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Julia M. Farold


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Player name: Darkness

Character number: 1

Faction: Soldiers of Fire




Full name: Julia M. Farold

Nickname: Dreamer (She doesn't really appreciate people using her nickname. It tends to bring back painful memories)

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mercenary (specializing in espionage)/Part-time Librarian

Birthplace: Toowoomba, Australia

Citizenship: Oceania Union

Personality: Julia appears calm, gentle and happy. A closer look reveals simmering discontent, sadness and a hint of guilt. She wants to be more then just a librarian, and the petty jobs she does as a mercenary cannot bring her the joy that tracking others can.

She claims that the events of the past no longer haunt her, but in truth she pushes aside the memories, and when they become too much, she breaks, sometimes spending days wallowing in guilt and misery. When these episodes of depression pass, she goes back to her usual, cheery but discontented self.




Height: 163cm

Weight: 60kg

Hair Colour and Style: Naturally light brown, but often dyed another colour. The most common colours are dark blue, maroon, and black. Like her hair colour, the hairstyles change often. Reoccurring styles include: single plait, messy bun and ponytail.

Current Hair Colour: Blond

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Pale Caucasian

Build: Slim, Athletic

Clothing: Julia divides her wardrobe into two sections – her work clothes and her librarian clothes.

The library side of her clothes is casual/formal, using everyday clothing to mimic more formal attire. Her favorite combination is a red button-up sleeveless shirt with a light grey pair of jeans and brown boots with a small heel.

Her work clothes consist of dark blue jeans, a dark brown tank top and black boots. She also wears a crescent moon necklace at all times.

Handiness: Left-handed




Mother: Cheryl Marwood (Estranged)

Father: Ray Farold (Deceased)

Siblings: None

Husband/Boyfriend: N/A - Single


Personal History:


Julia never got along with her mother. Personality clash, or perhaps it was the way her mother flirted with other men, or maybe something else. To Julia, it never really mattered – the facts were clear. She just didn't like her mother.


The first difficulty that faced Julia was her Father's death when she was 5. Nobody explained to the young girl what had happened, why her father had died. It wasn't until she was 16 that she learned the truth – Her father had been killed in a robbery whilst working at his corner store.


After her Father's death her mother's flirtations increased drastically, and worried that her niece was being neglected, Alma Farold, Ray's younger sister, moved in to care for Julia. The world didn't seem like such a horrid place after that.


Alma was kind, gentle and determined to ensure that Julia knew how to fight. Many an argument took place over the matter, but it seemed that Alma always won, for Julia's lessons in Kung Fu continued. Other then her Aunt's unusual persistence with the lessons, Julia's school years were fairly normal.


When she turned 16, Alma finally told her niece what had happened to her father. It was then that she learnt that his killer still walked free. It took her 6 years to track the man down, and administer her own version of justice. Her Aunt's lessons finally made sense – the discipline and determination she had learned had given her the tools to avenge her father.


During the 6 years Julia spent tracking her father's murderer, she encountered and worked with a few other mercenaries. It was whilst she was with a small group that she received her nickname. Noticing how often their companion's eyes seemed to glaze over, they began calling her Daydreamer. Jake Harper was the first to call her Dreamer, complaining that Daydreamer was too long to be a nickname. Even after she left the group, she and Jake kept in touch, until the hacker got caught by the authorities. As there's nothing she can do to help her friend, she's come to dislike the nickname that he gave her, seeing it as a reminder of her failures.


A few months later she returned home briefly, thanking her Aunt for everything. Her Aunt gave her a crescent moon necklace as a parting gift, telling her that now a new part of her life was beginning, and she had better use it well. Julia has since started working as a library assistant, but is always looking for something more challenging. The thrill of the hunt just won't go away.

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It's got a bit of depth, it's straightforward, detailed, yet not in excess.  I like it.


About the only issue I saw while reading your profile was regarding her nickname.  How did she 'get' it?  How does it bring back painful memories?


You don't have to explain every minute detail (since there's plenty to develop during the RP itself) but it was something that got me a little curious.


Other than that, I believe you've got a great profile.  (And I've read plenty. X_x )


Maybe some more feedback by other members would help.


Oh, right, actual approval is done by Valiant but I don't think it'll take that long with a profile of this caliber.

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I don't really see any problems here. A character that does something other than pilot a mobile suit is always interesting to throw into the mix. Kinda wish Ray was still around, we'd have someone for you to look into.


All in, this looks like an interesting character with good potential for some unorthodox roleplays, which is always a good thing. And the profile itself looks good to me, so I think you'll be good to go as soon as Valiant comes over to take a look.

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Thank you for the feedback.


I'm glad Julia seems to be an interesting character. She's a little different from the type of character I usually use, so I hope I'll be able to rp her to her fullest potential, whatever that may be. 

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