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  1. Ryder Sarka
    Ryder listened to the intercom, sighing in the process. "Looks like my workout isn't over yet." He scoffed. He looked around to find a pilot suit, noticing one of many hanged up on a nearby rack. It was a standard orange normal suit for the AEUG, but Ryder didn't mind. "I'm sure I'll get my own custom uniform later." He thought. Putting on the normal suit was a challenge to him. His hands still felt raw and every touch stung, but the pilot eventually got it on. "Snug fit."
    He floated back to his seat, looking to see his superior getting in the white GM II, confirming to Ryder that was his and not Hiro's. He quickly used the controls and buttons to get ready for the battle, making sure the Nemo was in combat mode, not training mode. The AEUG mobile suit started, with Ryder making it reach for the beam sniper. "Can't forget these." He said as it grabbed several magazines for the weapon, clipping them to its waist. The Nemo also took a spare regular beam rifle, knowing that they had extras.
    The decked-out mobile suit waited for one of the doors to open, but nothing seemed to occur. It had to wait for the others to sortie before opening, letting the air out. "I hope they can make it in time..."
  2. Ryder Sarka
    "Damn, this kid's got guts." He thought as he finished his drink. Ryder expected a little less from the Ensign, but what he got was perfect. Nick had the guts, but would he have them in a real battle? He turned his head toward Nick "Hmph. You know something, Ensign?" Ryder asked. "No Zeek has or ever will even get close to me, so I guess I don't really have a need for you, do I?" Ryder got out of his seat. "I do wish I knew what you're like in battle. The only thing it seems you're good at is being a smart mouth toward your superior. I hope your trash talk is as good as your piloting skills, Lavie." Ryder floated to the door. "I'll be taking my leave now, Hiro. I'd like to see our mobile suits."
    Ryder felt weightless as he headed toward the large hangar, noticing the Trainer Nemo's and the GM II's, one of which was almost completely white. "That's gotta be Grim's or Hiro's." He thought. Thankfully, in the corner of his eye, he saw his sniper-type beam rifle being held to the ground with straps, along with some other basic beam rifles. "Good." Ryder used his legs to push himself toward one of the Nemo's. The mechanic of the ship was working on another mobile suit as they saw Ryder opening the cockpit. "Hey! I'm working on these right now." They yelled out. Ryder thought they would be in their bunk by now. Ryder briefly glanced at them. "Don't care." 
    He floated inside the cockpit. It was an upgrade to his old GM Sniper II, but not by much. It had various training logos and instructions around the controls. "Baby's first mobile suit..." He thought. Ryder pushed one of the red buttons to his right, closing the cockpit. He watched as the entire cockpit's screen turned on. He loved the vision he had in the suit. "Alright. Time for simulation one of many..."
    Ryder proceeded to use the AEUG's simulation program for what seemed like hours on end for him, fighting many GM Cannon II's, other Trainer Nemo's and Gaza-C's in the process. Each time, he seemed to get a little better, but it was physically starting to take a toll on him. His hands started to bleed after becoming raw from holding the joysticks. His last challenge was defeating a Gaza-C holding G-3 gas with only a clay bazooka, barely succeeding. By the end of it, Ryder shut down the suit. He was tired but felt like it was good practice.
  3. Ryder Sarka
    Ryder Sarka glanced at the scarred individual. "The only thing you need to know about me..." He exclaimed. "is that I won't miss." He looked to the right, toward the hangar. "I was told that I'd be using a Training Nemo." Ryder smirked. He thought the AEUG would've had a better suit for the ace sniper. "I hope the sniper beam rifle I requested is with it." He said to the mercenary. "It's the same type I used as a Titan." 
    The former Titan sipped more of the orange drink he had. "Speaking of, back when I was with the Titans, I knew people who skirmished with your little mercenary groups. To be honest, I've heard good things. You guys sound like... competent pilots." Ryder remarked. "However, I'll be the judge of that." Ryder looked to the other AEUG pilot next to him. "Enough about me. I'd like you to meet our other teammate, Nick." He said somewhat sarcastically. Ryder put his hand on the other pilot's shoulder and gripped it, perhaps a little too tightly...
    OOC: I love the Nemo. Ryder's just an asshole lol. Ryder will also obviously miss shots. He's a great sniper, but he's just a little too confident.
  4. Ryder Sarka
    Ryder watched as the Gaza-C struggled to move. It was too damaged to do so. "It's finally over..." a bleeding Ryder exclaimed. As he tried to push his own mobile suit forward, it also struggled to budge. Ryder got concerned since his helmet got cracked in the attack. No helmet meant no traveling in space. "Damnit! Move!" He yelled as he slammed his fists on the controls. Suddenly, the Nemo darted forward, smacking into the black machine. The two mobile suits connected as they headed back toward the colony. "No no no, stop!' he thought.
    The mangled mess of suits flew faster and faster to their doom. "GOTTA... PULL... BACK!" he said as tried to move the joysticks. Eventually, Ryder got ahold of it, pulling back. There were only a few meters between the suits and the colony. Hitting it would've been a disaster for every human involved. "That was way to close." He thought. "Time to end this." Ryder pointed his vulcan guns directly at the chest of the Gaza-C.
  5. Ryder Sarka
    The mangled mess of an arm slammed directly into the chest of the AEUG suit, causing many small parts to fly at Ryder's flesh. some of the metal sliced at his shoulder and other parts of his body, creating a pool of blood beneath him. "AHHHH!!" he screamed in pain. Ryder looked straight at the enemy suit through the damaged flickering camera. "You're... just Zeon trash," he whispered. "and I... WON'T ALLOW TRASH TO END MY LIFE!!!" 
    While the two mobile suit's beam sabers were connected, Ryder pulled his other saber out from the back of his waist. "DIE!!!!!" he yelled out as he swung the second saber to the chest of the Gaza-C. With no hand to stop it, Ryder hoped this could finish it.
  6. Ryder Sarka
    Once Ryder regained control of the suit, he saw the Gaza-C charging toward him. "You don't deserve to live!" yelled out Ryder as he fired his last shot at the Neo Zeon suit. Not only was this poor excuse of a mobile suit was beating him, but he also failed to prevent the G-3 gas from being used. "I have to finish this somehow..." he thought. There was no time to reload, so the ex-Titan only had one option. He made his Nemo pull out one of its beam sabers, causing the pink blade to ignite. 
    Ryder was no expert with close combat, but he had no choice. He launched directly toward the enemy, swinging upward at it. He intended to connect the two beams, but would he have enough time to do so?
  7. Ryder Sarka
    Before the gas could start leaking out of the colony, a yellow beam flew through the air, or what was left of the air. Ryder barely managed to move his mobile suit's shield up, causing it to be hit and explode. The ensuing blast made Ryder lose control, making him spin toward the newly created hole. "This could be a losing battle." Ryder thought. With the loss of his shield, he might not be able to take too many more blasts from the enemy. As he eventually regained control of the Nemo, the AEUG pilot fire three more rockets at the enemy, trying to aim for the right arm of the Gaza-C.
    Suddenly, his mobile suit shook. "Oh..." He thought. The air was sucking out him and the gas now, which made him spin out into the abyss of space. 
  8. Ryder Sarka
    "DAMMIT!!!" Ryder screamed loudly. The canister was hit by the black mobile suit's weapon, creating an explosion that pushed the two machines back. As the explosion subsided, he noticed that G-3 gas started to fill the air. "Oh shit! What now?" Ryder thought. His failure to stop the gas would be the death of thousands if it reached the lower section of the colony. He had to think of something fast.
    "Wait." He said. Ryder changed his frequency to a nearby radio tower's. "Get the rest of these civilians out of here!" The only way the gas could be let out would be through a hole in the colony. Thankfully, most civilians would've evacuated by now, with the stragglers now being sent to a safe location. Plus, the Gaza-C seemed to be preoccupied, with one of the adhesive rounds hitting it. The former Titan once again changed the cartridges in the bazooka, now pointing it at the center of a park below him.
    "It's the only way." he thought. "It has to be done now!" Ryder fired a single shot directly at the grass. 
  9. Ryder Sarka
    The Gaza-C's shot flew over the training machine's head, just barely missing. "Shit!" yelled Ryder. He moved the Nemo's vision toward the black mobile suit, noticing that it was carrying a strange looking canister. "Is that..." Ryder said as he looked closer. "G-3?!" Suddenly, flashbacks erupted inside the former Titan's brain. He had participated in the gas attack on Colony and had watched thousands upon thousands die horrifically. "No... NO!!!" He shouted. "That won't happen again. I won't allow it!" 
    Ryder realized that he couldn't fire upon the Neo Zeon suit without accidentally hitting the gas, so he unloaded the clay bazooka's clip, swapping it with the adhesive clip. "Now I'm glad I even brought this." he thought as he reloaded the weapon. The ex-Titan aimed the bazooka toward the torso of the enemy, hoping that the blasts could prevent it from escaping, or from using its appendages. "I need this to work!" Ryder exclaimed as he fired three shots at the Gaza-C.
  10. Ryder Sarka
    As Grim began talking with their newly hired security, Ryder glanced at the other pilot to the right of Grim, Nicky Lavie. The two had talked with each other the night before, and it wasn't pleasant. Nicky seemed to think this new war was a joke, something Ryder wasn't a big fan of. "I can't believe that I'm stuck with this fool." Ryder thought as he looked around the interior of the Firefly. It was smaller and a little dirtier than what he was used to, but he understood things wouldn't be like his career as a Titan. The AEUG ran things much differently than his former faction, which he appreciated.
    Ryder looked towards the AEUG's leader and his new captain, Benjamin Alan Grimsdottir. He knew almost nothing about the man, other than that he was a Federation soldier assigned to the AEUG. He wished that his superior would've told him the plan and why he was recruited for this mission, but he didn't think too much about it. After all, being apart of this team (and the AEUG in general) kept him out of a Titan POW camp. Ryder hoped that the white-haired leader had what it took to command the AEUG.
    Ryder was at least familiar with one thing, which was the Galleon Combine. While he had never fought the mercenary group personally, he knew of their existence and what they did for the AEUG. Ryder wondered if he could trust the mercenaries, or if they would even trust him because of his past. He understood that it didn't matter much though. The four soldiers we're going to be his new teammates, after all. 
    He then watched as Grim held out his hand to one of the mercenaries, a man with a large scar running down his cheek, and asked if he was someone named Hiro. Ryder looked at the Galleon Combine member, awaiting his response. 

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