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Ryou Misaki

Ryou Misaki

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Player name: Ryou Misaki

Character number: 1

Faction: ZAFT




Full name: Ryou Creed Misaki

Nickname: 'Cat's Eyes' In the Army from his slits and focus. ' Angel's Fingertips ' from his talent on the piano

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ZAFT Soldier

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany, Eurasian Federation

Citizenship: Currently PLANT but had a Earth Federation citizenship


Personality: Ryou's personality is that of a person that can change from depending on the topic at hand. He has a deep hatred for the Earth itself due to Logos having attacked Berlin at a earlier year and killing his mother in the process. He is strong willed and determined but when alone his mind tends to think of the past and the life he abandoned. A bit rude depending on cutting into the middle of a superior officer and stands for his own right depending if he does know the truth in the matter or topic at hand. Though he does over think and tends to second guess his movements in battle, he is a excellent strategist due to this and he tends to make his own simulations in a program he created himself using data from past battles. Though he is also a joker at times and is very stubborn when it comes to a person scorning him, he'll never forgive them.


Personal Quote he is known for during the Academy: What possible value does one burdened to exist with cursed blood have? Sometimes running is the only way to save yourself. Humans are…so arrogant!






( Edited Picture has been done by Myself, Original picture may be credited if the original creator PM's me and gives me proof that this is his/her own work; Until then It will be Credited by Unknown )


Height: 6'2

Weight: 80 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Snow White Hair which he dyed it in for remembrance of his mother and the snow that was within Berlin but it is originally brown. His hair tends to be wild and grow out to the sides and around his face and curves to his chin. He has one long bit which tends to come curve to his left eye. 

Eye Colour: Honey brown but mistaken for Yellow or Golden, though his eyes depending on how focused he gets turn to slits. Can also happen from anger and serious moments.

Identifying Marks: His eyes tend to match a Cat's considering they turn into Slits at times.

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Weak but Agile

Clothing: Citizen: Wears a Silk long sleeved buttoned shirt which he always leaves undone to show off his collar. Around that he wears a dark blue coat which he'll never button himself. The sleeves of the coat being a bit longer  for his hands due to his mother having made it for him, having gotten his arm length wrong. He wears tight black pants which he adjusted himself to fit his waist, having been taught how to sew by his mother at a younger age. And a pair of black shoes that are tied by a black string also, mostly having giving him a schoolboy look almost if not a university type look.

ZAFT: His having been a traditional Red suit in which he always leaves the first few buttons undone which shows his white shirt and collar. Everything else is left untouched, having not been a problem for him.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Ada Kinoru ( Natural, Deceased )

Father: Kaze Misaki ( Coordinator, Alive and one of the Leading ZAFT Technology Department for Mobile Armors being both Suits and Transportation ) Creating a Separate Bio for Him.

Siblings: One Sibling, Died at stillbirth. Information unknown to him.

Wife/Girlfriend: Too busy dealing with a Rival


Personal History: Ryou Misaki's life can be written in 4 parts; Bullied Childhood, Talented Prodigy, Death of Mother, and Hatred for Earth.


[align=center]Bullied Childhood[/align]


Ryou was born a Coordinator within earth due to the fact that his parents had divorced and separated before he could be transported to the PLANTS or a neutral area. This lead him through a whole childhood of hiding his identity and denying who he was and his weak body was the reason people assumed him to be Natural.


His first few years were simple, other than his high IQ at solving problems and simple things as a baby which his mother had hidden quite well also from people around them. From when he was good enough to join a school, she had sent him to a special private school filled with kids of high IQ and gifted ones. Where a normal school would pick up on his exceptional abilities a private school didn't.


Ryou was an emotional and rather weak kid, having had a pale skin and rather more weaker spine was forced to do many things and homework for his other classmates. Though he always didn't stand up for abuse against girls, having attempted to stop the older boys and got punched instead was the first mistake and realization of the other students that he was a coordinator. Though he did take the hit where he could have easily dodged it, his eyes had then turned into slits as he looked up at the other kids without his own realization.


The slits that his eyes go through was a personal condition of his. He was a Damaged Coordinator. Though the reason for this is unknown, the slits do not give him better abilities or even an advantage. It was just claimed to have been a freak accident from when he was within his womb.


The students at the time having not known much other than that there was a war had bullied him from that point on. Not telling a higher up or administrator they had simply taken their own pressures and sadistic views into him. Having beaten him terribly but not enough to kill him. Ryou had started to grow deep hatred for his own self and Coordinators themselves from this, having not understood why he was born in such a way and in what way he was different.


His mother was the only thing that stopped him from committing suicide. When he had asked his mother on why he was a coordinator, she had just dropped to her knees and embraced him with never ending apologies escaping her mouth. It was the first time he had seen his mother's tears and from that point on he had spent his own time trying to control his own reactions and emotions, having succeeded in blocking them out. After a few years of this had passed and a school change later on, he was the top of his class and a Child Prodigy.


[align=center]Child Prodigy[/align]


Within the age of 4 he was already at the top of his class. Though his mother had warned him not to do too well or else others would get suspicious, from that he had started to control his grade point average.


Within this age he was Dependant on his mother. She was the only reason for his life and he knew she must have suffered from his existence. Due to this, he had helped her around the house and her job. She was known throughout her town for being the best at Sewing and he himself had taken a rather feminine route with her as he learned it also. From this point he had fixed his own clothes and stuffed bears for the neighbors.


As he grew, his view on politics had also become obvious to his mother. Him having heard the Earth federation speeches on Coordinators and even television propaganda on how evil Coordinators are. He didn't buy into it, and had refused to believe in it.


At the age of 5 he was contacted by a man claimed to be his father. His mother having forced him to go to the PLANTS at the time during the peaceful Era that had been made. The boy having not understood much but agreed to do so at the time.


[align=center]Death of a Mother[/align]


The peace between Coordinators and Naturals had given his father the freedom to contact the family without expecting any racism or death for both of them. His mother having then told him that his father was to take him to the PLANTS to explain everything.


Ryou had been confused at first, mostly on why his mother was letting him leave and then on who the man was. Having been sent into space and entered into the PLANTS he was confused and scared.


His father was a scientist and one of the technology developing men who helped the army created systems for the mobile suits to function in. Ryou learned to slow dislike him over time though considering his rather patriotic strength to ZAFT, made him question why he married a Natural like his mother.


His father placed him in a class also once he arrived and Ryou had been accepted for the first time as a coordinator. Having gotten used to the people and found them much more accepting to him than the naturals. But his feelings for his mother had never disappeared, he wanted to go back home.


He stayed for a year and had excelled in programming and MS training simulations even at a young age as 6. Once that happened another war had broken out and he was forced to stay within the PLANTs. His worry for his mother having reached a peak at this time as he continually stared at the television and kept his eyes at the news and the progress of the War as it happened.


His horrors were realized when he heard of a strike that had happened on Berlin. Having been attacked by a huge mobile suit which was shown on screen, his eyes had turned into slits as he scarred down the mobile suit in his mind.


For a month he had been in the same state of mind, Ryou's mother was one of the deceased that the mobile suit had killed. His mind having collapsed around him and peaceful moments he had with his mother haunting his every move. Nightmares having stopped him from sleeping and his eyes having been in the same condition for days at a time.


[align=center]Hatred for Earth[/align]


His love for Earth had disappeared at that moment. His mind having grown a deep hatred for the planet and the people within who couldn't accept Coordinators along with such racist acts towards other people. He would find them merely weak and unable to blame their own complaints to themselves, they pointed it to the coordinators.


He had asked his Father at that time to make him a citizen of PLANT and to change his Nationality and citizenship. The boy having torn off any connection he had to the planet he had been born into. At the time he was 9.


Through then he had been within the PLANTs and attended a School. He having gotten the highest grades even within Coordinators around him considering how repressed he was before, his talents had been now unlatched and he felt no need to hold back in his mind. He had stopped watching television all together and spent his time studying in an attempt to become a soldier in his mind. His father being proud of him for having taken an interest in such a thing. Through this several years had passed.


Though peace had been made between both sides again, Ryou had joined the army at the age of 16. He proved himself even though his body was partly weak. His high IQ and talent for programs and strategies in battle having made up for the lack of strength.


Training had been simple for him with guns, having been a perfect aim for practicing on his own. Though people would notice the more he had focused on one particular item; his eyes would turn into Slits. The term 'Cat's Eyes' was given to him for having had such a defect on his eyes. Though it was a moment of being bullied, he was still respected.


Once medals in excellence and performance were given he had met an equal at the time. Having been given the same mark as another person in another school, both of them having received the Medal of Excellence. He had taken great pride in it and saw another love for ZAFT considering they weren't as racist for his IQ at the time. People had clapped for him and he felt accepted for the first time.


Having graduated the academy, he had been now applying for ZAFT army itself.  His father having also watched closely if he was accepted himself, having also been supporting his acceptance as he awaited the news.

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Okay, here we go.


For the Birthplace, the nation-state is Eurasian Federation.


Appearance:  Hoo boy...I know this may sound odd, but the whole white hair/yellow eyes stuff is a no-no here.  Valiant prefers characters with realistic eye and hair color.  Having white hair is only possible through albinism.  You are allowed to have dyed hair (though the natural color must still be stated) and colored contacts (same condition here). 


I think the slits are allowed as a genetic anomaly, but I'll need second opinions on this.


I read through your (rather long ) History and I think it's fine, though some may be turned off by its length.  You do have some fragmented sentences here and there, but a quick proofread should let you catch most of them.


But yeah, great job so far.

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From when he was good enough to join a school, she had sent him to a private school and with that made sure that his high IQ would be equal.


High IQ equal to?



The slits that his eyes go through was a personal condition of his. He was a Damaged Coordinator. Though the reason for this is unknown, the slits do not give him better abilities or even an advantage. It was just claimed to have been a freak accident from when he was within his womb.


What do you mean by "Damaged Coordinator"?


Training had been simple for him with guns, having been a perfect aim for practicing on his own. Though people would notice the more he had focused on one particular item; his eyes would turn into Slits. The term 'Cat's Eyes' was given to him for having had such a defect on his eyes.


The iris does not contract/dilate due to focussing. Rather, it is due to the brightness/dimness of the surroundings that determines the degree of dilation. If he were to have cat-like iris, he would have a very limited eyesight in the day or in bright surroundings due to the reduced amount of light falling on the retina. So he wouldn't be able to shoot well in well-lit environments.



Note: The random capitalization is a little distracting. Your sentences frequently fragmented. Perhaps that would improve once you start to write more

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1st Note: It was simply because she sent him to a private school instead of a normal one to hide his IQ. It would have been Equal to those kids. I think the second sentence explains it.


2nd Note: Just his eyes, nothing else. You wouldn't consider a Coordinator who's eyes are flawed 'Damaged'?


3rd note: I never claimed that he had eyes like a cat, simply that once the eyes change that he has an amazing appearance of a cat's. The only reason it tends to turn into such a shape is not due to the light, just that his eyes focus on one thing or he becomes stressed. Anything to get his blood moving.


As for the random capitalization, I know what you mean by it. Though I want to say that I only do such things in bio's. Sorry once more.

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1. Why wouldn't a private school pick that up?


2. Hmm... you don't really call people who have flaws "Damaged".


3. Well, if he focuses on something, the iris shouldn't turn into slits. It will just reduce the amount of light going into his eyes and hinder his vision.

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1. Is a private school filled with geniuses, they simply assumed he was smart. the IQ difference between a normal school and a private one is much different.


2. Well, he's only called damaged due to the 'eye' issue he has. I would have said Errored or Flawed.


3. It doesn't cause any problems if the slits happen along his eyes. His vision doesn't change nor does any issues appear. It's just the muscles around the area are not doing the right job.

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1. To assume that a private school would have students of higher IQ than normal school is being very biased. Perhaps you could changed that to a "special school" or something?


2. We have many failed gene tampering experiments in the series but you don't see any of them being called "Damaged Coordinators" or anything of that sort


3. You don't seem to understand what I'm trying to say. I'm telling you that having slits as eyes DOES affect the person's vision. They would have very good vision in dim lighting but in normal lighting, they would have reduced vision because their iris constrict to protect their retina from being damaged by excessive light. I speak from my anatomy and physiology knowledge.

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1. Alright, I see your point in that. Made the necessary changes.


2. Well, He's not known as one but seen as one. Considering he's not perfect and not to his father's expectations, the title would be so. Though if you wish, I could change it.


3. Hm, what if the Eye technically Dilates instead of contracts? But it dilates Vertically instead. It could be a case of Mydrasis instead of Miosis, and it would be due to the drugs that his mother took when he was a baby. The result would be that it also got to his body. Considering it's a Mydriatic pupil, it could be dilated as such even in bright environment.

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I'll leave the more complex content to our higher ups


Having been a Coordinator at a time where war and racism between naturals and the coordinators was at a strong point and being within Earth Federation. His blood was hidden as Natural due to his weak body.

It's a bit confusing here. Like why would Ryou be born in EA territory especially if he was to be a co-ordinator? And also, the cause and effect (or problem and results) would be read easier if it was in one sentence.


other then his high IQ

should be 'than' rather


His blood was hidden as Natural due to his weak body.

'He was/is assumed to be a natural due to his weak body' is what you should say. I don't think it'd be easy to hide his race.


to a Special private

caps? o.O


Ryou was an emotional and rather weak kid, having had a pale skin tone and rather more weaker spine was forced to do many things and homework for his other classmates.

should be- ...having had pale skin and...

and did you mean 'spine' in a literal or metaphorical sense?



It was just claimed to have been a freak accident from when he was within his womb.

The slit issue I'm going to leave but I think you mean this condition was a result of a 'freak accident' during his time in his mother's womb. From plainly reading this sentence, it sounds like the slits itself is the accident that happened.


much other then that there was a war

'then' should be 'than'



Having beaten him horribly but not enough to kill him.

They beat him up terribly. (his apply for a future here on AD is enough to say he wasn't killed lol)


-----end of me being picky------


*still reading* wow to understand so much by the age of 6 is almost unrealistic. *looks at her 7 year old brother* too bad lol


Time line problem. The attack on Berlin was made during the Second Bloody Valentine war. So that would make him about 8 in CE 73. Add 12 to that would give us the time now - CE 85. Ryou should be 20 not 18.


But otherwise it's ok.


This is me just  giving a suggestion to the whole slit eye thing.


Can you make it so that when his eyes are 'slit' that his vision does worsen but during this time Ryou's agility and reaction time is also shortened. SO his lack of vision will be made up for in his reaction time.


Both Ryou and Valiant- can this be a possible solution?

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Spelling/sentence issues - Solved em, and meaphorical sense. He doesn't have a bad back


Eye thing: I could use bloody drops for his eyes or something, sunglasses and such if necessary. Depends =/


History thing: Wow, can't believe I missed that ; I'll just have to make him 6 then. No biggies, though that just sorta made him a bigger child prodigy at a young age Which works considering Coordinator/Natural status.


Thanks Janus for the input.

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Considering it's a Mydriatic pupil, it could be dilated as such even in bright environment.


It can be dilated in bright environment but that would still cause more light to enter his eyes and that would hurt the retina, if the light is too strong. You have to find some ways to work around that.

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Hm, thats true. What about if he wore Contacts around his eyes that lessen the brightness of the world around him.


The contacts wouldn't change his eye color or anything. It'd just reflect light back so it doesn't enter his eyes as much.


Hell, even Sunglasses can work out well. o.o;


ADDITION: Well, I added onto the Character Template with the number...I'll leave out Faction for now since I'm not in it yet.

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Please read all site updates threads.


Character Template and Profile Approval


From now on, you would need to state the faction you desire to join in your profile. Profile approval will be conducted by the faction leaders of the respective faction. Once they approve your profile, you are automatically accepted into the faction.


I believe this would mean that you should state the faction which you need to join.

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Approved for the Zaft Forces


PLANT Supreme Council, Nation Defense headquarters,

Aprilius One branch[/align]


As of July 9th of CE85, Ryou Misaki is accepted into the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, under the direct supervision and guidance of the Supreme Council, and the officers appointed over you. We wish for your talents, and abilities to lead Plant into a new age of glory.


You and many young people your age will be the next generation allowing Coordinators to live free from persecution and discrimination. We hand the future of Plant into your hands, hold your head high, and don’t let that inner light falter.



Chairwoman Ashellia Ferrinas, National Defense Headquarters


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