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Riku Ishimaru

Riku Ishimaru

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Full name: Riku Ishimaru

Nickname: Riku

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot and Mechanic/Mobile suit expert

Birthplace: Aprilius City

Citizenship: Aprilius City/PLANT

Personality: Riku is very unique compared to the other cordinators. He learns faster than most cordinators at a early age but than that knowledge slows down at a later age and rise again at a different time. Riku had never cared much for anyone not even his family until he met someone, whom he became friends with... His parents passed away at a young age due to sickness;that was the time he started to care for his parents most. Riku also turned depressed most of the time after that incident... Only his friends could ever cheer him up.




Height: 5'7ft

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: natural black hair. Dyed with some strips of blondish ,gold-ish color

Eye Colour: Riku eyes is naturally light blue but he usually wears his contacts that enhance his vision and also hides emotions that his natural eyes may show. To anyone else, his eyes would seem to change colour depending on the way light shines on it. It can be colors/shades of green,brown,blue, and black.

Identifying Marks: necklace with a bell that turns different colors on his neck

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Well built

Clothing: Riku wears a Dark blue jacket/vest over a white shirt and black slacks.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Michiyo Ishimaru (deceased), Real Mother - Unknown

Father: Shun Ishimaru (deceased), Real Father - Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Wife/Girlfriend: None for the moment...


Personal History:

At a age of 3 years or so, Riku was found in Aprilius City alone on the streets. Soon after Riku was sent into adoption; hoping to be adopted by a nice family to live with.


After a month of waiting, Riku was adopted by a family whom was greatly wealthy. While raising him, they had noticed Riku had learned many things alot faster than the average cordinators. Although, after a while Riku seem to had slowed down on intellect and became a average cordinator or so it seemed.


At the age of 14 Riku had only made a few friends at his school. Riku's parents were getting sick at the same time Riku attended school. Riku's parents were already very fragile and weak after Riku was 12. So the parents had drugs made for them so that they could live longer to see their child grow. Although the drugs made their physical appearance look impressive for their age; it had a long term effect. It would only last the parents around 2 years. The long term effect was unknown to the parents at the time until they started to feel weaker again...


Riku did his best to make his parents proud. Until one day... While Riku attended school, he was suddenly called to the principals office. Riku was confused at what this was all about at the time. Once there, he was told that his parents were in the hospital and was about to die.


Riku had been taken to the hospital to talk with his parents on their last day. Riku was mad at himself for what he couldn't do to help them. As his parents spoke to Riku, tears dropped from his face. His parents told Riku to be strong and that they had given all their fortune to Riku. Before dieing they told Riku they were proud of him, no matter what... From that day, Riku promised to be strong and make her parents proud.


After that incident, Riku lived alone with his family maids; that tried to comfort him. He had only met a few friends that could comfort him. Riku had stopped talking to much people. After the incident, he never cried but instead was almost always depressed on most days. Although he promised he would be strong, his mind was still thinking about the incident.


Over the years, Riku had been studying Mobile suits and became a mechanic. After 4 years, Riku was 18, he seemed to learn a lot easier now and faster; his average speed of learning was a little above average. Soon, he decided to get a job as a mobile suit pilot and become a mercenary. But first he needed a license...

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Other than the slightly erratic capitalization (the rest will say the same thing, like length, etc, seriously)...


And about the MS license thing...I don't think you need to put it in the history...although I don't know about the rest.

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There's a bit more to it than erratic capitalization. :/


1. Plants --> PLANTs.  (PLANT is an acronym, so each letter should be capitalized.)

And you could specify which particular colony he was found.  Saying that he was 'found in plants' is far too vague.  There are 12 main 'groups' of colonies and each group have several of those hourglass colony facilities.  (i.e. Aprilius 1, Junius 7, etc.)


2. Personality: 'Riku is unlike anyone else, he is intelligent...' meaning the rest of us are just normal/stupid?  :(  In another words, be more specific about his supposed uniqueness.  Also, you could be a little more specific about him 'meeting someone' though something like that would probably be more appropriate in the Personal History section.  And to confirm according to your 'Personality' that Riku is intelligent, yet shy and depressed?


3.  The section about his eye color supposedly changing may be considered a no-no here.  The standard is to state a natural eye color though having colored contacts is allowed (though it must be mentioned in the eye color section). 


4.  Personal History (hoo boy...): 

"Riku was found somewhere in the plants without anyone nearby" (See point 1)

"Riku was adopted by a wealthy family" (phrasing issue)  and 'cordinater' --> Coordinator

I don't think the staff would mind having an above-average Coordinator, since additional details could be revealed as the RP progresses.  But in general, spelling, word usage, and grammar needs to be improved upon.  (Which is why I didn't bother go through the rest of the history in detail.)


P.S. Remember, it's not personal.  We're here to help you get your profile approved ASAP.

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Lol nah its fine, i was waiting till someone pointed out mistakes... cause it slowed me down when no one approved and no one mentioned any problems ~^.^~


i'll change, btw for that cordinator, that was my bad cause i didnt know how to spell that atm... i'll specify more soon xd


EDIT: btw i just checked and i never put that "Riku was adopted by a wealthy family" part...


it says "Not soon after Riku was adopted by a family whom was greatly wealthy"

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It still needs a bit of work but I'm too busy to look over the details this time around. 


Anyways, here's the order of things regarding your two other questions:


1. Get Character Profile approved by one of the Admins. (The profile will then be moved to the Character Library.

2. Get accepted by your desired faction. (Request in your character profile thread, AFTER approval)

3. Faction leader must approve members that can participate in the Pilot Academy. (Generally by roleplay experience, etc.)  And each faction can only send 'two' applicants at a time, so it'll take a little while.


It's probably best to wait for feedback from other people in order to get more than one perspective, I suppose.

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1. You get chosen by the faction leaders to join the pilot academy if you RP well.


2. Why did his parents die? Just for the effect or was there a precipitating cause?


3. Many fragmented sentences. Please revise the history.


4. What's so significant about his parents dying and him crying? That is something that may happen to others. How did it shape his character or change him as a person?

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okie changed...


btw question 2 and 4 are about the same idea/thing but rephrased... The parents dying was for effect but... his parents dying made it so he would have that memory of how they died and the fact that he promised to be strong ect. Also the crying part was just for effect since most would do it anyways .>" title="" /> plus from that day he never cried but instead became depressed.

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I think Valiant meant how come the group would want to poison the parents? People generally don't go around poisoning others for nothing.


And I think there's a problem with your sentence structure. Please also read through when you finished typing and you can find some mistakes, like it should be "they" instead of "that", "dying" instead of "dieing" etc.

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ok this is complicated to me now... so I'm just going to rephrase and say that the parents had taken drugs to make their physical appearance look better and live longer to raise Riku... but they didnt know that the drugs would actually only work for around 2 years before killing them.

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aww this is getting confusing... oh and kct, when i say enhanced vision i just mean like what happens when you wear contacts and yes for the necklace, it should already say it changes colour depending on the way light is shined upon it...


oh and val thats not always true, even through testings, there most likely would be side effects. Lets say because both parents blood type was A, the drugs didn't work as well on people with A type blood? And thus leading to the parents getting sick and dying...

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Well that was just the side effect .>" title="" /> and plus the scientist who did this was hired by the parents... the tests worked on most people but they never tested on Type A people because as you said, they didn't think the drug wont work on type A...


And plus science/drugs are mysterious things xd there isn't explanations for everything ~^.^~

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