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Lune Zoldark (Revised edition)


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Note: This Character has been highly updated to coincide with the new storyline, and to deal with certain administrative matters.  She will also be the only character I will use for a certain period of time, until Valiant deems it okay to bring in more characters.  I'd have picked Kai Zergas as my first one, but I never did get a lot of use out of Edana on SEED RPG, so I want to use Lune as much as I can here.  Also, Lune's father will be an NPC character, and his profile shall be coming up in the near future.  (note: modified profile with permission from Valiant)



This image is property of Banpresto, and is part of their Super Robot Wars series



Player Name: Kaizer

Character Number: 1

Faction: Earth Alliance




Full name: Lune Zoldark

Nickname: Spitfire of Martius

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: 2nd Generation Coordinator

Occupation: Military Trainee

Birthplace: Martius

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation

Personality:   Despite a name that would make you think she was more delicate, Lune is a tomboyish young girl, who is always looking for a high-adrenaline rush.  Easily excited and easy to anger, but also very forgiving; though this is mostly due to her forgetfulness then to a forgiving nature. She is also very subjectible to flattery, as despite her looks, few have ever called her cute or good looking.  Always the optimist, it is impossible to keep her depressed for a long time, because as she puts it, "Being depressed is too boring, there's nothing to do but cry".




Height: 5' 3" (She's a growing girl, thats her story and she's sticking to it)

Weight: Go ahead, just ask, but don't come crying to me afterwards.

Hair Colour and Style: Shoulder length blonde hair thats impossible to keep perfectly straight

Eye Colour: Bright blue

Identifying Marks: Constantly wears a blue headband, no matter what she's wearing

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Build: Well-toned and athletic, at least for her size

Clothing: Lune often wears a white, sleeveless t-shirt and torn a pair of torn up blue jeans when not required to wear a uniform, along with blue armbands to match her headband.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Maria Zoldark (deceased)

Father: Bian Zoldark (54, currently stationed at Deslandres)

Siblings: Baynard Zoldark (28, presumedly dead), Kyra Relm (14, adoptive sister)

Husband/Boyfriend: Currently Single


Personal History:


Lune is the youngest child in the Zoldark family, being the only daughter of Maria and Bian Zoldark, and having an older brother named Baynard Zoldarki.  A mother, a father, and an older brother, Lune seemed to be destined to live with a dream family.  Unfortunately, Lune's perfect little family suffered a terrible blow when her mother Maria died shortly after giving birth to her.  With no mother figure to look after her, Bian took Lune under his wing and raised her and Baynard on his own; resulting in Lune's tomboyish personality.  Lune had been quite enamored with her older brother when she had been a toddler, often clinging to his hand and never leaving his side.


Lune's father had been a well respected soldier for ZAFT during the two Bloody Valentine wars, but had defected to the Earth Alliance during the closing days of the second war, and took his young daughter with him when he left; forcing her to lose touch with all of the friends she had made in her old schools, as well as with her older brother.  In the years that followed Bian's defection, Lune was forced to move from city to city, as well as adapt to a new life on Earth.  Eventually Lune adapted to her hectic new lifestyle by becoming active in her school sports teams, as joining these teams helped her to become acquianted with new people, as well as make new friends in a very short time.  Lune has never bothered to ask why her father had taken her away from her brother, as despite her less than stellar relationship with him, she cares for him deeply and had still been quite young when she had been forced to leave the PLANTs.  Even to this day, Lune has failed to realize that her father had been in the ZAFT military or that she is actually a coordinator, and not just a gifted and athletic child.


Lune was indeed an athletic child and proved to have amazing hand-to-eye coordination, being naturally ambidextrous and posessing almost hawk-like vision.  She was a strong member of whatever school tennis team she ended up playing for, at least until her father enlisted the energetic young Lune for military service at the age of 16.  Lune resented her father for the decision at first, as she had been hoping to cut away from her father's military background as the "Divine flame of Martius", but she soon found that she enjoyed military service; save for having to listen to superior officers and being forced to do repetitive training drills, as respect for her elders had been something that she had neglected to learn during her hectic childhood.


Her hobbies include Tennis, Kendo and Skateboarding, and she can often be seen carrying either a Shinai, Skateboard or tennis racket whenever she has free time.  Many of her school mates and fellow military trainees have had their eyes on Lune for some time now, though none have ever risked getting romantically involved with her.  Part of this was for fear of incurring the wrath of her father, as well as many people being jealous of her abilities.  Never being the most observant of people, despite her extraordinary eyesight, Lune never realized that her abilities were making others jealous, and she has begun to believe that she is simply not good enough for others; and is thus easily flattered when someone compliments her.  While being ignored seems to effect her greatly, she has never been overly hurt by the snide comments of others; though she is easily angered by them, as her father often taught her to be proud of her abilities.


Lune is passionate and determined, and it has shown in her training excercises and during her athletic career.  When her blood is roused she is willing to take on any odds, yelling war cries and goading her opponents into fighting her despite what logic might dictate as a bad idea.  This hot-blooded additude has given birth to the name, "Spitfire of Martius", and is also a kind of tribute to her famous father.

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