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Caine Nightwing


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Full name: Caine Nightwing

Nickname: Wolf

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator 2nd generation

Occupation: ZAFT military officer, various ship-board positions (see history)

Birthplace: Martius City

Citizenship: Martius City PLANT

Personality: Quiet and thoughtful at most times Caine is sometimes viewed as shy by those who don’t know him.  Those that do know him have seen that he’s actually just patient, he watches and learns before he acts.  This doesn’t mean however he is unable to think quickly; when necessary he can be like a pack of stalking wolves, moving quickly with purpose and grace.  His movements are almost always economical and smooth.  He is also possessed of a cheerful demeanor around other people and usually makes friends quickly.  He enjoys physical activity and contact sports.  He also enjoys music in which he has learned to play several instruments which he plays when he can.




Height: 1.8 meters, 5’11”

Weight: 95 kg


Hair Colour and Style: A dark black cut very short with a slightly forward v in the front


Eye Colour: A deep blue, almost purple in the right light


Identifying Marks:  A scar on his upper forehead into his scalp that creates a drag line in his hair, and numerous small scars on his forearms.


Skin Tone: a dark Caucasian skin tone, (think Mediterranean)

Build: like a football defensive linebacker, well built, low body fat


Clothing: Civilian: a black short sleeve shirt worn loose with black and grey BDU (fatigues) pants also loose, black comfortable leather boots and occasionally a wide brimmed hat.  Military: ZAFT uniform worn loose and open, normally this would look slovenly but on him it looks like the uniform should be that way.

Handiness: Right handed for most things but is slowly trying to train himself to use both in case an injury in the future should damage one hand.




Mother: Julius Nightwing – coordinator (deceased)  Everis Cale (adoptive father)

Father: Mara Nightwing – coordinator (deceased)

Siblings: none



Personal History:


Early Years


Caine’s life began with tragedy at very young age. When he was just 8 years old his parents, both engineers at the shipyard in Martius City, took him to see the test launch of their new ship.  It was supposed to be some new type of fast cargo vessel.  They wanted their son to see their achievement.  The demon Murphy however must have paid a visit.  No one was able too figure out exactly what happened.  It was just sitting there in its construction cradle, its engines going through startup when disaster struck.  Someone in the observation booth Caine was standing in with the techs running observational analysis started shouting about what looked to be air and smoke leaking out from the ship’s stern.  Seconds later two massive blasts ripped the ship apart, taking both of his parents who had been on its bridge with it.  The cradle took massive damage from the blasts and Caine was dragged of with complete strangers to the shuttles to escape.  In the confusion that fallowed no one noticed the kid at the back of the shuttle holding back tears.


Caine placed in the care of varying families until one day he was brought before a magistrate who told him there was some one who wished to adopt him, someone named Everis Cale who he was told was a retired ZAFT navy captain now serving the PLANT’s merchant marine.  Not really caring in his depression Caine assented and was picked up half an hour later by the man who would now be his legal father and guardian.  He expected to be driven to his new home but was surprised when he was taken to the PLANT’s spaceport and to a waiting shuttle.  He wondered if perhaps the man lived on one of the others.


Instead the shuttle approached an enormous ship sitting there in space, its running lights flashing those of a “moored” spacecraft. Looking at his new father the man simply smiled back and said to him “That ships is mine, it is my home as well as its crew’s.  It is now your home as well.  I am the captain of that cargo vessel and spend extended periods in space away from others. If such a life would displease you please tell me now, I would never want to force you.”


It didn’t displease Caine at all, he loved being aboard ships, he’d been on quite a few with his parents.  Despite his young age he also liked that this new strange man was asking him rather than ordering him.  He turned to his new father who had been waiting patiently with a small smile and told him he’d love it.  He was beginning to like this man.  As the shuttle docked Everis asked Caine to swim the boarding tube first, this surprised him as it was customary he knew for the captain of a ship to board first.  Launching himself down the tube he nimbly took hold of the grab bar at the end and came down in the massive ship’s launch bay.  Standing in front of him was a large group of maybe fifty people all smiling at him. Above them was the ships name, The Seraph, and all he could do was stare.  Everis came behind him and told him that these people were this ship’s crew and were happy to greet him.  Taking this as an invitation the group approached and began introducing themselves and several made jokes about making a true spacer before he was 12.  His father, he was starting to think of the man thusly, guided him down a couple passages to a door that open with a soft whoosh.  “This is your room” he said, “You will live and study here.”


Upon Caile’s surprised looked Everis chuckled and said “You didn’t think living a aboard a ship would get you out of studying did you?”


For several years Caine lived on the Seraph.  The crew thought of themselves as a gaggle of aunts and uncles who volunteered to teach him his lessons.  He spent his free time learning about the ship and its crews duties, he had always loved ships and now he was living on one.  He would hang around the various crew members who were happy to show him how things worked.  Eventually they even let him help with ship maintenance when he showed an aptitude for mechanical things.  He also got to see a great many new places, the ship went from PLANT to PLANT on trades routes it seamed only the captain understood.  The ship was very profitable and they were able to afford comfortable living.  They were happy with their solitary existence on the ship.  The port visits were fun though.  He found out that there was a friendly sports competition running with other cargo ships.


Whenever they came to ports with other cargo ships already there the crews would get together for some fun.  While most of this was drinking and carousing, the main event however was always the game.  Each ship had a team and would play each other in football.  While none were very good due to the inability to practice aboard ships they enjoyed the chance for good strenuous and fun activity.  Caine also discovered a new hobby.  While visiting one PLANT he attended a concert for the first time in his life.  He found he loved music, he used is allowance given to him by his father for helping with ship work to buy a violin and lesson software.  From that point on when he wasn’t in his school studies or working with the crew he was in his room learning the violin and quickly grew proficient.  The crew was always appreciative of new entertainments and those were also musically inclined sometimes joined him.  They even played recordings of his playing over the PA.   


Life Changes


At the age of sixteen his father considered him ready to take more responsible jobs aboard ship.  He was given the formal training coarse software and was shown many of the specialized jobs.  Two years later he was capable of piloting the ship, or almost any of its major jobs, though he preferred to work in engineering.  He loved tinkering with the ships to make it run better and more efficient especially now that the ship was an old one.  He was decent elsewhere as well.  The ship’s pilots thought he was good and he excelled at navigation, he was always good at figuring out how to get to places in the fastest time.


One unfortunate day however things went bad.  They had traveled into he debris belt to make a delivery at a civilian facility that recovered things from the debris and reclaimed the valuable metals and stuff floating about.  As they were leaving, via a circuitous route out of they debris they were attacked by a small group of pirates, they were only 2 ships, put together from post war scraps by the looks of them, but they were enough to take a ponderous cargo vessel with only 2 anti-missile guns that were computer controlled.  Everis called for help and received a response from a mercenary group that was passing through the area.  They agreed to help protect the ship, payment pending their arrival on time. 

Though prudent captains carried basic firearms aboard ship for this kind of thing no one but the captain himself had ever used one.  They held off the boarders for a while but to it wasn’t enough, one after another the crew was killed until it was just Caine and his father defending the bridge.  Everis suddenly shoved Caine into the bridge crew escape pod seconds before a small group of the pirates forced there way onto the bridge again taking a father away from Caine.  Sitting in the pod Caine barely felt the small wound on his head, he had never been so angry in his life.  Only the blood dripping down in front of his eyes made him take notice.

Raising his head he saw that the com light in the pod wash flashing. Tapping the key the face of the mercenary leader his father had called appeared looking apologetic and sorrowful


“I’m sorry we couldn’t get here in time to save the others, the pirates have been executed, and none have been left alive.”  He paused briefly for breath”we will pick you up shortly and take you to the nearest safe port”

Caine surprised even himself when he suddenly spat out “No! I would like to sign up with your crew if possible”


The man simply stared at him as if he’s lost his mind”Do you have any useful skills we could even use?” the man enquired eyebrow raised.


Cain simply stared back calmly now “Yes, I am proficient in many ship areas including engineering, piloting, and many others things.”


Wolf Pack


The mercenary’s face looked intrigued now, that was a good sign.  The man then nodded to himself and said he would take Cain on if he could prove himself and be willing to train in arms use and be willing to go where commanded.  He would also have to learn a military style structure.  In response Caine simply saluted.  He was taken onboard one of the mercenary’s ships, an Agamemnon-class carrier of questionable legality.  Just from standing in the hanger he noticed a number of modifications from the original, most of those looked to be ZAFT tech too.  His attention was captured however by the man descending from the mobile suit that had set his pod down in the ship.  The man introduced himself as the leader of the mercenary force that that they called the Alpha Pack.


Caine was run through a quicky training program where the mercenaries were happy to find him already proficient in engineering and ship piloting and didn’t seam to care that he didn’t know how to pilot a mobile suit, even a construction one.  Caine acclimated quickly and actually found that he like this strange group he’d spontaneously joined. He didn’t mind the military discipline at all.  After his training period he was given the rank of ensign and assigned to tactile second shift, meaning he would man the weapons station on the mercenaries other ship, a recovered ¬Drake-class escort ship, one of the newer ones with MS launchers on the sides.


He was transferred to the other ship where he served on the tactical section on the ship’s bridge during second shift.  He was surprised to be given a leadership position right of but the Drake-class ship seamed under strength maybe that was it. 

He was with them for three years before they were force to disband due to lack of profits; they hadn’t been able to compete with some of the other groups around so their leader sold all their ships and divided the money between all the mercs in the group. He wished them luck and they all went their own ways.  Caine found himself back home on Martius where he got a small job in the navel yard.  This no longer suited him he wanted something else.  One day he found himself staring out into space from a view window in the spaceport when he saw several flashes in the distance, several ZAFT ships were out there training.  That was what he wanted, he missed being aboard a ship, and he had enjoyed his tie with the mercenaries brief as it was.  He hopped onto the motorcycle he had purchased upon arrival to get around and found a recruiter who was more than willing to help him.  He would join ZAFT and begin the next part of his life.




Player name:Carpenoctum

Character number: 1

Faction:  ZAFT

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An interesting profile.


However, I noticed a few discrepancies:


Your character's stated age is 20...and he made his 'escape' around the age of 13.  This would mean that the escape took place in CE78...five years after the 2nd Valentine War.  There were no such conflicts during this time and research on Extendeds (which were backed by Blue Cosmos) was essentially stopped during the second war.  (Remember that our current year is CE85)


His adoptive family were supposedly Extendeds.  If that was the case, how do they survive without some type of routine treatment?  (certain chemicals for first-stage, special sleep chambers for second-stage, if I recall correctly)  It wouldn't be as much of a problem if they were instead indoctrinated children/orphans (such as the details shown in Stargazer), but that would result in another problem.  How is it possible that his 'family' manage to not hate him for being a Coordinator?  The EA's indoctrination is rather brutal and is in essence, brainwashing.  This applies to both indoctrinated children and Extendeds. 


Anyways, it's a pretty good start.  I may look into this further to provide additional feedback.

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there changes made,


sorry forgot about the rpg date when i was typing it.  I added a birthyear to match timeline better.

The kids are incomplete Extendeds, they left soon after the heavier stuff started and didnt get the full treatment.  They didn't hate Caine because he essentially help raise them, they saw him more as the older brother authority figuare than competition.

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Okay, please be sure to clarify the information about his 'family', regarding their pre-Extended states.


You still did not address the age issue, in correlation with your History.  You still have the line where he was 13 years old when the major event took place.  He met the agent or whoever and the agent mentioned war was to begin.  The year this event takes place is still too long after the end of the 2nd Valentine War.

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I put in the status of the extended kids, made the research facility an illeagal one operating after the wars to allow for time differance.  Removed the event kinda to just a disusion with the operative guy just say that the joining with the mility is a form of repayment.

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They doctors plans were to create natural born humans who could compete and surpass coordinators.


Should be a "the" instead of "they". But that's not the main point. We would rather not go into absolute and say that these naturals can surpass coordinators. Stating it as a possibility rather than making an outright conclusion that they can actuallly do that.



As for the parts about the escape, I doubt that a military installation as important and top secret as this would be without any security. I'm sure there'll be soliders around to protect the scientists and these armed personnels would hardly have any problems dealing with them. Besides if they realised that the subjects have an idea of what's being done to them, they could always do a brainwash.


On top of that, I doubt a ZAFT operative would be able to roam freely in EA territory, even if it is in times of peace. This is a top secret installation we are talking about. Would they let ZAFT troops waltz to their gates unchallenged?

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gah! i hadn't thought of those!


Explanatory info now provided, Guards were ZAFT plants put in to help take down the operation, so they simply ignored one of their own wondering around.  Removed the part about the creating better naturals than coordinators thing.  The escape was allowed because the guards actually wanted it to succeed, and the were also unnecessarily bribed

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he guards were always lax, they were only paid to keep people out.  The doctors had instructed them to never interfere with the training or disciplin of the kids.  They didnt mind though as they were hired out of the local population, which had still to completely recover from the energy crisis from during the wars.  The dotors not having military experiance didnt notice this oversight.


hey also worried because their program was highly illegal due to the PEACE treaty. They were only able operate as it was by bribes and making their facility look on the outside as a juvenile detention center.  If something big happened they would be exposed and arrested since they weren't a part of OMNI. Their only backers were private  contributers.


Not a militarily supported program and the guards were hired locally.

The doctors inexperance with military matters also explains the guards being infiltrated.

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To run such a program, whoever the mastermind is must have invested heavily on it and no doubt they would have proper guards employed. Moreover, you explicitly stated it as "EA Extended program". How is that not militarily supported?


Extendeds would be used to fight for the EA in the war, should one break out. Who else would need such killers to work for them?

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There are still spelling errors and your sentences still ramble on. A couple of hints: proof read your posts after spell checking them and remember to use punctuations. Spell checks can spot spelling errors but if a wrong word that is correctly spelt is used, it would not be detected.


Approved. You may now apply for a faction.

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