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Obviously i'm new around here, so i just wanted to introduce myself.  I'll use my alias of Makoto, and i am a HUGE Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam Wing...pretty much Gundam in general fan. (aside from spinoffs like GS: Astray)


Anyways just wanted to say hey because i'm new in the neighborhood!^_^

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yesh yesh! it took 2 trys because my comp spazzed as i entered my character profile and it deleted it...ALL! so the second time i couldn't remember everything i had said the first time around...hmmm...oh well!


But I am EXCITED to be here!

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Hello. Welcome


How did you come across AD?


Janus actually introduced me to it.  I posted a picture of my Gundam OC on my DeviantArt website and she suggested i look into this website.  And i REALLY like it so far.



Hi)) Welcome and so forth... Listen to liubei13's advice...errr, wait, where his advice???

Anyway **ahem** JOIN EA! 'cause all other factions would be burned by us))) (Joke))


and as for this, lol i am ZAFT all the way, I SHALL NOT BE TAINTED BY BLUE COSMOS, LOGOS or anything else like that. lol.  but I like ZAFT, and Orb.

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