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Gundam SEED Rules (Spoilers)

James Hawke

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Inspired by two series, I have subjectively made up some rules that Gundam SEED apparently has in the series  and the rules are:


1. Characters only use similar color suits to their preference, if the manufacturer screws up their color of preference in the PS armor, they are likely to change sides

2. Main characters will have in the end a girlfriend that her hair is colored red if not you are not a main character or your are dead

3. If you don’t see someone guts blow out and he might be alive….he is alive…can’t really say how strong this rule is

4. If you are a secondary character and you are acting cooler than the main character…you better have good life insurance because you are going to die

5. The last episode, the first time is aired is not a real episode….is a practice round just wait till the real episode comes a couple of months later and that one is the REAL ending episode

6. If there is a mistake or something is wrong….proably is not real is a figment of your imagination….the movies will prove you wrong

7. Lacus is always right…she does not need any reasons

8. ZAFT mobile suits are high quality but comes with defects…like radio problems…EA has better radio

9. All mobile suits talk in the same comm. Channel and you can’t ignore people

10. Side stories are irrelevant to the major stories….no matter how good your side character is

11. 18 – 20 year old people rule over important countries

12. At the age of 20 - 25 you can be entrusted to have a state of the art battle ship, but everyone with more experience is lowered rank


If I forgot any rules of comments feel free to post it

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15. There is no such thing as a "secret project". The person least expected to know about it, does.


16. War machines never run out of batteries or ammo unless the director requires drama.


17. The bigger the weapon, the smaller the trigger.


18. The more popular the voice actor, the shorter the character's life expentancy.


19. Pink is the safest color. Gold is the riskiest.


20. Duels can only occur between war machines of different color schemes.


21. Romantic relationships can only occur between characters of different hair color.

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22. Most chicks (especially the underage ones) must be anorexically thin.


23. When 'grunts' face a powerful enemy weapon (i.e. Large mobile armors, etc.), they are nothing but fodder.  But when the main characters encounter such enemies, the situation is (almost always) reversed.

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24. No matter how many times the main character appears to have been killed, he/she will always appear again with a more powerful mobile suit.


25. Non-main character or storyline related ships always gets blown up in one or more hit. They will never have a better defense.

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Gundam SEED Rules regarding Ship-to-Ship combat:


1) There are no weapons on the aft of the vessel, as demostrated by episode ## and captain Ramius's line "We can't shoot them, they're behind us."


2) You will never strive to conquer a ship, you always kill, kill, kill.


3) Grunt ships get blasted by one hit, named ships can take MANY shots.


4) Beam shots hitting grunt-ships - however small - create MASSIVE holes.


5) The captain of a named ship is female, to provide material for fanboys.


6) Rule #5 applies to other notable crew-members.


7) Whenever the captain decides to fall in love, the other one (appears to be) killed, and appears in a sequel.


8 ) The Archangel WILL survive. Always. No doubt about it.

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26.) No matter how many mobile suits, ships, tanks, planes, and superweapons attack a protagonist's mobile suit, no matter how much they attack, no matter how many different vectors they attack from, the protagonist will dodge or block every single shot. Only an antagonist character can actually do meaningful damage to a protagonist.


Ship-to-ship rules:

9.) Only named ships are capable of successful evasion. Grunt ships react too slow and always get hit.

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27.) Grunts will never bother with equipment . Those with Shields won't use them, and those with guns never hit, and those with thrusters won't dodge a single shot.


Heck, give them Phase Shift Armor, they'll forget to turn it on, a Hyper Deuterium Reactor and they'll just make a bigger explosion (well, probably not, Stock Footage for the loss).


Additionally, taking a shot in the foot is a fatal blow for a Grunt Suit.


Somewhat a corollary of Dragon's 26th rule


@James' 9th rule -

"Shinn! What is it you're fighting for?"

*Shinn has squelched you*


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New rule: Whenever Kira flies in with Freedom Gundam, whoever has been currently fighting quietly backs off and calls it a day.

Or they get their a**es handed to them. 


Ship to ship:

10. To add 'dramatic' effects, there's ALWAYS a close-up of the bridge of the ship...before the crew gets blown apart/disintegrated/flash-fried/etc.



28. When suits are shot by precision weapons (i.e. beam rifles) in a general battle, they always explode spectacularly, despite the general lack of explosive components or regardless of the location in which they are hit.  (Assumption that suits are using batteries instead of NUCLEAR REACTORS =/= Boomies)

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If you're not a main character, or you're a annoying minor main character on a escape craft and you're relying on the resident emo main character (Kira) to save your life...he can't.


Central MS characters have no trouble destroying grunt units/character; the moment it comes to destroying one larger character of the opposing force, they have to go emo and take everything hard.

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30. Notable pilots of mobile suits are always shown to have their helmets' cracking when the get hit by a beam rifle, if not they will appear for revenge later on.


Ship Rule:

11. Named ships will always defect to another faction(Archangel, Eternal) or else get blown up(Girty Lue) or end up crashing or retreating with their a** kicked(Minerva and Nana Buluku).

12. Kusanagi, an Izumo class, is an exception of the above rule.

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31. When a main character comes flying into battle,  there will definitely be 'bling-bling' explosions soon after.


32. Characters that oppose the main characters either die or end up crippled mentally or physically.


33. The antagonist must always be hated by some people just because.


34. Grunt suit pilots will scream out even though their suits already have a darn hole in them courtesy of melee or ranged beam weapons practically all the time.


35. The good guys always win, no matter how ridiculously outnumbered and absurd their reasoning may be.


36. Evil 'final bosses' suddenly snap and go out of character or insane near the end of the series.


37. The 'evil' side will always have a gi-normous mega beam weapon of mass destruction to use.


Ship rules:

13. Any named ships not on the main character's side WILL be destroyed. Definitely.


14. Archangel can only be really tested by other named ships (Dominion, Minerva), and will always come out tops in the end. 

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