performing quite well in the Second Bloody Valentine War as Orb Union's front line mobile suits, the combat data obtained from the MVF-M11C Murasame have exposed several fatal flaws, structurally-wise. The main flaw is that the frame of the Murasame is structurally weak, given its role as an air-superiority transformable mobile suit which required generally strong frames to fight the G-forces put on the Murasame.


Another main flaw that existed among the forces of Orb Union is that there are no mobile suits with any plasma weaponry or any multi-phase beam cannon of some sort, like the AMA-953 BABI from ZAFT and the Launcher Striker-equipped Daggers from the Earth Alliance. Using the basis of the Murasame, Orb decided to perfect the transformable mobile suit design from the Murasame to the next level, while combining the BABI’s air superiority, and the versatility of the Launcher Daggers. Called the 'MVF-M21C1 Yatagarasu' (after a creature found in various mythologies of Asia and North Africa, that is believed to represent the sun, with the code representing a new series), it adapted several features Orb have researched on during the period of peace. The final design bears a slight resemblance to the Murasame, although everything is all-new, including some weapons.


Also, another reason this mobile suit is created is because of the emphasis on 'quality over quantity', ever since the PEACE treaty limits production of mobile weapons. This has switched the focus of the mobile suit to a multi-purpose mobile suit, if anything is the indication. Since the mobile suit was built with a modular design, the basic frame design could be adapted into various roles. As of press time, several variants have been planned for the FREE forces, but that is dependent on the wishes of the Princess.


Colour scheme


In line with Orb's new colour policies on mobile suits, it only comes in cyan. After the war, the FREE forces have a very clear policy regarding colour scheme, under the orders of the Princess. Any attempt to change the colour of the mobile suit (although few would do so, given their loyalty to the Princess) would incur Her Majesty’s wrath. Also, pilots of re-coloured Yatagarasus would attract at least 200% more taxes compared to cyan-coloured Yatagarasus, not to mention the frequency of visits by tax collectors doubled.


Basic improvements


Because the new design have increased the weight of the mobile suit on a much larger scale (the Yatagarasu have a minimum gross weight of about 63.4 metric tons, while the Murasame have a maximum gross weight of 46.88 metric tons), several steps have been taken to address this issue. The transformable frame has been improved to support the weight and the systems of the mobile suit, with the resultant effect a slightly taller mobile suit. The thrusters have been improved to support the heavier weight of the mobile suit, while pushing out a higher amount of thrust to propel the Yatagarasu faster than the Murasame.


Since the original Murasame features a pair of wings that is swept to the front, it makes a good design when flipped upward in mobile suit mode, but a flaw existed. One of the weakness of the original design is that the support for the wings are not very feasible design-wise (since the wing looks like it seperates from the holders), and also this design proves to be unstable. Taking a cue from a certain 20th-century jet fighter, the new swept-back wings features variable geometry systems that adjusts the angular sweep of the wings according to the speed of the Yatagarasu in mobile armor mode. This new design also helps in storing the mobile suit on board of ships. The wings still featured external hardpoints like the original Murasame, but the number is increased to 6, after the internal “Hayate” air-to-air missiles is abandoned in the new design. This would enable the missiles to be loaded much faster, saving time for the Yatagarasu to re-enter battles. Various ordanance include air-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, bombs and other various weapons systems including electronic countermeasures.


The original Murasames featured tail stabilizers with built-in thrusters, but they do not deploy in mobile suit mode, making performing turns and rolls difficult in mobile suit mode. The rear tail stabilizer of the new mobile suit is redesigned into a "tail binder", which not only served as control surfaces for the mobile armor in atmospheric flight, but also contained extra thrusters and worked as additional "balancing limbs" in mobile suit mode. It was this feature that gives the name 'Yatagarasu' to the new mobile suit, as the name also meant 'three-legged bird' in Asian and North African mythologies. Because of the versatility of the modular construction of the body, the mobile suit can serve as a basis for other models.


Dual Type 72 high-energy beam guns


The Type 72 high-energy beam gun, largely useless in mobile suit mode, has been discarded from the tail stabilizer. This does not mean the beam guns is discarded completely, in fact, the Yatagarasu now sported a pair of deployable Type 72 high-energy beam guns attached to its waist in mobile suit mode. This increase the usefulness of the beam guns, as it can be used in numerous (sometimes creative) ways against enemy mobile suits. This also meant that the Yatagarasu can now still fight in battles even without a beam rifle.


"Agni Sniper" 320mm beam sniper gun


Using the "Agni" cannon, as seen in the Earth Alliance, as the design basis (Orb Union designed the weapon in the first place when they worked on the five original Gundams), it has been severely modified to fit a new role: as a plasma-class weaponry for high-offensive firepower against either enemy mobile weapons or ships. Because accuracy is the main focus here, it has been added with a dedicated targeting sensor to increase its accuracy. The modification also involves combining it with the new shield, rendering the new shield largely useless in melee combat. Other than that, this is the other side-effects: the increase in weight. Although the cannon do run on its own power (weapons of original Striker packs have their own power supply), that is also a contributing factor to the increase in weight.

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Its the first time I've seen good custom mobile suits for ORB. With the Yatagarasu ORB now has an equivalent suit against EA and ZAFT in the water.



The ideas are nice, but the only thing I've noticed is this:



Storage and Deployment

Given Orb's low number of submarines, the Amemasu...



Question, what are the ORB submarines? I don't recall ORB having submarines in Seed and Destiny.

Just asking for some background about this. Thanks!

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Its the first time I've seen good custom mobile suits for ORB. With the Yatagarasu ORB now has an equivalent suit against EA and ZAFT in the water.



The ideas are nice, but the only thing I've noticed is this:



Storage and Deployment

Given Orb's low number of submarines, the Amemasu...



Question, what are the ORB submarines? I don't recall ORB having submarines in Seed and Destiny.

Just asking for some background about this. Thanks!


The Yatagarasu is for those like BABIs and such, while the Amenasu for the water .>" title="" /> .

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Actually, there aren't really any. The Amemasu came out of discussions about Orb not naving naval units (even subs, apparently). These MS may never see use in the RP (though given kct's Zeta fandom, the Yatagarasu may be his character's target custom unit), and Orb was never shown to have submarines in the anime or the manga.

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