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Wagner A. Altman (DONE!)


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(Hey, all... I'm not quite done yet for one specific reason. IM not to good with just starting off with a random old character, it feels so unreal that he wouldn't have any prior relationships or acquittance's (sp?) So... CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO BE  PART OF HIS HISTORY! ))




Full name: Wagner A. (Allewar) Altman

Nickname: (GIMME GIMME!)


Actual: Thirty

Phenotype: Early-twenties


Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Mobile Armor Pilot/Military Consultant

Birthplace: Berlin, Eurasia Federation

Citizenship: Eurasia Federation


Personality: A great woman once said,


"One ship sails East,

And another West,

By the selfsame winds that blow,

Tis the set of the sails

And not the gales,

That tells the way we go." (Quote from Ella Wheeler Willcox)


This quote rings clearly midst a world of clutter and despair, yet so few truly understand what is screams, what it burns to tell humanity. Struggle, speak no words of action... Simply act, make no thoughts of doing, simply do. As the proverbial saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Before one can sway the hearts of men one must first exert thine self, a man must reach out, slap away the hands that attempt to push him back and seize upon the heart of the world and squeeze. A man must act for good or ill as his soul dictates, a man must not worry about consequences or morals, a man must do only as his true-soul dictates. A man must have no regrets, East or West, good or evil a man must set his course and propel himself through the raging sea of man without fear of the mighty waves, without knowledge of the end, only knowing that he must not stop that he must not sail for safer waters. He must grip the gods by their ears and toss them down to kneel at his feet. Man is all encompassing, man is the master of himself and of the world, man need only take a stand, scream his defiance into the sky and beat his chest with the fury and passion of all his self.


Wagner holds these thoughts in high-regard, they are his personal philosophies on life, his own moral code of existence and his own take on humanity's struggles. Wagner is a man of action, he speaks no plots, he enacts no schemes... He merely sees and reacts... He gives no thought to the outscomes of these actions, he holds no use for them. Outcomes are the results of actions, there will always be an outcome, no matter how well thought out the action is. So then why should men fear it, intrigue just gets in the way, one must pick a path and pour their entire soul into it's walking, anything less is failure.


To him good and evil are mere points of view, the types of things meant for quiet nights in front of the fire, for theological and religious debate, not for practice and not for him. The only evil that exists to him is inaction, the only good action... All things are encompassed, if he must kill the innocent, the meek and the unknown to save those whom he loves and cares for... Then he will slay them by the hundreds, until the ones he care for are safe. He does as his soul dictates, if he feels with all his heart that he must kill then woe betide his enemies, if he feels his opponents worth outweighs his own... Then he is forfeit...


Wagner, loves battle... He fights because he enjoys the exhilaration is gives him, he fights because it makes him happy, he takes actions because it makes him feel alive. He throws himself headlong into turmoil only to allow himself to act and react, to exist and gorge his inner fires on chaos.


He is ambitious, the greater his power, the more he can change the world, the more powerful his actions scream. Ambition isn't necessarily bad, it signifies means one desires to make a difference, for that is all that ambition can bring... A change, small or large ambition is change with a new name.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright now that we're past his deeper psychology and I'm out of monologue mode. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


You all need to know that he's really not the super quiet type, all the talk about actions speaking louder than words is just metaphorical, meaning instead of talking about doing things he simply does them. In social situations he can actually be quite outrageous and speech-savvy. He enjoys drinking and smoking and if he likes you he might just talk your ear off. He's your typical back thumping, laughing, headstrong and openly passionate man.


Wagner's also a heavy drinker, one of his favorite pastimes is drinking himself into a rather giddy and giggly state, in fact he enjoys drinking so much he often carries a small flask of vodka in a hidden pocket on the inside of his uniform, right next to his heart... Well, really on the opposite side of his chest, the spot above his heart is already occupied by a large, shiny and ornate cigar case, stocked with the finest (cheapest) cigars his salary can buy. When not in the presence of a superior it's not uncommon for him to be puffing away on one of the foul smelling things, or sipping from the small flask.


As one of his more silly aspects he is *IN LOVE* with the smell and taste of mint... It drives him crazy and although completely unmanly almost all of his personal toletires are of some form of mint... Peppermints... Green-mints.... Spearmint... When he's not smoking or smelling of smoke your quite apt to have your sinuses instantly cleared, just by walking by him. It's also well known that female enlisted who favor mint perfumes often attempt to avoid him or simply change their scents altogether... Not that he's unattractive, but... He can get a bit... Well... Huggy...




Height: 5'9

Weight: One hundred-eighty pounds

Hair Colour and Style: Red, *coughs* I cant describe it... http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j15/blitzritter/Walter35.jpg (Just like in the pic)


Eye Colour: Emerald Green, flecked with reddish-orange.

Identifying Marks: Defiantly his signature cap, although he's no admiral it's a holdover from his fathers era.

Skin Tone: A light-tan, but nothing grand no doubt owing to his Gothic heritage.

Build: Slight, gone are the day's when a soldier could be picked out of a crowd of people due to their size and musculature, gone are the day's when every soldier needed to be in a constant state of bone-breaking toughness, no. No more must soldiers be skull-crushing grunts swinging swords or smaller but still enduring men with rifles Wagner at first glance doesn't belong in uniform, his build is slight and lithe, more corded than muscled as if he were a rubber band stretched several times too tight for comfort. His facial features are in perfect conformity with his body and with most other people of Germanic decent. They are angular in nature, but strong with a powerful jaw line kept clean shaved and devoid of scars except for a small one just beneath his chin that looks like it could have been caused by a nasty slip with the razor.

Clothing: His clothing is standard for a man in his rank and of his squad The traditional dress uniform of the EAU spiced up with a touch of Germanic military heritage, complete with a admiral's cap with the deaths-head-wings insignia proudly displayed upon the front, angled jauntily so that the visor-like brim cuts across his right eye, giving the otherwise semi-reg uniform a roguish and personal flair. However he eschews the regulation gloves in favor of uncovered hands allowing him more freely move his fingers, or as he puts It To better feel the controls of his mobile armor. When not in an official setting he's often shirtless, showing off his slight but defined physique, his dog-tags hanging from the belt-loop of his khaki-pants...  His admirals cap is the one thing that remains constant in all weather.


His hair is cut in a standard German military bowl, however rarely stays that way for long due to his rather uncouth habit of running his hand through it when he's in deep thought or in the process of explaining things to others. Upon his person he carries a small silver flask (filled with Vodka), a dented brass lighter and a cigarette case.


Handiness: Right handed




Mother: Alexandria Altman (Deceased, Cancer)

Father: Rudolf Altman (Living, altheimers)

Siblings: N/A

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A Looking.


Personal History: It's a simple life... It's always been, no matter where you are in the world life's always simple. No matter how complicated it seems from the outside, Wagner's life was for lack of a better sense... Boring. He wasn't the victim of some great tragedy at birth, he didn't suffer some horrible mind-bending childhood accident, in fact about the most traumatizing thing that ever happened to him was watching his first horror movie, he was a slacker. He spent his day's listening to music, playing air guitar and generally being your average happy child. His school years were similar to his childhood, he would sleep in class... Clown about... Regularly set things on fire/general chaos while mixing chemicals in chemistry and generally fail his subjects with reckless abandon. It wasn't that he found the subjects uninteresting... He just found it allot more fun and productive to learn things in his own way. Needless to say he barley graduated.


His entrance into the military however, still came as a glaring shock... Although his grandfather had once served the EA, his father had broken the family tradition by failing to join. His grandfather had died before Wagner's birth, so he'd avoided having story's of battle placed into his head at an early age, the propaganda about the E.A and plants had been largely avoided by his parents... It seemed as if he was drawn to it, as if one morning he simply awoke and knew he had to join the Eurasian Federation forces... As if the war ran in his blood, he joined up with the Berlin Academy... Soon after basic training he was inserted into the MW pilot training. However after only three week's he was close to washing out and he would have... Had it not been for a up and coming rising star from O.M.N.I, on a tour of the Berlin facilities. The young star by the name of Bian Zoldark, then a major and a recent defect from Zaft, saw something in Wagner... Something... Strange.


Field-trials were scheduled the next day... Wagner, at the very bottom-end of the class not only saved himself from a complete washout but finished off with the highest marks out of his entire class. It was this moment that saved Wagner's career in the military, saved him from the life of a ground-pounder. The first in a long list of debts to his new idol... Bian Zolark.


The debts mounted up time after time, Wagner was assigned to O.M.N.I also at the behest of Zoldark. The young MA pilot fought through the ranks with a ferocity that hadn't been seen for years... The only man who could reign him in, the only man who's orders of withdrawal Wagner would heed were the orders of Bian Zoldark. Loyalty that bordered on fanaticism, when asked of this Wagner would simply reply that Zoldark was one of the men upon which the world pivots, by keeping himself close to him, Wagner himself might one day be such a pivot.  It's perhaps this fanatic loyalty to Zoldark, that led Bian (once he'd ascended to the rank of admiral) to entrust Wagner with the care of his daughter Lune, along with a select few other comrades of Zoldark's whom he trusted to protect and guide his child, while still teaching her discapline... In this Wagner found himself immersed in dazzling success, well almost... He (like all the other soldiers) found themselves wrapped around the young-teens fingers, all of them feeling like uncles to the young girl withen their midsts, Wagner perhaps most of all...


His paternal instincts had stirred ever since he'd first met the girl, hiding behind her fathers legs shortly after he'd entered O.M.N.I now, with that girl a teen, he found his need to bestow a bit of... Well... A less cold bit of paternal care... Zoldark was a good man, but Wagner felt a bit sorry for the child-who-was-no-longer-a-child. He spoiled her rotten... He got her whatever she wanted... He was "Uncle Wagner" (or when she really wanted something any number of heart-melting pet-names) in fact he was the person who first, after saving many paychecks and cutting back on his cigars (Which incidentally she'd made him start smoking as a way to cope with the worry she sometimes put him through) bought her a skateboard... This by far is still considered by many to be the worst descion he ever made, you see, he'd intended to order her makeup... But the delivery company messed up the order. Thus he began drinking as "Little-Loony" began performing death defying stunts on her new skateboard.


So it was that when it came time for Lune, to leave the small group of men who had acted as her father for so long, Wagner found himself crying like a little boy who had just been forced to give away his puppy, but life moved on, so did he.


Wagner was shifted from division to division and squad to squad, fighting and warring... However, a few years later he received a call from Bian (Whom he'd fallen out of contact with after the man had become an admiral), with instructions for a new assignment... He was to protect Bian's newest daughter... A member of Schatten Dolch... Little Loony's squadron, needless to say Wagner agreed before the poor man could even explain the details of the assignment... Thus Wagner enters into a new chapter of his life.

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Hey all, this profile may not be done but I'd love some input from you guys, post in here if you can or if your not allowed just PM me with your input... Dont be afraid to ask if you want to part of this guy's past or have an intresting dynamic with him. Chances are ill be thrilled to have past history witha ny of your chatacters. 

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Rather excellent for a description, though frankly speaking, a little wordy.  And hell if I know how long the history of your character might be.


You might try doing it 'in a nutshell', though. The personality part would be lovely for a character in a novel. You have quite a few spelling errors too. Try using the Spell Check button to help you.


Looking forward to your complete profile.

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*jealously cuddles his characters*


Lol, I care more for the personality and description in profiles than history. The personality makes the character, besides when I write personalities I start to monolouge and although my spelling is horrendus (<--- Big word points! Even if it is spelled wrong...)  I often spout out some pretty deep stuff, Im afraid if i tried to paraphrase I would end up makeing it horrible.

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Even though my opinion's worth nuts, I'm sure as hell this is going to get approved. It's quite a refreshing bit of personal history there, since everyone's got something happening in their lives....Though perhaps you might want to add in a short description in his personal history of what happened to mold him into the character he is.

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Well, the history isent finished yet either, Im trying to get some people together who want to have past-links with this char... So few seem intrested. :p


Try to take a look at the EA factions, then, and maybe ask around. See who might be connected to you, because sometimes some of us don't look at the character profile threads.

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Well, Wagner's got enough personality to cover three of my profiles 


I am in awe of your profile, and once you have the history complete, I'm sure it will be tossed into the library for everyone else to be in awe of .  On a side note, you may want to unbold your personal history, its probably just a misplaced bold tag or something like that. 

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Yep the history sucks... But I hate it when people fill history's with drama... It's alot more intresting to simply have a character who has an intresting and in depth personality...


(Also please note, the reason I dident put in huge things about his personality is because nothing huge caused him to start thinking like he does... It started gradualy in school and has contenuied all through his life and will contenuie until the day he dies... That's what true theology is... )

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