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Anti-Earth Union Group faction from Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny
  1. What's new in this faction
  2. For formality sake... Ensign Nicky Lavie you are assigned to a Nemo onboard the Firefly. Lieutenant Ryder Sarka you are assigned to a Nemo onboard the Firefly.
  3. Welcome to the fight Gyoku. I look forward to reading up on your personnel file to see how you can fit in with the team.
  4. Ensign Gyoku reporting for duty, i was born on Side 4 Moore, in UC 0064, and participated in the fight for the thunderbolt sector as a result of it. I saw first hand what the Zekes were capable of back then and will stop at nothing to eradicate their treachery from the Earth Sphere.
  5. These are the mobile suits currently fielded by the AEUG.
  6. AEUG used the same rank system as the Earth Federation. AEUG allies and mercenaries used the same rank structure . AEUG Space Force Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Commodore Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade Ensign Warrant Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer First Class Petty Officer Second Class Petty Officer Third Class AEUG Ground Force General Lieutenant General Major General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Warrant Officer Sergeant Major Sergeant Corporal Superior Private Private First Class Private Second Class
  7. I'm Lieutenant Commander Hiro Kusanagi from the Galleon Combine. Pleasure.
  8. Woooow. I have now seen everything in this fucking life. Darrin, add this to my list of strange sightings: a guy who hasn't ever heard of sleeping pills. "Dude. Stop. You're crossing the line there." Who are you to lecture me on morals, you... "..." Well, i was supposed to make myself loved, not hated... damn it, Nick. You had one job. "He's probably punching your face into that tiny skull of yours tomorrow morning, you aware of that?" Just SHUT THE FU- Click!
  9. So that's how we're gonna start, huh? I want you to understand something. I was apart of the Colony 30 gassing and I think about it every night. Could you sleep knowing that you participated in genocide? A lot of those scumbags at the Titans could, so I decided that it was time to change. There's a reason why I leaked stuff to the AEUG. I didn't give a shit about what they fought for. I just wanted someone to destroy the Titans for what they did. They succeeded and now I'm here, ready to take out the other Zeon scumbags. None of that Titan shit matters anymore. What does matter is that I have years of experience as a Mobile Suit commander, not a Titans commander. sigh You know what, let's start over. I'm Ryder, your new partner in the MS Squadron, and I can't wait to meet you in person! Click! He doesn't understand...
  10. Jeez, cut that Titans crap out. We get it, you used to gas colonies for fun. Big deal. I once tampered with a console's software, which turns me into a bigger criminal than you. And you don't see me bragging about it. "Probably because the Feds would have your ass as soon as this war ended." NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION, DARRIN!
  11. He's got a good point. I still haven't been given a rank in your group. What should I, a former Titans COMMANDER, be? OOC: I'm fine with whatever rank you give me. Ryder's just kind of an asshole.
  12. ''-i'm telling you, that was the last fucking straw! Man, i can't believe they would do that to their best character!'' Holy shit, this old beige box actually booted up! ''I literally-'' SHUT up, Darrin! I'm trying to speak into the mic. Ummm. Testing. This is Nicholas Lavie from Von Braun Apartment Block 33C. Is this Vagabond Unit Channel? If so, i'm your new guy. Somebody just told me i'm gonna have to travel with you guys, which means i better get comfy around you. Or not. Whatever your orders are. My salary comes out of your pockets, however scarce. Now, onto the important questions. What is my rank supposed to be in this ilicit anti-fascist paramilitary militia of yours? I know i'm new and all, but i honestly think that i've already done a lot of work for you and your superiors are going to force so much more out of my person. Which means, i'm obviously not a ''civilian contractor'' anymore, am i? Anyways. Honored to meet you. Won't betray you and all that. Hey, my loved ones would be in trouble if I did that, right? Why try?
  13. So, you're the AEUG's new leader? I hope you got what it takes to lead us. I'm Ryder, by the way. I used to be a Titans commander, but they didn't like me leaking out their secrets, so now I'm with you guys. I'd say you're lucky to have an ace sniper on your team. I'm pretty damn good at it, and I won't let the AEUG down.
  14. Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the AEUG. Though we may come from many different backgrounds, we all follow the same course of ridding the Earth Sphere of oppression and tyranny. Please take this moment to introduce yourselves to your fellow pilots and crewmates. OOC: Please keep your posts in-character for this board using your AEUG character. Thanks!

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