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random gundam referances


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Has anyone else noticed random gundam references in other anime's.  I was watching Mai-hime and in the intro scene thing a character is standing on the torn head of a gundam with its body behind them with a distinct colony shadow in the sky behind them. The show has nothing to do with giant mecha, so it was kinda cool and weird.

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There was a Mobile Suit Gundam reference in 'The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi' during that ep in which the SOS-dan accepted a challenge by the Computer Club.


The scene reference itself was heavily pixelated, which I thought was pretty amusing.  (though you could barely make out the Gundam's side-standing pose when it fires its beam rifle )

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Lets see.  In 'Genshiken' they are all a bunch of Otakus and they reference Gundam pretty much all the way through the series (manga and anime).  They build countless amounts of Gundam Models, and talk about how long gundam has been around.


Which reminds me, Gundam is like Japan's "Simpsons", lol.  Its been around...FOREVER, like the Simpsons, and is still incredibly popular...like the simpsons are over here...I think its AWESOME!!!


But i think that the reason why Gundam is referenced in soo many animes/mangas is because it was one of the 'original' anime shows of all time.

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