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Zanzibar Shale

Zanzibar Shale

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Full name: Zanzibar Robinson Shale

Nickname: Zanzibar, Z, the Zanz

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Pilot/author

Birthplace: Tampa, FL

Citizenship: American

Personality: Friendly and laid-bak. Jokester.




Height: 5’11

Weight: 153 lbs

Hair Color and Style: Long, straight, pale gray hair

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Identifying Marks: Straight scar under left eye

Skin Tone: Pale peach

Build: Slightly muscular, but lean

Clothing: Purple vest, green shirt ,and pale gray pants.

Handiness: Right-Handed




Mother: Isabel Kyle (Natural)

Father: Elmo Shale(Coordinator)-Living

Father: Elmo Shale(Coordinator)

Siblings: Brother: Merrill Shale(Coordinator)(deceased)

sister: Carolyn Shale(Natural)

Wife/Girlfriend: None at the time


Personal History: Zanzibar Shale was born with a breathing defect, so he was put onto oxygen and operated on. Now that defect causes Zanzibar’s breathing passages to swell and narrow when he gets nervous. Although he is usually calm, he will have restricted breathing in intense battles. Anyways, back to the story =P

At age 4 he first saw a Gundam and was intrigued. Throughout his life he and his siblings drew Gundams and mobile suits. His sister became a MS designer, his brother is a pilot, and Zanzibar is a pilot too. His sister owns the company SHALE INDUSTRIES, a lesser known but high quality manufacturer.

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Since his mother is a natural, and the father a coordinator you could always throw in the whole CC/NN chart much like determining Xy/XX chromosomes. In the chase C/C would be a full coordinator's genes. while N/N is natural's.


Half the pairing would be exactly half coordinator, which simplifies to coordinator dominant.Since genes work in a crazy way. The couples children would end in 50/50 chance of CN/NC,one natural dominant, and other coordinator dominant. Theres simple biology at work, even though I think I messed it up a bit.


Well onto buisiness, the biography is a tad short. Spruce it up with at least two to three more paragraphs and it'll be fine. Talk about childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. IE: Early life, School, stuff that fills in the blanks.

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typos and spelling errors aside, its great to see Z get back into the game (Its kinda sad that I never got Kaizer to formally accept a job at Shale industries back at SEED RPG, the two rarely got a chance to meet; save for the whole Christmas event ).


As always, I think that a character's personality is more important than their history, as one can always pull the amnesia card if you can't think of much to write.  since most people will be unaware of your history anyway, its best to bolster the char with a stunning personality if possible.  Tiny quirks such as pet peeves are always nice to add in.  (btw, love the breathing thing, tiny medical problems like that make for great RP)


The history can always use a little more depth, even if its just basic stuff like if his personality has changed any as he grew up, or how his parents came to meet/die/whatever.  Also, on the topic of having natural/coordinator siblings, remember that the parents may have adopted a child at one point in time, or Zanzibar's daddy might not have been the father, thus having a half-sister.  I'm sure you could also argue the possibility of it on the genetic level, though it would be harder as Coordinator genes aren't as clear cut as XY chromosomes, so unless the father was already a 2nd generation coordinator (not going to mention 3rd gen as they are sterile), it would be hard for a coordinator to have a Pure Natural child (though it would be interesting to see said child grow up in the PLANTs, starts getting ideas for new characters..... ).

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