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I'm back!


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Well, things haven't gone too smoothly for me in the past week or so. My hard disk died on me. It's the fourth hard disk that I'm using on this laptop. (The first failed after a year and a half. The second lasted only 2 days. The third lasted about a year. Let's hope the fourth wouldn't have such a short lifespan.)


I apologise for disappearing so suddenly. I'm still in the midst of reconfiguring my OS as well as reinstalling softwares that I need. I'm stuck here without any means to work on the site because the software I need to open my files is at home and I'll be staying in the dorm since I'm currently working six days a week in the hospital. As soon as I can get the CD from Valentine, I'll be able to get back on track with the coding works.


Meanwhile, let's get the Compendium and Destiny League up in shape.

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